Patrick Timpone

What is the ultimate aim of the boys’ agenda?  To dispense CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) to people’s phones to pay people to do what they say.

Rising prices are due to money printing by the Fed.

They blame Russia for everything.  But they provoked Russia and knew what Russia was going to do.

Dollars are a depreciating asset, so gold, silver, and commodity prices go up.

Patrick’s acquaintance endured a million dollar 6-week hospitalization that started 2 days after getting the jab.

Does the earth have a curvature?  How does one’s cosmological beliefs affect their spirituality?  And their aging?

Atom’s blog entry on Iron vs. Calcium.

How much are parasites the cause of disease?  Versus trauma as the original cause, as New German Medicine teaches?

Getting stronger with good foods and healthy practices to gain fortitude for tackling underlying causes of ill health.

Congress proposes sending everyone a $100/month rebate when gas prices are high.

Patrick gives more arguments for a flat earth.

How big a factor are supply chain shortages in causing higher prices?

Did Putin anticipate the sanctions?  Now accepting only rubles, gold, and Bitcoin for oil.

Will Biden do a false flag biological attack blaming Putin?

Bill Gates funded company got approval to release GMO mosquitoes in Florida.

What is happening with US truckers convoy to Washington DC?

Saudi Arabia forced to take US dollars for their oil.  Change is coming.

Walks with Doodle, hanging, rebounding, almonds, colostrum, Pearlcium, chlorophyll, BioAge, butter, eggs, fish, l. reuteri yogurt, CO2, saunas and cold showers are constant elements in Patrick’s daily routine.

Nancy is grateful for her new friend, a 2.5 year old Great Pyrenees.

Movie recommendations: The Dropout (about Elizabeth Holmes) and We Crashed.

Superlatives for Shen Blossom products.

Taylor shares thoughts on the efficacy of GMO mosquitoes vs. vaccines.

What are the spiritual effects of being either for or against anything?

Globalists who control everything now are trying to get us to be for or against something.  They suck us in and tamp down our spiritual growth.  That’s why they’re here, to teach us not to hate them and to live without them affecting us. 

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  1. March 28, 2022 @ 10:51 am Mary Nicometo

    Don’t mosquitoes inject a substance to stop the blood from coagulating while they are sucking your blood?? Thus the itchy bump from a bite. Maybe they are injecting us with a GMO agent. Brilliant on Gates part if you want to decrease population.


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