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Stephen Heuer

Stephen Heuer is the founder of Synergistic Nutrition. In 1990 he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree as a Nutripath, which was a Nutritional Correspondence course, much like the Naturopathic Doctor correspondence courses, just a slightly different name. He has done Live Cell Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Psychic Surgery, Visited John of God In Brazil, and Magnetic Therapy in England and many other therapies. Over these 20 years in practice his clients have improved or recovered from many conditions including; chronic fatigue, cancer, psoriasis, chronic constipation, kidney failure, adrenal fatigue, Liver problems, gallstones, depression, reproductive health, dysbiosis of the intestines, acne, skin conditions, sleeping problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, herniated or thinned discs, reproductive deficiency, menstrual cramps, memory and focus problems, mercury poisoning, autism, hyper and hypo Thyroid, gray hair, vision improvement and much more. Stephen has been in full time private practice for 20 years.


Show Highlights:

-Using ocean water in gardens.

-Electromagnetic blueprint is the architecture of reality.

-Stephen, an O bloodtype, found he had more energy on a vegan diet but was wasting away. He can only gain weight when he eats meat. Whey didn’t have enough protein for him.

-Followed Lou Corona diet, drank lots of gorilla milk (almond coconut milk, dates, kale, celery, apple juice). Developed racing heart and swollen eyes, found it was hyperthyroidism. Pharmacist Isabella Wentz said some people develop hyperthyroidism from too many green drinks, which have too much oxalates. Almonds also very high in oxalates. Body attacks the thyroid because the oxalates get stuck there. He’s doing better on a low oxalate diet.

-Sulfur salts from Iodine Source to clear out thyroid receptors.

-Alan from Vancouver wonders if a light therapy he’s using is helping his thyroid. Stephen says he gets very quick results with Thyroid Shield, Synergy One, and iodine. Also clients have restored their thyroid function by healing the gut.

-Listener asks about her 11 year old boy developing breasts. Could it be the whey?

-Best test for identifying food allergens is from Cyrex Labs.

-How to fix Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy?

-Zapper helped Stephen’s brain infection and thyroid. Rife never did. Used Ken Presner’s QE2 Ultimate Zapper, which he sells at Synergistic Nutrition. Ken Presner was on ORN on 7/30/12.

-Hair loss – probably from hypothyroidism if losing hair on the scalp and the last 1/3 of eyebrows.

-Liver converts T4 to T3. Can have hypothyroidism even if thyroid is healthy if liver isn’t converting.

-Thyroid regulates many functions. Weight, bowel function. Importance of getting T3 and T4, not just T4. Pig thyroid has both T3 and T4. Heavy metals and leaky gut can interfere with thyroid. Also need good nutrition.

-Foods to support the nervous system. Ionic footbaths every 3 days. Body Balancer footbath available at Synergistic Nutrition for $540 – has a long lasting array. Toxins aren’t coming out in the footbath but released from the cells through the kidneys. Saunas also help detox.

-Synergy One helps create protein; people have seen long-standing problems such as disc problems alleviated. Activates hypothalamus, thyroid, and sex organ signaling. It’s a proprietary peptide in a spray.

-Membrane Complex strengthens cell membranes and reduces allergies. Also recommends Allergy Essentials – has helpful flavanoids.

-The array in ionic footbaths is shedding it’s metal ions into the water because of the electrical current. The color of the water is irrelevant. Dietrich Klinghardt measured the toxins in the urine after footbaths and saw toxins come out in high amounts after the 3rd day.

-Sniff probiotics into the nose for sinus infections. Neti pot good. Patrick likes using urine in the neti pot.

-Sulfur – the worse it takes, the more you’re deficient. Versus zinc acetate– if it tastes good you need it, if bitter, you don’t.

-Whey protein is a food source of sulfur. If someone won’t take sulfur because of the taste, they can take whey protein instead.

-Ringing in the ears. No one known cause. B6 and B12 is supposed to help. Possibly an infection – try ozone or colloidal silver nasally and in the ear.

-Frequency generator vs. QE 2 zapper? Does it hurt to subject the body to a wide variety of frequencies? Frequency generator requires you know the right frequency versus Ultimate Zapper QE 2 can kill any bug.

-Ellen White method of planting a tree, especially a fruit tree: Do a soil analysis first (Hybrix Gardens – $50), will tell you what additives you need. Dig a hole 3 feet deep, 3 feet wide. Take 15 lbs of fertilizer mix, mix with first foot of soil. Layer rocks and a 4” diameter French drain pipe. Fill next layer of soil with biochar. Then soil, peat moss, fertilizer in the soil layer where you plant the roots. Then leaves. Much better yields, better taste. Need right potassium and calcium balance – affects taste and propensity of fruit to mold. See pdf on ORN or at Lynn Hoag Sun Country Garden website.

-Central Texas has climatic similarities to the Mediterranean. Olive tree farms in Dripping Springs, TX.

and more!!

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Stephen Heuer on The Thyroid, Adrenals, Hypothalamus, Hormones, March 27, 2017 Two One Hour Files

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