Robert Ritzman

Freedom Issues, the Law & Some Interesting News About the Federal Reserve Central Bank

All Attorneys are Foreign Agents licensed by Britain and many do not have ones best interest at heart

JFK wanted to bring the power of money creation into the United States Treasury months before his assassination

The United States as we know it is a corporation in bankruptcy several times over the years.

Many groups and religions operate on their own terms in the private and not in the public

Robert explains what the assumed name is i.e. PATRICK J. TIMPONE is the way a name is given to us at birth and treats us as a corporation with

no God given rights.

There always have to be a remedy in common law.

All courts are Admiralty Law Courts where the court does not recognize the man, which we are.

We have all been tricked into being U.S. Citizens, which offer not protections from the Constitution.

When we are born and get a birth certificate our foot prints are taken and we are then a ward of the state.

When we get involved in government programs such as social security we are in the system

Robert says that if one stays out of harms way and simply pays their taxes as ordered, they can do fine in this system

Robert describes what a Federal Reserve Note is and how it came into existence.

When we have and use an address, we have put ourselves into their jurisdiction

States are beginning to promote the Tenth Amendment and  stay out of the clutches of the CDC et al.

Robert recommends the following for further study:

Romley Stuart on You Tube

Tarl Miller on You Tube

Robert Menard out of Canada on the value of the Notary

James Lovett on You Tube

SPC University on You Tube

'Robert Ritzman | We the People Have Unknowingly Entered Into Contracts with Government That We Can Rescind | February 7, 2023' have 3 comments

  1. February 8, 2023 @ 12:08 pm Jason

    Robert Ritzman helped me find the CERTIFICATE OF TRADE OR ASSUMED NAME. This is for Wisconsin where I live. I was dealing with the family court for over 20 years . With the knowledge of Robert , I learned how to stand up to the court using my English writing and using Postal stamps to take control of the courts . I was able to drop close to 60,000 in interest. Before this I was only paying the interest basically. I claimed my foot prints, finger prints, hand prints and side of the hand prints. Now I live very free on a contract I created. Now I choose to pay the actual amount of child support. I’m in good standing and down to 10,000 and ,I chose that. Robert is brilliant and hard to fallow, but he really simplifies what’s going on when you listen and open your mind. Robert helped my mother when are family would not. Robert gives to many.


  2. February 9, 2023 @ 10:17 am Patrick

    Thanks for the interview! I think you should try to get Greg Paul from “The Sovereign’s Way” on the show. He discusses the spiritual component to being a man, and making your own law. I have taken his course, and it is eye opening. I think things are even more simple than the good Robert has gone over here.


  3. February 13, 2023 @ 7:53 pm gee

    GREAT guest and episode, thankyou!

    While I fully agree that the words we use are often admiralty (water) based — eg when one is in hot water, they need bailing out, etc — I absolutely draw the line at his suggestion that ‘pod’, short for podcasting is in any way connected to that. The entomology of this word comes from the old i-pod’s from Apple. But other than that … thumbs up.

    Yes, everything [on public side, eg police giving speeding ticket] is simply an offer to contract. The ultimate rabbit hole, IMHO.


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