Russell Bentley

Texas Man Fighting Nazis In Ukraine

Living among the pro-Russian fighters occupying the Donbas region of Ukraine is a former American soldier, Texas native Russell Bentley.

Given the codename “Texas” after joining the Novorussian army in 2014, Bentley went viral earlier this week for sharing footage of himself on “the front line” with Russian troops marching through the Donbas.

After he caught the attention of people online, Newsweek exclusively spoke to Bentley about how a man from Austin—a self-proclaimed former “surfer, beach boy-type guy”—ended up flying to Ukraine to join and fight with the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). (Read more)

Russell Bentley is a war correspondent and human aid volunteer who has lived in Donetsk, Ukraine since 2014. He has fought in the DP Republic Army for three years as they were fighting the Nazi’s in Ukraine.

He has a Ukrainian wife.

The buildup to the Ukrainian reality today.

8 years of war, culminating in Putin’s invasion in February 2022 to clear out the Nazis.

Putin says Russia without Ukraine is a country;  Russia with Ukraine is an empire. 

Russia is preventing the globalists from calling the tune. 

Russia will achieve all of its military goals. 

In war, the assault force needs to be 3 times larger than the defense force.  But the Russian force is smaller than Ukraine’s force.

Russians are minimizing deaths, especially of civilians, and damage to infrastructure.  They are meeting ruthless opposition.

Ukraine is using human shields, false flag events, chemical and biological weapons.

Far-reaching effects on the world’s political and economic situation.

Europe has been criminally incompetent.  During pandemic shutdown, EU demanded in court that oil and gas contracts with Russia at $250/1000 square meters be voided and renegotiated at market price.

In 2021, price of Russian natural gas escalated to $3,000.  Fertilizer prices impacted, 25% less fertilizer applied.  Reduced yields with devastating impacts on food prices.  Europe faces an impending controlled famine.  US to follow next year.

NATO sanctions backfired.  NATO-country citizens paying the price.

Why did Russell, a Texan, get caught up in fighting Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi situation?

Ukrainian residents appreciate they have been liberated from Nazis and foreign occupation.

What about the bioweapon labs in Ukraine?

The globalists want to exterminate ¾ of humanity and enslave the rest.  Russia is stopping them.

Perfect symbiotic relationship between Russia and China.

Should we be rooting for Russia and China?  It’s the people that own and control the government and give you no say that are your enemy.

Is India onboard with Russia and China?  India refused to apply sanctions, is part of BRICS.

The majority of the world is not against Russia. 

Media portrayal is opposite of the truth.

It’s not going to end well for the US and Europe.

Billionaire Trump’s personal lawyer is Rudy Giuliani, who was involved in 911 WTC destruction.

People will have to stand up and fight against genuine Nazis.

Did Russia illegally invade Ukraine over 8 years ago?  No, it was people standing up in their own land against a puppet government.

Russell explains why he is a communist.

How can anyone earn a billion dollars?  The money they have was all taken from someone who wasn’t paid.

Russell is a citizen of Russia with a Russian passport.  If he returns to the US, it will be to liberate it.

Was Zelensky fairly elected?  How would Russell characterize his presidency?

$50 billion sent to Ukraine by the US, but it’s just been diverted.  It’s not going to help Ukrainian people.

Place with the most Ukrainian refugees is Russia.  Many also went to Poland.  Big difference between western and eastern Ukraine people. 

Most of the military action is in eastern Ukraine.   Russia not in a rush.  Their aim is to de-nazify and demilitarize Ukraine, reduce their threat to Russia.

Russia has 1 million active duty soldiers.  Using less than 150,00 in Ukraine.

Russia doesn’t want a failed state like Libya on its border.  Will help Ukraine rebuild. 

Russell suggests drawing a line between Chernobyl down to Moldova, and putting anything east of that under Russia’s protection.  Little value in anything west of Kiev.

Russia is biggest geographical country in the world.  They don’t need more land.  They have plenty of resources.

Russian assets of 50 billion dollars in US banks were frozen by the US.  But Russia now earning US $1 billion/day in excess profits from sanctions of Russian gas and oil exports.

Russia underestimated ruthlessness and depravity of their opponents.

After seeing US seize Russian assets, other countries are withdrawing their assets from the US.  Leading to US economic collapse.


Russell lists several sources for finding truth.  Look at social media site Vkontakte.  Search for “vk”. Features a built-in translator.

Is Putin a good or a bad guy?  Any truth to his health issues?

81% of Russian people support Putin.

Censorship, trans and pride promotion, reverse racism, woke-ism in the US.

On your feet or on your knees.

Good quality of life today in Donetsk People’s Republic.  About 4 million people living in the 2 breakaway regions.

Russell is on the Ukrainian death list with a price on his head.

Listener asks how hard it would be for him to move to Russia.  First thing is to learn Russian, then get a Russian visa, make contacts with Russians in the US.  Russia is ascendant. 

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  1. July 3, 2022 @ 10:14 am oneradio

    Killing is killing. Whether it’s another person, a fly or anything else, doesn’t matter which side you’re on. The aliens are not intervening for some reason. This concept of countries and patriotism and every other -isms has to be lost if we want to advance as a peaceful human race. It’s not going to happen in this lifetime, but we have the commandments of various enlightened people and if we break them then we’re in the exact same vibrational field we were millions of years ago. Don’t play these games, doesn’t matter which side you want to join. I get what Russell is saying, but he’s being caught up in the same old game. Russia is not right. Nato is not right. Violence is not right. Seek within. That’s the only truth. Be good to one another. We’re are all the same. Clean your windows. Clean your windows. Clean your windows.


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