Richard Proctor 

Constitutional Authority

Did someone threaten to kill Ross Perot or his family if he didn’t step down as a candidate?

Why did Supreme Court John Roberts change his mind from he night before to say ObamaCare was a tax?

Is it worth money to take a chance on getting the injection?  Once you’re jabbed, you can’t be unjabbed.  It is a life and death decision.

We’ve been taught to obey.    Public school system is doctrine and brainwashing.

The property tax is the worse tax.  We’re just paying rent. The county government owns your property.

People lose their homes because the value increases because of circumstances beyond their control, and they can’t pay the higher property tax.  They must sell.  You don’t see them lowering property tax even when values drop.

The solution is to help the legislature understand you can organize a people’s citizen’s bank outside the control of the Federal Reserve.  Finance all government activity including schools that way.

North Dakota has a public citizen’s bank that the citizen’s control, and that state has the lowest rate of default.

Vaccine mandates and lockdowns – South Dakota said we’re not doing that stuff in this state.  Was the healthiest and most prosperous state in the country.

The 10th Amendment said the Federal Government just can’t tell people what they must do.  An IRS form 1040 is completely unconstitutional.  An amendment can’t alter a contract.  The 16th Amendment changes the constitution and is therefore unconstitutional.  The state could say their citizens don’t have to file.

Fourth amendment says we are secure in our person against unreasonable searches and seizure.  They must have a warrant to say they can and it must be certified.  Can’t be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

If you die within 14 days of taken the last vaccination shot, they say the death wasn’t from the vaccination.

There is no ICD-10 code for death from Covid.  The data can’t be tracked because there is no code.  There was a ICD-9 code.

Cindy asks if the mandate compliance date will be pushed forward once a lawsuit is filed.

These people in charge of our government want this jab.  We must ban together and say no.  The courts are in cahoots with the government.

Why would the states file lawsuits they know they can lose, instead of just saying no to the jab?

The federal government is supposed to protect us from invasion.  Why aren’t we sending troops to our own borders?

The governor must give authority to militias for them to be legal.

There is the authority of the person, of the state, of the legislature, of the federal government.  We forget about the authority of the person granted by the Declaration of Independence.  Don’t base anything on the sovereign stuff.

Declaration of Independence is the most important of the organic laws.  The constitution is the enforcement.

The second amendment is not about guns or bearing arms.  It’s about militias and freedom of the state.  If we had militias, that would protect us from the domestic terrorist stuff.

H41 release shows Bank of New York has $8.5 trillion on balance sheet that was created out of thin air which they use to buy bonds.

If the people say they have a Constitution, it exists.  If they don’t say they have a Constitution, it doesn’t exist.

The Supreme Court only has 8 powers; it’s all gotten out of hand.  What are those powers?

Marbury vs. Madison – half of it is null and void so it is unconstitutional.

Under the 14th Amendment, there are no anchor babies.  If parents weren’t citizens, she isn’t one.

$450,000 per child of illegal immigrants will be paid for by the inflation of that action.  Risng prices are caused by the creation of money. 

How does the changing of the definition of vaccinations affect the law?

Chris says the only way out is to get out, if everybody in the courts and judicial system is swampy.

Somebody could form a republic if they remember the Constitution.

Are we all just talking around the stove or is somebody actually doing anything?

Richard does a podcast every week on Rumble.  Go to, hit podcast button.  His book is A Constitution, If You Can Keep It.

'Richard Proctor – The Courts Are In Cahoots with the Government; Can We Ever Take the Control Back? – November 2, 2021' have 5 comments

  1. November 4, 2021 @ 9:03 am Guyfranke

    Dire need today to educate the young in “PUBLIC” “U.S.” middle and high schools about Constitutional Law along with the history that brought those ideas and ethos to fruition in this nation.
    Thanks Pat for having this gentleman on your show.


  2. November 4, 2021 @ 7:29 pm Barry Filbert

    Excellent guest Patrick. This guy has more common sense in his little pinkie than the entire U.S. Congress. So nice to hear from someone like him.


  3. November 5, 2021 @ 4:08 pm walter

    The constitution is law for the signatory’s only, no one else has standing to us it. Just bloodline because they are heirs to the compact. What compact have you made? I know the answer and it is zero.
    By definition Re-public is just putting back into the same jurisdiction,’ No State can with draw from the union because they have no sovereignty to do so.
    All States are in debt to the Feds so they can not do a thing or hold sovereignty until they pay their share of debt back to the lenders. You can not be sovereign when you are in debt to lenders period.
    Citizens can not do anything because how can the cattle tell the farmer not to slaughter them?
    Its all international law folks wake up and stop wasting your time with domestic law for the cattle.
    A citizen is chattel of the State and the debt of the State. By international law the supreme law of the land no one shall be stateless because if you do you become a refugee which has no rights.
    If you don’t govern yourself then someone will govern for you.


    • November 5, 2021 @ 6:39 pm Rex

      Inpowermovement dot com


  4. November 10, 2021 @ 6:57 pm John

    Another great show from Mr Richard Proctor and Patrick


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