Stephen Sinatra, MD

Heartbreak From Social Distancing Is Real

Stephen Sinatra, MD, cardiologist and best-selling author of, “Heartbreak and Heart Disease” knows the serious heart issues that can arise from emotional stress. It’s why he became a psychotherapist in addition to being a cardiologist near the end of the Vietnam War to help his patients with the constant cloud of looming stress that he says we are now living in again during the COVID era. Dr. Sinatra says social distancing creates another emotional twist that we have never experienced: lack of human connection, which he says is vital to stress reduction for heart health. Dr. Sinatra will be here to talk to us about ways to compensate for the lack of physical and emotional support in order to maintain healthy blood pressure, cognitive function and emotional well-being and how to manage the aftermath of COVID-19 infection and what specific heart health questions you should be asking your doctor.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra is one of the most highly respected and sought-after cardiologists whose integrative approach to treating cardiovascular disease has revitalized patients with even the most advanced forms of illness. Previous to working with Healthy Directions, he has more than 40 years of clinical practice, research, and study by starting his career as an attending physician at Manchester Memorial Hospital in Connecticut where he then went on to serve as chief of cardiology, director of medical education, director of echocardiography, director of cardiac rehabilitation and director of the weight reducing program. Sinatra is also founder of the New England Heart Center, where he became known as one of America’s top integrative cardiologists by combining conventional medical treatments for heart disease with complementary nutritional, anti-aging and psychological therapies. 

Show highlights:

Dr. Sinatra tells us about when he learned how emotional stress and crisis can cause heart attacks

The Covid lockdown has caused loneliness and despair

Dr. Sinatra gives us his take on COVID-19

Dr. Sinatra’s biggest A-ha moments regarding the heart; CoQ 10 and grounding/earthing were gamechangers

What walking barefoot does for the body and why walking on concrete and asphalt is ineffective

Cholesterol only becomes a problem when it oxidizes; we need cholesterol

CoQ 10 is the magical source to protect the body; everyone should take it

A word about statins; is there an upside to statins?

The major killer in heart disease

Children with the highest cholesterol, when afflicted with MRSA do fine and MRSA is a deadly staph infection which proves that cholesterol can be very protective

Why post menopausal smoking women are at greater risk for heart disease

The best and worst foods for the heart

The magic of green apples, onions, and black tea

Why olive oil is connected to longevity

The best exercise for healthy heart maintenance

Dr. Stephen Sinatra, M.D. 50 years at cardiology as we dig into all things about the heart, October 16, 2020

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