This is happening with us because it is our karma and “It’s our karma and we can cry if we want to..

Would cry to if it happened to you?

Understanding karma helps to lessen any juice called anger at “stuff” because it’s our creation.

Karma is to learn why this or that is happening not to punish us.

If karma didn’t exist we would not learn anything and continue to to the same “dumb” stuff over and over.

Government and others telling us what to do has been going on for lifetimes and we’ve never been creative enough to be free.

So, this is the big one, because we are waking up to the fact that we cannot be controlled, and need not be controlled.

Pharmaceutical companies do have immunity as we’ve been told because no company regardless of  what “laws” have been passed because no one can hurt hurt us with a product, knowingly or unknowingly as this is unconstitutional.

How long all these happenings continue depends on how long people put up with it, and since everyone has free will, no one knows.

Patrick walks through the show with Charlie Sewell and unpacks the idea of conditional acceptance with the addition of the oath of office that makes it a powerful technology to to have people cease and desist or lose their livelihood.

No government person or corporation has the authority to force you to do anything.

Any law that is installed that is abhorrent to the constitution, no matter what it is, is simply not lawful.

Two aspects for Charlie Sewell:  Here’s the link to the Bitchute video from the show on The Oath of Office 

Also for the five page document Charlie constructed to get your education going will be sent to you for simply emailing patrick

The virus does exist.  However, it exists on in the mind of someone.  And once it is in the mind it is also in the body and can and does create any number of illnesses.  This is simply how it works.

This thought that the virus exists and held in one’s consciousness as is going on today, is the why people are getting “sick.”

A few of the many emails we read and talked about:

Hello Patrick,
It’s very interesting to note that our family, friends and fellow citizens who have chosen to be jabbed have decided not to defend and support those of us who will not be jabbed. I’m referring to the jabbed ones who recognize freedom of choice in all matters.

The CDC used vero tests to “isolate” the SarsCov2 virus vs using (Koch’s) Rivers postulate which requires a pure sample. Which deems the isolation invalid. It’s stared right on the CDC website.

Thanks Patrick for interviewing Christopher J. He is helping me understand who I am, and not the person they want me to be.

I have a question to pose to one of your future guests on covid. I’m inclined to believe that there is no real virus getting people sick, but I know a radiologist that says he can easily spot covid disease in the lungs without a test. If it is so unique (so different from pneumonia) what is causing it? Or what other disease/detox presents itself exactly like covid in the lungs?

Patrick, you look great. Happy to hear you have a great filter but does it filter the nanoparticles. I know the tests for aluminum do not get down to the micron nano size which is why Klinghardt has to have the test for high aluminum done in England.

A point I’ve not heard anyone cover is one you might have recognized. Basic immunity begins with nutrition and vitamin D. In optimal conditions, vitamin D will only synthesize for very short periods of the day and in many cases only a few months out of the year. Humanity already has severe deficiencies due to sedentary indoor lifestyles.

I found out Monday that two people I’ve known for over 20 years, had died this weekend, within 24 hours of each other. They were a married couple in their mid 70’s, and the only information I could get was it was “covid complications.” I do not know if they were inoculated or not. 

Dear Patrick: I’ve been a listener of yours since you first started interviewing Andrew in the 90s. I am a regular user of your sulfur. I’ve been using the sauna every day. After listening to Dr. Ray Peat, I began to apply progesterone to my forehead. It definitely works to mobilize the estrogen which I can taste and smell. What other methods would you use, (not medical advice) to remove what has been mobilized?

I’m lucky in one sense to be still working from home and avoiding the nonsense back in the office.  I’m surrounded by people who fully believe the narrative aside from a few online friends, one ‘awake’ lady I reconnected with I’d previously met at a meditation class. I met my boyfriend during lockdown (the best part of all this!) who is a fellow fan of your shows .

Why is the military moving like a steam engine to inoculate our entire military? How do we know the politicians who are demanding this actually took the vaccination or faked it! My son is in the military and had Covid already and they want to vaccinate him! He will have to take it or ruin his military career! What a choice!


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  1. August 21, 2021 @ 6:52 pm Joe Bauers

    Just my 2 cents: Dr Clark said in her book(s) that she could never actually detect any influenza virus whatsover, and she was using a super sensitive detection device, she’s the one who cataloged most/all common parasites etc, so if she couldn’t find it, then I am of the belief that it doesn’t exist. The other “viruses” she detected are just called “viruses”, but she was just detecting DNA samples, so she also said in her book(s) that the DNA she was detecting could actually be DNA from worms/flukes. So IMHO, there is no such thing as a virus at all, instead the supposed viruses are really just the DNA of alive and/or dead worms/flukes floating around. And all of the supposed illnesses happening (very few actually) are just normal everyday other things, having nothing to do with any “virus” whatsoever. The whole thing is so incredibly stupid, it is stupid to the exponent of infinity… to infinity and beyond! Now, if only the average idiot would read a book or two in their lifetime LOL then they might not be suckers, or at the very least don’t just take anyone’s word for anything, get a second opinion, listen to others’ ideas (IOW read internet articles & listen to talk shows).


    • August 23, 2021 @ 2:08 pm chris

      This is a great point Joe!


    • August 23, 2021 @ 5:41 pm VA

      LOVE YOU JB❤️


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