Robert Von Sarbacher

Unique & Easy Protocols for Detoxification and Better Health

Robert Von Sarbacher is a Trader in the Stock Market and a Nutrition Consultant with two master’s degrees. Robert has been studying nutrition for half his lifetime and was guided into health and nutrition when his partner at the time stopped eating refined sugars… curiously Robert asked why and with a detailed response from his partner he began his investigations into nutrition. After much personal research and investigation into health Robert began to understand detoxification and is well known for his amazing MBP Protocol (Mini Beet Protocol).

Robert Von Sarbarcher is a nutritional consultant well known for his MBP Protocol (Mini Beet Protocol) among other things.

Why does Robert think wrinkles are unnecessary as well as unnatural?

What are the causes of wrinkles, and why is this more of a problem today than in the past?

What does globalism’s Codex Alimentarius have to do with wrinkles?

Hundreds of toxic ingredients that are legal in America are “totally illegal” in Third World countries.

Patrick and Robert discuss the politics of food and the politicians involved, including Biden, Trump, Clinton, and Bush.

Patrick asks about pig’s feet as a source of collagen.

Robert says pig’s are a major source of parasites and toxicity.

How does bacon affect white blood cells? Is it true that you can just touch bacon to your tongue, and it affects your white blood cells?

What about crustaceans? Do they affect your DNA and liver?

Lobsters are the “cockroaches of the sea.” Shrimp are in the flea family.

Are chicken feet a good source of collagen?

Patrick asks about Great Lakes Gelatin? Robert sells his own brand of gelatin.

Does gelatin contain hyaluronic acid?

What can salted mackerel do for your health? Is it high in zinc and iodine?

What’s the difference between zinc glycinate and zinc gluconate? Is one better than the other for wrinkles? What about zinc orotate?

Patrick asks Robert when and how he became interested in nutrition. “As a little kid,” he replies. His father — “who had a PhD in everything” — was an early inspiration.

What foods eliminate aluminum and mercury?

What food eliminates scar tissue?

Robert describes a way to eat tuna fish without absorbing any of the mercury.

What’s the difference between raw cilantro and various stages of cooking it?

Can cilantro remove fluoride?

Can poppy seeds detoxify nickel? Do hydrogenated oils contain nickel?

What about mercury and aluminum in vaccines?

Patrick asks about the silicon in Fiji Water. Robert sees little or no difference between silicon and silica.

Which apples are best to eat? Is there really that big a difference?

Robert talks about what varieties of apples to eat for the side effects of consuming beets, and the reason apples are an important part of his Mini Beet Protocol.

Why is eating a food three times a day so much more important than eating a food once a day?

Patrick wants to know how hydrogen prevents the buildup of calcium.

Hydrogen is a “universal.” What does that mean?

What is the proper way to cook asparagus? Can asparagus be refrigerated? Can asparagus be frozen?

Why is butter or ghee important?

Eating asparagus gives you access to enzymes that reverse aging.

Does urine therapy “waste muscles”?

Why are raw tomatoes so good for health?

Robert Von Sarbarcher with a plethora of great ideas of using food as they medicine, February 2, 2021

'Robert Von Sarbacher – Unique & Easy Protocols for Detoxification and Better Health – February 3, 2021' have 7 comments

  1. February 6, 2021 @ 11:05 am Sheila

    Robert is the best!! Thank you for having him on!


    • February 7, 2021 @ 3:13 pm patrick

      If I would not keep Robert on tack, which you say I took him off track…He is so passionate and knowledgeable that he
      quickly goes from this to that, an unrelated item, to another and you would not get the juice and the understanding of the orginianl
      Hope this clears things up for you


  2. February 7, 2021 @ 3:04 pm Joseph

    Very much enjoy and treasure Robert’s appearances But you must stay on track.. you tempt him with dozens of distractions from silicon to you name it.. please make the most of his time and his extreme knowledge by guiding the focus, as the show host, to the places which were intended and not endless tangents. Thanks


  3. February 8, 2021 @ 3:49 am Marc

    Hmm.. I like alot of the things he says even though hes all over the place . Okay so if pig is so bad why do Asians and people like Dr. Daniel’s have nice skin?? A parasitic infested person would not have glowing wrinkle free skin. I’m sure his product is good but I prefer to get my collagen fr natural animal products like pig cheeks, skin, ears ..beef feet.


    • February 8, 2021 @ 8:33 am patrick

      Agree on the pig thing Marc. Lots of viewpoints out there, so not coitizing Robert…but, I think parasites are everywhere and they clean things up. Do piggies have more than most? Who Knows. I eat bacon couple times a week for years. Do I look like I am being eaten up with parasites? Dr. Jennifer Daniels eats feet, hock, ears….of the pig and look amazing for her chronological Earth years.

      Here’s a farm in Austin, that is at the Dripping Springs farmers market where I get my pig food.


  4. February 17, 2021 @ 6:00 am SM

    The apple is called Pacific Rose here in New Zealand, the name may be different for the US export market. It is very crisp and juicy, not as tart as Braeburn but a very nice eating apple.


  5. April 4, 2021 @ 3:27 am Kate

    Lobsters and crustaceans are the filters of our oceans, cleaning them up, makes sense that they may be full of bugs etc.


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