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We Are Here On Earth to Create Something New

Why does Patrick think it’s fun being on the plane of Earth today?

Why don’t they want us to see beyond the ice walls of the Antarctica?

Is it all a planned thing to indoctrinate people into what they’re being told and not to believe what they see?

Will they tie in mandated injections with being able to receive Medicaid and Medicare benefits?

The body wants to get back into balance.  Just let it.

Extra magnesium seems reasonable.  Depending on your circumstances, maybe some piggy thyroid or thyroid boost.  Consider cobalamin tonic.  

Don’t tell yourself you can get something from someone else.  You can’t get anything in your body unless you let it in.

Germs, nuclear bombs, chemtrails, shedding, Covid, bioterrorism – is it all made up?

We’re here to create something new.

Every moment, we must think to move.  We are thinking before we make any movement.  Spirit is the energy.  Say good things to yourself all the time.   Have faith until it starts to become clear.  Clear it out by seeing it and knowing it’s not you.

We’re connected to physical reality but we’re separate from it.  Don’t be involved emotionally.

“Bagels by Bridgette” called to say she liked Dr. Thomas Cowan’s last interview.  She and Patrick chatted it up.

Are we in for challenging times in the financial markets?

Patrick shares his detox experience of yesterday.

A listener asks if this planet is ruled by aliens.

Is the moon plasma?  Patrick plays an audio of a scientist saying so.

Emailer would like a show with Eric Dubay about dinosaurs.

Celendra wants to know how to gain weight quickly.and when to take turpentine.

Bill asks about the state of consciousness when eating.  Do we really need the nutrients in food?

Caller Judy asks about Louise Hay and her similarity to German New Medicine.  She recommends reading Carolyn Markolin, PhD, who worked for Dr. Hamer.  Regrets over a root canal.  Referenced The Crack in the Cosmic Egg by Joseph Pearce.

Atom recommends overcooked soups and one full body workout a week to gain weight and muscle mass.

Is it disheartening as Taylor says or interesting that the media has penetrated so many minds with a false narrative, as Dr. Cowan notes?  Is it our job to wake people up?

David’s Video – If the earth is flat, how can the sun set?

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  1. November 14, 2021 @ 4:48 pm Judy

    Hello Patrick,
    Thank you for taking my call on this show. Here is the link to “Virus Mania” by Caroline Markolin, Ph.D. which was done even before our current mania.
    And here is the link to her web site. I have it on the Kidneys & Bladder page since that was our topic of discussion. This section can be found by clicking on the “search” tab where you will find an index of body parts and/or ailments.
    Interestingly, there is a note (highlighted in yellow) that starts off with “Every Woman’s womb is a micro-ocean, the salinity of its fluids resembling that of the primeval waters; and every microcosm restages the drama of the origin of life in the gestation of every embryo………from a book called “The Drama of the Oceans” by Elisabeth Mann Borgese. Must be I was meant to read this page and I’ll certainly be getting the book!

    That thinking process is why, for lack of a better term, I believe we live in a “Cosmic Egg”. Obviously, I have no proof it just makes the most sense to me and seems to be just as plausible as any other concept out there. If life starts either in an egg or a mother’s womb, both of which are so similar, why not the cosmos too? As I said, think microcosm-macrocosm. No need for our Creator to reinvent the process when it’s PERFECT just the way it is! I know this idea has been around for a very long time, probably since the very beginning but just to look at it very simply here is the anatomy of an egg from the Science of Cooking.
    The Shell = Firmament (the shell has tiny pores and if Santos is correct in that the firmament has holes that allow light in and that is what the stars are it makes sense)
    Outer Membrane & Inner Membrane (think plasma and separating the waters above from the waters below – even the waters from the waters like that guy in the sub that bounced off the ocean floor but saw a lake below it)
    Yolk = Land
    And on it goes. Also note, all the proteins, vitamins and minerals that are in one egg. Dr. Jerry Tenant has said one egg contains everything we need to survive! Must be why I get a “craving” for eggs occasionally when I don’t normally eat them.
    As far as the book “The Crack in the Cosmic Egg: New Constructs of Mind & Reality” by Joseph Pearce, I have never read it or hadn’t heard of it but the first part would be a great title for a book about the Milky Way!
    I can’t say about this book exactly but for me it appears that most of the books along these lines are put out just to confuse people and separate them from God. Years ago, I came to the realization that God would not make everything so complex, confusing and mind bending in order to have a relationship with God and instead actually made this world fairly simple so that we would understand it, especially if you study nature. Like making living foods in all the colors of the rainbow, which everyone knows are good for you, is one of the easiest examples. Nature doesn’t lie. And you don’t need a “middleman” of any kind. At least I don’t. My relationship is directly with God and wow how wonderful it is!
    Hope this information helps and I haven’t babbled too much.
    Take care, Judy


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