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Rev. Dr. Glen discovered in the mid 1980’s that he was at over 99% risk of dying before 1996, based on Bioelectronics of Vincent (BEV) known in European Biological Medicine as the Medicine of the Future because of its predictive power. BEV assesses biological age via blood, urine and saliva parameters of pH (protons), rH2 (electrons) and resistivity (ionization via photons), the three factors of biophysics which determine energy content of a biological fluid medium according to the Nernst Equation. Observations of the transformations between health, disease and back to health over more than half a century in this science of biophysics are the foundation of Dr. Glen’s 5 Phases of Health model as a road map for accelerated self-healing and restoration of radiant health, function and longevity.

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Dr. Swartwout uses cool technology and is a medical empath  and explains how it all works

The light energy of organs can be measured in many ways

We asked: If the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects are not cleared, can the body totally heal with just physical things?

What does Dr. Swartwout think of using fish oil

Having organic strawberries appears to help with the proper digestion of fish

Repairing the leaky gut syndrome

Algae Oil can be use for replacing fish oil, as the fish get their EPA and DHA from algae

A few emails: I have been under treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis using
A Cyberscan analysis for the last 5 months and have only noticed a huge increase in pain.
How does your scanner differ from Cyberscan.

Do you feel everyone needs to have some animal food in their diet

There are variable opinions on consuming fish oils, what does Dr. Swartwout think on this matter

Is the remote work you do all based on being an empath or does he use other technologies  as well.

Dr. Glen Swartwout on working with clients World Wide from Hawaii and lots more, April 8. 2019

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  1. September 3, 2020 @ 3:33 am oneradio

    According to Dr. Larry Wilson (who was also on Patrick’s show some years ago) sardines are the only fish that have an acceptable amount of mercury. I eat it every other day. The taste is not good, but I take an onion with it – somehow it neutralizes the bad taste for me.


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