Richard Maybury 

Founder of The Early Warning Report

Richard Maybury is widely regarded as one of the top free-market writers in America. His articles have appeared in the Wall Street JournalUSA Today and other major publications.

Richard Maybury publishes one of the most well respected newsletters on investing in the World: Early Warning Report. He’s asked us to give you a link, as his gift to the April-May 2020 newsletter. Enjoy

President of Henry Madison Research, Inc., Mr. Maybury is a world-renowned author, lecturer and analyst who consults with business firms and individuals in the U.S. and Europe.

Mr. Maybury is often compared to General Billy Mitchell. You may remember that Mitchell foretold the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; he was one of those rare individuals with the amazing knack for seeing through the “conventional wisdom” and political smoke screens, to spot crucial new trends – the kind that catch most other experts by surprise.

Throughout the 1990s, Mr. Maybury warned about a coming world war between Washington and Muslims, but few listened, just as few listened to Mitchell.

Ever since 9-11, thousands have been hanging on Mr. Maybury’s every word. Subscribers who have been taking his advice — to invest in things that do well in wartime — have been reaping astounding profits.

Mr. Maybury calls his viewpoint “Juris Naturalism,” which means the belief in a natural law that is higher than any government’s law. This, incidentally, was also the philosophy of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and the other American founders.

“Let me be very clear about this,” Mr. Maybury states. “I’m proud of my viewpoint and do not try to hide it behind a smokescreen of phony objectivity. I believe political power is the most evil thing humans ever discovered. It corrupts the morals and the judgment.”

Mr. Maybury has written 22 books and monographs, including his Uncle Eric series of books, which focus on economics, law and history. He has been interviewed on more than 250 radio and TV shows across America, on topics ranging from monetary policy, investments and business cycles to the geopolitics of the Mideast oil region and former Soviet Union, as well as U.S. foreign policy.

Do not be left in the dark about changing world events and their impact on you, your money, and your family. Know what others don’t, and subscribe to U.S. & World Early Warning Report today.

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“Never trust government. Since 1900 the socialists have taken over government,” opens Richard J. Maybury.

Maybury, the creator of The U.S. & World Early Warning Report for Investors, talks about one of his “Uncle Eric” series of books — The 17-Word Solution. It’s about how to apply two basic principles that produce opportunity to live a good life.

What are these two basic principles? By whom were they developed, and can they also be applied to a marriage and other relationships?

Maybury and his wife, Samantha, started out as “two GIs in a foxhole,” and both were under gunfire. He almost lost his life five times, and Sanantha almost lost it once. It’s been a relationship that has been the closest for 53 years.

“Behind every man there is a surprise mother-in-law,” jokes Maybury.

Until 2020, the supply of money has been based on debt and the issuance of bonds. How are they creating money today? Are they blowing smoke out of thin air?

Can we audit the Fed or trust the Treasury? Are we electing leaders who are qualified and sane or are we just relying on “experts” who are good at winning elections?

People have been hoarding money for the last ten years. Are we now into a double-digit inflation and is the CPI a valid indicator of real prices?

How does the velocity of money affect inflation? In what areas are prices rising?

Precious metal prices are on the rise. How is it connected to the catalytic converters in cars?

What is the only precious metal regarded as money?

What items are good to buy as a store of value?

Maybury observes how more and more important One Radio Network’s shows are as censorship increases in our society.

Markets are unpredictable. The Early Warning Report is a diary of Maybury’s investing.

Tom asks about what happens if there’s a crash.

Is it better to buy numismatics or bullion? Which is the most cyclical and which maintains more stable value?

Patrick and Maybury discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan.

Are we slaves of the government? Are our soldiers sent off to die for a pack of lies?

How much of your life has been given to paying taxes to the government?

Trump made 245 judicial appointments, and all of these judges are hostile to administrative law. Are these laws a burden for small businesses and do they favor corporations?

Is Biden continuing with the trade restrictions put in by Trump?

Richard Marbury, Publisher of Early Warning Report with his always fascinating monthly visit, March 31, 2021

'Richard Maybury – Never Trust the Government – March 31, 2021' have 2 comments

  1. April 1, 2021 @ 10:17 am James

    I loved the interview and the idea of how Richard and his wife meeting to discuss a list things is great, doing “All you have agreed to do and don’t encroach on other peoples or their property”. When the property is shared in a relationship it is a great idea to agree to boundaries/expectations to promote harmony and meet often when some things change. I’m convinced these Early Warning relationship meetings determined not only the outcome but the name for the report :) Always good information when you bring him on as a guest!


  2. April 4, 2021 @ 10:44 am Guppy

    Big fan of Richard for 14 years. He’s one of the smartest guys in any room, but his philosophy suffers from a major flaw, as do most other economic experts. And that is his adherence to the so-called phenom of “money velocity”.

    Money velocity is yet another misnomer which is represented by a false, but seemingly legitimate, Keynesian math formula probably cooked-up by a group of math geeks to impress their colleagues.
    Consider this: if a high rate of velocity causes inflation to rise, then the opposite must also be true, a low rate of velocity must cause deflation. So I ask you, where are those screamers who shout out warnings of imminent inflation when velocity starts to pick up, but these same Chicken Littles remain curiously silent about predicting deflation when we go back to low velocity? Or maybe it means velocity is permanently stuck in high gear? Perhaps this is one of those exceptions to the rule and the case of a one-way street of bad consequences (inflation) caused by high velocity, but we don’t get the good consequences (deflation) caused by low velocity? Or is high velocity like perpetual motion in that once it gets going it stays in motion leading quickly & inevitably to hyperinflation? But if velocity does slows down, how come we never get deflation? In the past all we ever got was “disinflation” which is a lowering of the inflation rate. The whole theory is just nuts.
    The gatekeepers who advance this notion want you to believe that money velocity is akin to holding a hot potato. Apparently people just can’t stand the idea of having money in their wallets for more than a very short time. They seem to feel they must immediately spend every paycheck as quickly as it comes in which is why we get the dreaded inflation. Really? This brings the term “easy come, easy go” to a whole new level. The pseudo-science of money velocity is simply a ruse that was invented to help the Fed obfuscate what it’s doing behind closed doors. It’s the counterfeiters’ favorite fall back position that gets them the get-out-of-jail-free card when inflation really gets going. They simply trot out their standard excuse for the cause of the current inflationary mess : “don’t look at us, it’s not our fault we have inflation, it’s you quick-spenders out there that’s causing it”…and no one ever seems to be the wiser.


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