Robert Felix

Author of Not By Fire, But By Ice

The coming ice age could be just one winter away

Robert Felix argues convincingly that, rather than runaway heating due to humans’ burning fossil fuels, the world is much more likely to face rapid onset of the next ice age in the near future.

“Metres of snow every day for months on end”, as seems to have occurred before, would kill everyone in northern countries – Russia, Poland, Germany, Scandinavia, northern Britain, Canada, northern USA – from Moscow to Seattle – in just a few days.

Elementary risk analysis shows that, at the very least, detailed studies of possible counter-measures and even preparations for a “crash program” are URGENTLY needed.

Governments have already spent hundreds of millions, supposedly to avert global warming, yet even the worst-case risk is decades away.

The coming ice age could be just one winter away.

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Sea levels have been ever so slowing rising for 8,000 years, so to conjecture this phenomenon is being cause by carbon emissions is incorrect.

The progression in the media of words:  Man made global warming ; Global Warming ; and now Climate Change

There are 8,000 volcanoes says NASA active in the oceans today, thus warming the ocean temperatures

Magnetic reversals have been ongoing as well as Earth loosing it’s magnetic energy

Mr. Felix after years of research putting all the pieces together that Earth is moving into a mini Ice Age  

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Robert Felix and the coming ice age, don’t pass this on to Al Gore – October 31, 2017

'FROM THE ARCHIVES: Robert Felix – Man Made Global Warming is a Hoax and Predictions of a Mini Ice Age – October 31, 2017' has 1 comment

  1. November 1, 2017 @ 3:40 pm steven miller

    On a clear night. When all the stars are visible and there is no moon light or city lights. The flairs on the sun have gone to zero. With the help of clay in the ground. Water will send its energy into space. Water senses the openness and coldness of space. Heat in the water is converted to energy similar to a radio wave and exits into space. However, flairs push our atmosphere into space. Gravity and the earths magnetic field bring the atmosphere back. If there are no flairs the atmosphere will settle. This should produce heat while the latter removes it.


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