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What is oxalate and how can it impact your health?

Awareness of the toxicity of oxalates in foods may be new to you, contradicting the long-held faith you may have in certain foods. Accepting and remembering new facts can be difficult and confusing. You have to be willing to update your knowledge and let go of misleading ideas (like “all dark greens are healthy”). That’s especially challenging when the toxicity of oxalate is overlooked even by professionals who should know better.

People consider many high-oxalate foods to be healthy and “normal.” For example, spinach is now considered a healthy dark “green.” But its present popularity ignores a long history of well-documented problems caused by the oxalate it contains and more recent discoveries like the low nutrient value of spinach sold in stores.

Sleep was the issue that led Sally to oxalates.

For any mysterious health problems, we need oxalates to be on of the list of possibilities.

Oxalates are a chronic bioaccumulation disorder.

Sleep disorders are from brain toxicity, which comes from dysbiosis of the gut.

6 years ago, she found answers at the Vulvar Pain Foundation..

Oxalic acid is a cleaner.  Takes rust off, bleaches.  Cleans because it has a lot of oxygen and chelates minerals.  Grabs onto calcium.  Becomes crystalline oxalates.

Oxalates cause mineral and electrolyte upset, digestive upsets.

Plants create oxalates so they don’t get eaten.

The major action of tannins is antinutrient.  Damages intestinal tract and stomach.

Why doesn’t the body get rid of oxalates?  We can get rid of about 200 mg. oxalates in food.

Spinach, red stem chard, and beet greens are especially high in oxalates.  Also in nuts, cacao, carob, chia seeds.  Quinoa, buckwheat, sweet potatoes, beans are high in oxalates and lectins.

A series of infections could mean immune damage from oxalate damage.

Antibiotics lead to high absorption of oxalates, less ability to release them.

Oxalate detox needs to be taken slowly.  Excreted through urine, also the skin.  Some people get kidney stones.

Cloudy urine is oxalate crystals refracting light.  Urine is a spot check. 

Takes 9 urine tests to estimate the amount of oxalates you excrete.  Can lose the ability to excrete oxalates.

Toxicity and deficiency are the cause of all diseases.  Oxalates are often a sleeper underlying cause.

Sally’s new book is Toxic Superfoods, coming out in December. 

Ancient Egyptians tried to live on wheat and were a quite sick society.

How many oxalates can we eat?  Trigger and maintenance theory of keeping oxalates forming.

We need animal fat and animal protein.

Cabbage family are low oxalate foods.  Cook well, limit amount.

Sally eats a mostly meat diet. 

She now theorizes that 98 out of 100 people have health issues from oxalates.  Pay attention to your body to know.

Increasing number of people with crystals in the thyroid gland, impairing its function.

Eyes are surface of the brain.  Can have oxalates coming out in eye grit and in sinuses.

Anyone with sick kidneys needs to be off oxalates.  Can’t measure oxalates in blood unless kidneys are failing, or have rare genetic disease of liver producing too much oxalates.

Vitamin C degrades into oxalate naturally.  Also degradation of collagen.

Listener says most of India and all vegans should be dead, if Sally is correct.  Sally says they’re not healthy.

Oxalates in a meal will hit the stomach and nervous system around 4 hours later.

We absorb 15% of oxalate in food, but if gut is irritated, could be a hyperabsorber at 70%.

Lectin sources are undercooked beans, botanical fruits with seeds.  Can pressure cook lectins out, but not oxalates.

“Superfoods” high in oxalates:  Spinach, almond butter, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, chocolate.

Hair loss from oxalates?  Body uses an immune reaction to clear out the oxalates, and that acid reaction is damaging to hair.

When the liver is starved of sugar, it produces more oxalate.  Need to keep blood sugar more even.  Want a little insulin spike to maintain normal blood glucose.  Chronic zero carb doesn’t work for people with oxalates.

Stopping chronic low carb stopped Sally’s night leg cramps which weren’t alleviated by mineral supplementation. 

Pork is best natural source of thiamine.  A low fat deficiency is the worse.

Saunas help get rid of inflammation.  Highly recommended for healing the cardiovascular system.

Oxalates create osteopenia and osteoporosis.  Steals the minerals needed to build bones and keep the heart healthy.  Bones can hold oxalates for a long time.

Eggs are great, but they are a high allergenic food.

Disturbances In electrolytes can indicate an oxalate problem. 

Low Vitamin B6 can influence how oxalates are metabolized.

Do high lectin foods promote poor appetite control?

Could early menopause be an oxalate issue?  Sally has seen such cases and seen reversal with low oxalate diets.

Unless a high value, the oxalate metabolites on the Organic Acids Test from Great Plains don’t necessarily indicate absence of oxalate problems. 

Is it worth it to make kefir from raw dairy?  Definitely yes, if it agrees with you.

Moralizing about not eating animal flesh was taken to an unfortunate extreme.

Organ meats – important, but in proportionality and not daily.

Fat sources:  Butter, coconut oil, lard from healthy pigs, tallow, eggs and egg yolks.

'Sally K. Norton | What Is Oxalate and How Can It Impact Your Health? | June 29, 2022' have 9 comments

  1. June 30, 2022 @ 2:13 pm Juliet perrin

    What a crock. Your guest lost all credibility when she started talking about “radioactive rats”. Any theory that is based on cruel, inhumane, and unscientific experiments on animals is completely without merit. Furthermore, why does the human diet have to be one or the other? All foods, whether carnivorous or plant-based that are not blatantly posionous, such as certain varieties of mushrooms, etc. can be eaten if done so in moderation, without resorting to a diet that eliminates all meat and/or plant-based foods. If all humans adopted a carnivorous diet such as the one described by this pseudo-scientist, the effect on our planet would be devastating.


    • June 30, 2022 @ 2:21 pm patrick

      Actually, there’s much research and work being done in Africa and elsewhere where introducing hoofed animals on desert lands breaks up the soil, the urine and feces inoculate the soil and bring it back to life. More animals equal more soil, water and growth.

      I think you will find that all this war on meat thing going on is a globalist agenda to trick people into getting weaker by only eating plant foods, and if they have their way…GMO plant foods.

      Ms. Norton spent six years meticulously researching oxalates…so if you “believe” it is a crock, you may want to rethink that belief that you just pulled out of the air.


    • June 30, 2022 @ 8:15 pm YG

      I’m surprised that sanctimonious, borderline retarded host-Patrick-didn’t censor your post….


    • July 1, 2022 @ 2:55 pm Ross

      Juliet , Wow really


  2. July 1, 2022 @ 8:28 am Helen
    is the best website I’m aware of for all things oxalate.
    Susan Owens is an amazing scientist, researcher who’s been on this for at least the last 14 years when I became aware of her work.
    I have a vague memory of Patrick interviewing Susan years ago, but was not able to find the interview using the search function! Could be my imagination, if it happened, I’d like to listen to that interview again! If not, oh well, an opportunity to learn from her. Hope you can get her on the show Patrick.
    Much love & appreciation,


  3. July 1, 2022 @ 3:05 pm Petrus

    “Pork is best natural source of thiamine.” Wow. But then, she’s a meat-eater. Peter D’Adamo, along with his father who began earlier, have decades of research between them on what led to D’Adamo’s formulation of the Blood Type Diet. Many who’ve been on it (including myself) have had great benefits from following it, even sporadically, eating the foods most beneficial to our blood types and avoiding the really bad ones. KEY among “bads” are lectins, of course, and D’Adamo says pork is the worst meat from that perspective — he recommends it for NO blood types. Interestingly, the Jews and Muslims have always forbidden it as “unclean” — it’s unlikely they knew about lectins, but they easily knew what the physical effects were, since there was no range of bad dietary choices back then in their simpler society which might have shared some of the symptomatic blame. Or perhaps they saw it in spiritual insight. Anyway, a problem with people like Owens is that when they discover one particular element which has some significance, they over-focus and make all kinds of erroneous connections. It’s one reason we wound up with germ theory and the idea of “viruses” became established — they looked, they saw… and they thought they knew what they were looking at. They didn’t. Now, it’s not that D’Adamo answers all the questions with the BTD, but he knows its applications and limits. It is, however, ironic that a lot of dietary explanations for “food-based ills” may in the end be conjecture only, especially when considering the work of Dr. Hamer and the German New Medicine movement which posits very different, psychosomatic causes for illness. Today, Hamer’s work is the first thing I consult for answers.


  4. July 2, 2022 @ 9:21 am Jaye

    The longest lived cultures on the planet eat a predominantly plant based diet. Lots of legumes, pulses etc. Look up The Blue Zones. The Mediterranean diet consistently outperforms other diets when it comes to cardiovascular health, cancer, diabetes, etc. The research on this is enormous. I will stick to my veggies, spinach, lentils, etc.


  5. July 5, 2022 @ 9:35 pm Bruce

    Patrick, i have been doing and recomending the paidalajin slapping etc, and listening to Sally it occurs to me that doing the paida (slapping) is what is bringing the sha to the surface which i now think it is not only toxins but the oxilates Sally speaks about, which are also blocking and clogging the miridians. also in this video she speaks about slapping the feet and it is helping people with insomnia. thought you would be interested in this. thank you for helping me put puzzle pieces together.


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