Russell Bentley

LIVE from the Donesk People’s Republic, formally Ukraine, Now Russia

Living among the pro-Russian fighters occupying the Donbas region of Ukraine is a former American soldier, Texas native Russell Bentley.

Given the codename “Texas” after joining the Novorussian army in 2014, Bentley went viral earlier this week for sharing footage of himself on “the front line” with Russian troops marching through the Donbas.

After he caught the attention of people online, Newsweek exclusively spoke to Bentley about how a man from Austin—a self-proclaimed former “surfer, beach boy-type guy”—ended up flying to Ukraine to join and fight with the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). (Read more)

Russell Bentley is a war correspondent and human aid volunteer who has lived in Donetsk, Ukraine since 2014. He has fought in the DP Republic Army for three years as they were fighting the Nazi’s in Ukraine.

The CIA and NATO and U.S. troops are active in Ukraine today

Mr. Bentley says Russia must stay and win for if he doesn’t Mother Russia will fall to the Davos Crowd

He gives a history lesson of Russia, Hitler and World War two.

Russia had defeated Hitler when the U.S. did the false flag of Pearl Harbor to get into the war with Germany

The U.S. started this war in 2014 when they actively put in their chosen man as the leader of Ukraine

If the Donbass region would fall to the West, Russia will be taken over.

Bentley believes that Putin would use nuclear weapons if he believed he would be defeated.

He believes this war is a fight for the soul of humanity

Russia is forging alliances with China, Brazil, India and Iran

part one

part two

'Russell Bentley | Everything Being Said on All Media About the War In Ukraine Is Completely Opposite of the Truth | January 3, 2023' has 1 comment

  1. January 7, 2023 @ 2:46 pm Linda

    Know your history Russel and the mentality is not changed that much from this time: I follow Russians that are not pro-nothing and we can find them here:

    And why not talk about Covid, surveillance etc bc then we can all see where Russia really stands:
    Search in:
    Pfizer, Moderna, Sputnik V, surveillance,.. and with also a lot from Russia own state-sites and their own site

    Both sides are wrong and people still choose. Just choose the thrid side and that is the peoples of the world side bc we are getting fooled again:

    Even after Russia invaded, a Ukrainian government document obtained by The Times shows that Ukraine expected to continue charging Russian companies, including state-owned Gazprom and Rosneft, to transmit gas during the first half of 2022. Under its contract, Ukraine receives an average of $1 billion a year in transit fees.



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