Patrick’s guest, Rosemary Frei, didn’t show up, but he’s “all dressed up wth no place to go,” so the show must go on.
Rosemary Frei is a medical writer and freelance journalist, and Patrick is going to reschedule her.
Patrick talks about Soul, body, and our “roadmap of experience.”

When does Soul enter the body? How permanent is our “karma/dharma” in the body?
“Everyone on planet Earth has the ability to stay on Earth a very long time without getting sick,” says Patrick. Why are we denied this information by mainstream medicine and religion?

Why are most people committing unconscious suicide?
“We are God. We are not “the” God, but we are God in our own rights,” explains Patrick.
What is healing from a deep perspective? What are we actually capable of accomplishing? What happens to sickness in our body when “we just get out of the way”?
Why would the liver or the kidney or the heart attack itself? Why do people believe things such as this?

The body is always trying to heal. What blocks this process? Why is the “human condition” something that sabotages us?
What part does relaxation play in our health? Why is “letting go” so important to out health?

Do we need as much sleep as “they” tell us we need? Is this just another “story” we’re told?
Why do we get tired and “overloaded”? What is the dream state, and how to we “work things out” while we sleep?
Are our lives as “jumbled up” as they seem? How do we get “backed up” with our thoughts, and what part do meditation and detox play in overcoming our emotions and negative thoughts?
Why do people not remember their dreams? Why do people forget them so quickly?

How do we “get out of the way” of disease?
Is Covid part of the Great Awakening? “The only reason we’re here is to learn,” says Patrick. He discusses Joseph Campbell’s idea of the Hero’s Journey. We have many parts to play and many obstacles to overcome.
Patrick critiques the 2020 movie, “The Father,” starring Anthony Hopkins. It’s a typical Hollywood “out of touch with reality” scenario.
The whole idea of this ‘Covid operation’ is that “there’s something out there that can get you.” How did the Davos crowd pull this whole thing off?

There’s no flu virus. There’s no Covid virus. There’s no such thing as a virus, Why would I think it can hurt me?,” asks Patrick.
Our thoughts affect our body. Be careful what you think.
What is real hunger? Two or three times a week, Doodle doesn’t eat at all. How does this apply to the human experience?
A listener critiques Alex Jones, and Patrick comments in detail.
Are blood tests “real” or are people only “chasing numbers”? Are we just being given something else to worry about? Is this another way to weaken us?

A listener asks about nano and radioactivity in the rainwater. Patrick recommends an Omica shower filter and other options.

Dr. Richard Olree provides some additional information about Alex Jones.
“May the blessings be.”

Patrick Timpone, how and why the body heals when it sleeps, fascinating, April 12, 2021

'Patrick Timpone – The Road Map of Our Experience – April 12, 2021' have 5 comments

  1. April 13, 2021 @ 2:34 pm Ted


    Would you consider interviewing Dr. David Brownstein of bloomfield, MI. Dr. Marcela has interviewed him. Brownstein has treated over 100 covid patients. I would like to hear his perspective on what is making people sick.

    It seems like Dr. Peat, and others do believe there may be some unique virus. In addition to Cowan and Kauffman’s views, I think there are those in the integrative health community whom have opinions that differ from mainstream too.

    Thank you!


    • April 13, 2021 @ 3:06 pm patrick

      Hello Ted, thanks…Yes..we’ve had Brownstein on several times over the years…He’s the Iodine Brownstein right?

      Here’s the thing Ted between “perspectives” etc…and we all have them of course…but, I think Cowan, Kaufman et al (and the list is growing) are simply asking “Show me the virus” any virus…, until someone can…does…they are dealing in theory and not real science.

      Does this make sense? Hey, if someone isolates a virus properly and can show they exist..which at this writing, no one has done…there isn’t a virus…so, why chase something that is not there?

      I believe that a belief that there is something there when there’s no there….is part of why people are getting sick.

      p.s. and even if they do come up with one after all these years of not….I will not believe it can hurt me no more than I will believe that 5G can hurt me. thanks


  2. April 13, 2021 @ 9:52 pm Ted

    Thank you, Patrick. Wonderful to see how engaged you are we your listeners. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

    With regard to your statement, I understand the issue about not chasing something that hasn’t been proven to exist. I do not wish to give that narrative power or time either but I can assure you I was not ill because I believed in any virus. In fact, had I not been sick, I would’ve thought people were making much ado about nothing.

    What I am mainly asking is what we can learn from Brownstein, and others (but Brownstein in particular) about what is making people he’s treated ill.
    I myself was quite ill last spring. It was unlike any illness I’ve had.

    Brownstein was posting short interviews with patients before he was censored and forced to remove content. To my memory, all of this was happening in February through early spring…well before most of the country had mask mandates and was even being sold on the narrative.

    P.s. yes, Brownstein is known for his work with iodine. I believe he is the one who recommended using hydrogen peroxide. Brilliant practitioner.

    All the blessings to you, Patrick


    • April 13, 2021 @ 11:37 pm patrick

      Good response, you are a thinking man. Yes, there have been some, like yourself, who experienced unusually rough flu like symptoms this past year. And it is natural to assume they had ‘caught” something. This is how we’ve all lived our life for many years and perhaps many lifetimes. Having said this, what my experience is and many who are saying, “Show me the virus” is that all flu’s, colds etc. are detox reactions. This is why many will “have the flu” during flu season. The weather changes, the media talks about flu season etc. (so these ideas alone can damage tissue), and couple that with build up of toxins and the body has a fever, chills, headaches, muscle aches as it detoxes.

      No evidence an outside influence other than the ideas, perhaps angst about getting the etc. caused it. Brownstein and loads of natural docs are doing great work, but I would argue their protocols are helping the body to detox more quickly, but not killing some virus.

      So what you experiences was real, but perhaps not the cause of a virus.


  3. April 14, 2021 @ 10:30 pm Ted

    Thank you, Patrick. I likely should not have jumbled a couple different ideas I had going (how practitioners treated those of us who were ill and how others explain the cause of this sickness).

    Returning to my original inquiry, it would be interesting to hear from Brownstein and his overall perspective from that of a censored practitioner. I followed his blogs and found his protocol to be of immense help. I had intense pain and pressure in the chest area, difficulty breathing. His dosage rec ommendations helped me. I am a believer in the use of hydrogen peroxide now too! What relief this gave me! My horror to learn how Dr. B was censored.

    Patrick, I have been so impressed by how you have covered this time. From Cowan to the issues around the globalists. One Radio has been a breath of fresh air. I am curious when you will cover practitioners like Brownstein. His story from treating patients to the censorship is so compelling.

    Blessings to you Patrick


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