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The Lost History

Santos Bonacci is a longstanding researcher in the fields of Astrology, religious symbolism, and alchemy, weaving these threads and many more into a perspective called Syncretism. He’s well known for his work on Astro-theology, which demonstrates the deep astrological roots of religious iconography from cultures world-wide.

Syncretism shows how all the Ancient Legendary Stories, Myths, Bibles, Fairy Tales etc, all have one simple common origin. In all of these wonderful ancient classics, the Personae are always the same, under different names. E.g. The Sun, Hercules, Jesus, Krishna, Little Red Ridding Hood, Prince Charming etc., are all one and the same Person/ Entity. All the characters have the same roles, the same adventures and the same trials and labours. The Seven visible planets and luminaries (The Active Creator God’s) in our Solar System considered to be a Macrocosmic Atom, the Twelve Constellations of The Zodiac, all play a very important role in this. The numbers Three and Four are also important. Four is the number of the elements, Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, which correspond to Light/ Heat, Gas, Liquid and Solid. They are the building blocks of the Universe. It is possible to explain every verse in the Bible with Science and Astronomy and Physics etc.

The underlying message of all the legendary books of Mythology (Including the Bible) is one and the same. Nature (The only book of God), in all her naked glory, is revealed to the ones that have ‘eyes to see’. The recurring cycles of nature are the basis of all the stories. In particular the Day, the Year, and the Great Year, or the Platonic year (Scientific name: Precession of the equinoxes) This cycle lasts around 24,000 years. This latter cycle is the cause of the Zodiacal ages. The age of Pisces is giving way to the age of Aquarius and we have just crossed over a great galactic alignment that takes place only once every 24,000 years.

This Science of ‘as above so below’ is the most ancient universal system of harmonizing man with his natural surrounds! The stars above and the stars below, i.e. our own bodies. Mankind is in harmony with Nature only when he realizes that he is the microcosm of the Universe and a Galaxy unto himself. Man has lost this profound knowledge over the past few thousand years due to the Precession of the Equinoxes. The ancients foretold the dark history of the recent past. Hesiod, Hermes and many others foretold a time when the understanding of the sacred truths would become obscure and the knowledge would have to go underground to be preserved for a future time. That time has now arrived.

The ancient wisdom traditions always depict “man” (male and female) as a composite being and frequently as the microcosmic reflection of the conscious living universe: as above, so below.
Plato, for example, describes in allegory the kingdom outside (the ideal State) and within (ourselves) as a Republic composed of many citizens. He describes it as a diverse yet interdependent polity ideally ruled by the philosopher, the wisdom-loving hero who has struggled up the steep and rugged ascent from the prison of ignorance to the luminous realm of truth. Self-discovery is a process of self-transformation: progressively taming and refining the disorderly elements of the soul, and “solarizing” one’s inner nature by identifying with the author of one’s being and its radiant ideals of Justice, Beauty, and the Good.

What is syncretism?

It is overcoming the world of division.  Harmonizing, all-inclusive, encompassing all fields of human knowledge.

We are differentiated parts of the one.

Truth of the one through direct knowledge vs. Being shipwrecked on the knowledge of appearances.

What will you learn at Santos’ virtual academy?

The true human system is tribal and national.  What is the vision for the future?

What influence did Jesuits have?

Is a day of reckoning coming?

Our state of consciousness determines what we experience.

Freemasons and Jesuits, controlled by the same people at the top.

We have to speak THE truth, not our truth. 

Germs and viruses are not contagious.

How did the heliocentric model start?

Globalism is the controlling mechanism now.

How did the idea of gravity start?

You outpower them.  Be fearful only of the one that can destroy your soul.

What causes Foucault’s pendulum to continue to move?  Dielectricity.

The ancients didn’t have electricity, they were harnessing scalar waves.

We will be victors, we will have paradise on earth.  Meanwhile, we have anxiety about the future.

Does Santos believe in reincarnation?  Knowledge has passed on to him.

Why does Santos like the neo-Platonist Porphyry?  

The Second Coming is the coming inside you.

Water must be structured to be hydrating.

How did Santos restore his health?  Breathing hydrogen and drinking the water.

What was the mud flood?  Melted buildings, civilization destroyed. is the site for Santos’ virtual academy.

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  1. February 11, 2022 @ 6:51 pm SaneShane

    The aether is known to be a medium. It is not some cosmic wind or wildwater river cyclically programmed to make sure a gyroscope will suggest a global or rotating Earth. Imagine if everyone started using this cheap excuse, how many software programs the aether would have to run! I’m afraid inSanitos is pulling stuff from his lower back right in front of you… If he would have suggested a “cosmic pulse,” some might have fallen for that at least. Better next time!


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