By Stephen Heuer


WHERE SHUNGITE IS FOUND: The only place shungite is found is in a deposit in Zazhoginskoye, near Lake Onega in a region called Shung in the Republic of Karelia. Karelia is north west of Russia and east of Finland. Lake Onega is one of the largest lakes in Europe.


HISTORY: In the early 1700s, Peter the Great of Russian had a palace built near a “magic” spring. That area became the first Russian resort and was named “Martial Waters” after Mars, the god of war.

Back then, the Russians must have had an inkling about the powers of shungite water because they used it to cure all kinds of issues and dis-eases including a weak stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, hypochondria, bile, scurvy, kidney problems and many others.

Peter the Great required every soldier to carry a piece of the unusual stone in their backpack. Many believed that the reason the Russians prevailed in the battle of Poltava was because the soldiers had the shungite with them.

Today, the water at the Martial Resort continues to pass through the thick layers of shungite, exclusive to that area.


HEALING AND HEALTH BENEFITS: Its extensive diversity of healing properties makes shungite a mineral that is unlike any other.

Scientists who have studied, investigated and worked with shungite unanimously agree that it is a “miracle” mineral.


Some words that have been used to describe Shungite’s miraculous powers are: treats, saves, purifies, heals, cleans, protects, improves, normalizes, neutralizes, restores, regenerates and even grows.

Shungite is the ideal stone to have on us because it heals on all levels. Shungite is the stone of regeneration and revitalization. Shungite initiates cell rejuvenation and enhances cell and DNA/RNA repair.

Shungite eliminates, kills and absorbs everything that can do harm or impose a hazard to all living beings. Shungite focuses on restoring all that is healthy, beneficial and useful for us.

Below is a list of MANY MORE HEALTH AND HEALING BENEFITS of shungite. Wait until you read all the issues it’s good for.

Like many other minerals, shungite can be held, placed on or against the body, carried or consumed as an elixir.

There is much to appreciate about shungite. Shungite eases headaches, stomachaches, backaches, rheumatism, nerve pain, nervousness and skin spots. It can stabilize our organs, our blood pressure, our bio light field and our immune system. It can clear our respiratory tract, increase our sexual activity and help us sleep. It is also beneficial for our gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys and metabolism and varicose veins.


ELECTROMAGNETIC AND PATHOGENIC RADIATION: We all know that radiation exposure can cause heart and cancer dis-ease. Shungite is biologically active and can neutralize or lessen the intensity of high frequency electromagnetic emissions. This powerful stone can shield us from the electromagnetic radiation that comes from computers, microwaves, TVs, mobile phones, power lines, etc. Shungite pyramids are particularly beneficial against that harmful radiation.

What is amazingly unusual is that shungite can store electric current with out creating magnetic fields. Even more spectacular is that shungite takes the negative frequency out of any electro magnetic field, which is not in tune with our DNA Light pulse frequency.


SHUNGITE WATER NEVER NEEDS PURIFICATION: For thousands of years, the natural shungite water from Lake Onega in Russia has never needed purification prior to drinking.

Shungite is a more safe and effective method of “disinfecting” and cleaning our drinking water than boiling or using chlorine. One reason for this is because shungite has strong antibacterial abilities.

Shungite has the ability to eliminate almost all organic compounds (including pesticides), metals (including copper and iron), chlorine, bacteria, nitrates, magnesium and harmful microorganisms from our water.

Beginning in the 1990s, shungite water filters were used commercially. During that time, many experiments and studies were conducted on Shungite’s influence on the human body. Scientists concluded that shungite water was absolutely safe, non-toxic and consumable without the need to boil first.

In one experiment, water was contaminated with concentrated groups of A and D streptococcus. After 30 minutes in shungite water, both groups of streptococcus were significantly decreased.

Most of these beneficial properties of Shungite stem from the activity of Fullerene in the Shungite.


Results Brenna Had with Fullerene: Hi my name is Brenna. I reinjured my sub-scapula area of my shoulder making it impossible to use my arm properly. The pain was nauseating and made it very hard to focus. The next day, I was blessed to have a conversation with Stephen whereby he shared with me the details about Fullerene. It was only an hour after taking it, that I had full range of motion with my arm again and no pain. In fact, I actually felt energized in a way that I haven’t in a while. At this point in time – I’m telling everyone I know about it!


Saved From Cancer Again

A Side Effect Of Having A Hyperthyroid Is Breast Cancer: So for me I’ve had Breast cancer come and go three times now over two years. Using Fullerene in sunflower oil topically has caused the lump in the right breast to reduce by 90% in 5 days. Now after taking Avemar (fermented wheat germ powder) the breast lump is 100% gone.


Role Of Lithium In Brain Health: Lithium has always been used for serious mental health issues, but it is now known that Lithium promotes brain health and mood and can grow brain cells. It prevents brain neuron tangles and plaque. It can prevent dementia. Lithium treated mice sowed decreased number of senile plaques, no loss of neurons.

in the cortex and hippocampus and increased derived neurotrophic factor density (a substance that lowers plaque in the brain) in cortex, compared to controls. Lithium orotate is the best most absorbable form and is extremely affordable in the Professional formulas brand.


Curing The Cause Of Disease With Unique Homeopathic Remedies:


There was a man who was an engineer over in Europe that was electrocuted by 380 volts that crossed his heart and brain. A strange feeling ensued. After a while he could not no longer climb stairs or drive his car. This debilitated state stayed with him for years. Medical treatments almost killed him. In his long journey toward health he found his first improvements using Homeopathy. After years of using homeopathy he had too little improvement and still suffered from ill health. Then later he met an alchemist that taught him more and used alchemical remedies on him. These remedies failed to make much of any difference, but he learned an important aspect of life and healing from the alchemist. Who taught him that the invisible controls the visible.

After a certain amount of time contemplating that the invisible controls the visible, this engineer had revelations in which he understood that 97% of the time disease is the remains of the spirit and soul of the original cause, weather that be mercury or pathogens or toxins. You can remove the pathogen or toxin, but that is the visible physical portion of the disease.  The spirit and soul of the disease often remain. If your spirit and soul are not strong enough to eradicate these echoes of disease, then you continue to be ill. For instance a person in childhood can have a lung infection and be given antibiotics. This kills the pathogens causing the lung infection but not the spirit and soul of the pathogen. So the person has no more lung infection but comes down with chronic asthma the rest of his or her life.

By using the correct invisible energies put into a lactose pill, you can introduce the balancing frequencies and thus eradicate the spirit and soul of the disease. Thus giving you 100% freedom from disease. The engineer invented such a system, whereby you take a course of homeopathic remedies for 28 days.

People using the 28 day Matrix Support Program have overcome all kinds of conditions from Lymes disease to 20% improvement in vision after being 100% blind. Here are some wonderful testimonies:

  • Just a quick note to let you know that I am okay! The strange symptoms finished after 2 days and I felt much better. Another thing started that without any reason I started crying a lot – I think some “old things” coming out – I do not know if it can be from CHIM, but there was no other reason that could cause it – no stress at home or other trigger. On a good side, my respiratory symptoms are much less now, so something is definitely working!


  • I would really like to continue with the repeat of the Lyme Package, thank you…..the program so far has made a significant positive difference to me already…..


  • I certainly felt a lot more energy from “within” & started to have many good days of feeling good & happy again (first time in many years). I became a lot more positive & my depression & anxiety disappeared. My mind & thinking became much clearer.


  • After one month => So far I am feeling a little bit better – I think the package you sent is helping! I am less fatigued overall. I assume I should continue taking the pellets….


  • I could thank him for all the wonderful help he gave. My clients and myself. I particularly received a lot of healing through the IM cure and the FEM cure.


  • Just to let you know. I have had better sleep since the Lady MSP finished. Able to go back to sleep at night if I wake up, and deeper quality of sleep.
  • I have about a week left of the MIND cure and have been taking the Smile pellets. They are really helping me a lot. I feel less depressed and less grief, and I have been able to find the inspiration to take better care of myself. Thank you so much!



My name is Dr. James Sarjeant. I am Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering at the State University of New York, Buffalo.

Five years ago, I had a debilitating stroke. As a result, I completely lost my sight. In addition, my blood pressure was out of control; my blood sugar was extremely high and I had virtually no energy.

For over a year now, I have been taking an MSP formulated by Myriam Matthee.

Ms. Matthee was Alfons Ven’s colleague for many years before his recent retirement. As a result of taking the MSP, my blood pressure is normal; my blood sugar is normal; and my energy is excellent.

The most miraculous of all is that I have partial vision restored in one of my eyes. As of two weeks ago, I can actually see the color of my hand. I would like to point out that after my stroke five years ago, my doctors told me that I would never see again – blind for life.

Well, a 20% increase in vision is a miraculous improvement from total blindness. Indeed, I look forward to ever-increasing vision.

I would like to express my deepest, heart-felt gratitude to you, Myriam, and to Alfons Ven for restoring my health and sight.


Sincerely, Professor James Sarjeant


This whole process the inventor calls “Regaining Control Over Yourself”.


 Breathing HHO Gas For Health:


Taiwan is using breathable HHO gas in Health Spas:


Here’s a video of a walk-in clinic (not in English but you’ll get the idea)


The body needs free hydrogen. When young and strong the body has the energy to make more of its own hydrogen by splitting water into Hydrogen and Oxygen.  When the body is older all functions decline, including this production of hydrogen and oxygen. Therefore mechanically breaking water down into hydrogen and oxygen and breathing it, may be the next big health breakthrough.

HHO is also known as Brown’s Gas. Browns gas when focused into a point, can be ignited into a flame that will weld anything to anything. It is a cool flame to the touch, but heats to whatever temperature is necessary to weld that particular material that the flame comes in contact with.

Inhaling the HHO gas, People report having more energy, coughing up old toxins. Using the HHO topically the gas appears to go in to muscles and tissues hydrating and relaxing them, thus helping to alleviate of pain. This has been proven in a Chiropractic clinic to alleviate pain extremely well. It is also helpful for carpel tunnel syndrome. Carpel tunnel is dehydration and HHO gas once in the tissues hydrates them, which alleviates the pain.

The Patented Health Benefits of HHO Gas Internally and Externally are as follows:

Improvements for: Muscle Pain, Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Infectious Inflammation, Non-infection inflammation, Allergies, Bronchitis, Asthma, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Parkinson’s, Gout, Panic Disorder, Diabetic Neuropathy and more.

All other HHO devices are made using the electrolyte sodium hydroxide, which is lye. So there may be traces of this in the air you breathe, which is toxic. To breathe the air from these types of HHO devices requires you filter the air at least two times. Therefore my electrical engineer friend has designed and built a HHO device that requires no electrolyte. I own the first model now and am just beginning to use it.

You can both breathe the HHO gas and drink the water, through which it has percolated, after your done with a 30-minute session. This will give you an abundance of free hydrogen and oxygen gases, to improve all aspects of health.

By volume the body is mostly hydrogen.

After I have some noticeable results, I will be offering these units for resale. You have to call 888-988-3325 to order this unit. The units are made to order. So once ordered your device, it will take up to 30 days to finish building and then 3 to 6 days to ship to you. – A Mass Action Of Liability – Episode 1.


From the US Constitution Amendment IV: The right of the people to be secure in there persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.


All relationships in commerce are contractual relationships. A contract consists of the following components:


  1. Offer
  2. Meeting of the minds
  3. Unconditional acceptance


The utility company or any other company who is forcing people to accept smart meters have been doing so by everyone’s ignorance. The utility company is making an offer with their contract for you to have their electricity. You can accept their offer or renegotiate it. And if they fail to comply with your request that you do not want a smart meter, then you can charge the persons working for the utility company in their personal capacity with a fine of $10,000 per day for the harm it is causing you. This means of doing a contract by passes the protection they have holding an position for their company, this means of doing a contract can hold people accountable in their private capacity. The number of officials that have resigned after getting their notice of defaults is amazing. For their contract with you to be valid you have to have known and read the details of it the meter works and know the toxic effects of smart meters. Because they did not disclose this to you, then there is no meeting of the minds and their contact is null and void.

Now through the assistance of Cal and the Inpowermovement you can send the utility company or any other corporation violating your constitutionally protected rights, with:


A Notice of Liability:

  1. Notice of Liability
  2. Notice of fault
  3. Notice of default.


Cal Washington has successfully used this Notice of Liability to get all manner of government officials to resign from office. He has helped groups of people around the USA to get the electric companies to remove their smart meters and install the non-toxic analog version of a meter.

Everyone needs to go to and watch the two educational episodes. It will give you so much hope. Hope that we the people still have the power to stop the tyranny of our age.


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