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The Matrix Is Getting Slimier and Stickier By the Day; How Can We Stay Out of It?

There’s nothing we see in other people that we don’t have in ourselves.

The only people that aren’t protected are the ones choosing to get the jab.  You have to let something in for it to hurt you.

Africa seems to be targeted.  The latest virus threat is Marburg.  Malaria vaccines coming.

Amazing number of people being fired for not taking the jab.  Taking the economy to another level.

21,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent) containers sitting off the California coast in cargo ships.

What are the repercussions of believing in a non-spinning flat earth?

Carol wants to know why Foucault pendulums circle as they turn, which is offered as proof of a spinning globe earth.

Lawrence asks: How can I look north from my home in Hawaii and see all the stars rotating around the north star?

What stands out in Patrick’s memories of his DJ days?

True Healing Conference tomorrow and Sunday.  Sign up at ORN.

Solendria appreciates Patrick’s earlier suggestion to try yoga; also the Crrow777 show.  They talk about seeing and feeling spirits and many other subjects.

What is the most powerful thing Patrick thinks he’s done for his health?

What is the tight energy around our head and face?

The more we become conscious about everything, the more the unconscious will surface.

Everything here is in relationship to its opposite.  Every front has a back.

Patrick performs a Hu chant to put the bow on the show.

patrick, part two

'Patrick Timpone – The Matrix Is Getting Slimier and Stickier By the Day; How Can We Stay Out of It? – October 8, 2021' has 1 comment

  1. October 12, 2021 @ 12:52 am JimFromSantaFe

    Wow Patick, You really had an amazing list of guests on the last 50 days! Icke, Weiss, Wolfe, Crrow, Santos, etc……….

    You should try to get Robert Cassar back on the show. He also is a Plane-Earth guy, along with the secret nutrition protocols.
    Check out his new vid –


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