Susan Bradford

Surprise! Trump Was A Deep State Plant

The American people placed great hope in Donald J. Trump, expecting him to lead them to the promised land, to wrestle the United States out of the grips of an international crime syndicate that was stripping people of their freedoms, rights, and assets.

What they failed to realize is that Trump had been groomed for the Presidency decades ago to serve as an populist candidate indebted, and ultimately controlled, by the Rothschilds, the dynasty bankrolling and driving a New World Order, with Communist China as global hegemon, a world government seated in Israel. and power concentrated around the Vatican and City of London.

Trump ceased being his own man in 1987 when he acquired a 93 percent stake in Resorts International, a casino whose principal investors were Tibor Rosenbaum, David Rockefeller, and Baron Edmond de Rothschild. Once indebted to the international criminal elite, he was essentially owned by them.

While the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties were driving globalism around the world, Rosenbaum cultivated the Mossad and partnered with organized crime figures like Meyer Lansky, who co-founded the National Crime Syndicate in New Jersey and invested in casinos that Trump promoted.

As an intelligence asset and shame merchant, Lansky compromised political leaders, judges, and other influential people on behalf of a shadow elite by way of blackmail.

Wherever they went, people were bought and paid for, eliminated, or otherwise compromised, as aspiring dictators surrounding the Vatican sought to corral the world’s wealth, power, and markets within their own hands. As their influence spread throughout the nation, the government, and its institutions, so did crime.

Shame was a powerful weapon that Trump himself used against rivals. He shamed people based upon their looks or other superficial qualities. Other times, he directed his underlings to dig up dirt on people while those associated with him weaponized the government to defend their own interests while undermining others, at times, even criminalizing efforts to enter their markets. 

When did Susan first suspect Trump? 

Trump disparaged Jeff Sessions because Sessions didn’t support him during the Russian collusion.  Sessions appointed an attorney who unsealed Epstein’s case.  Trump replaced Sessions with Bill Barr, who negotiated a sweetheart deal with Epstein.  His treatment of Jeff Sessions was the clue that Trump was taking the side of Jeffrey Epstein over Epstein’s victims.

Why is Jupiter Island, Florida important?  Averill Harriman established National Security apparatus there.  Since 1940s, was center of deep state psychological operations.  Ties with eugenics and stealth sterilizing vaccines.  Ties with Meyer Lansky, Rothschilds, Prescott Bush, others.  Eric Trump lives there.  No accident that Donald Trump lives near Jupiter Island and has a golf course there. 

Rockefeller supported Native American tribes in suing federal govt for loss of their land.  Court settlements provided seed money for casino growth around the country on tribal lands.  That money filtered upwards to the elites.

Agenda to make US a welfare state and puppet of China as been in place a long time. 

Key motivation of George H.W. Bush and Kissinger was to make money from China.

Any evidence Trump has been involved with Jeffrey Epstein and Treasure Island?

Court case alleges Trump molested, raped, assaulted, and disappeared underage girls.

Is the Epstein manifest listing John Roberts accurate?  Were judges manipulated to take actions benefitting the shadow elite?

Why did the Deep State want Trump in?

Trump was deep in debt to the Rothschilds.  Wilbur Ross decided Trump’s brand was his greatest asset.

Farmers won court case of being unfairly foreclosed on.  Ties to Nesara, which was adjudicated in 1988.

Esoteric CIA (Vatican and the Rothschilds).  After 1815 Battle of Waterloo ended, Vatican indebted to the Rothschilds.  Contract between them ended in 2015, when Trump happened to be president.

All governments of the world contract through the Vatican.  Contracts enable wealth to flow from the people to the elite.

Susan shares her investigative background.  Lobbyist Jack Abramov’s fraud case triggered her continued pursuit of the Deep State.

What did Trump do right?  Restored America’s energy independence.  Made Americans believe in themselves again.

Why is Trump fighting with Bill Barr? 

What’s with Trump support of the COVID vaccine?

Jared and Ivanka Kushner are very swampy too.

Deep State controls people through compromise and shame.

Why would the globalists want China to be the big kids on the block?

China was the model for the Great Reset.  Chinese history of elites with opulence ruling over enslaved deprived masses.

What is the connections between the Rothschilds and the World Economic Forum?

Is China part of the push for CBDC (central bank digital currency)?

Vanguard, Black Rock, and Carlisle are buying hard assets and renting them back to us.  Promoting smart houses so they can control energy the people use.

How is Deutsche Bank connected to Rothschilds and other elites?

Why don’t “they” delete all this stuff to stop people from making the connections?

Trump is all about building his brand and making money.  His best skill is marketing himself.

What happened in the 2020 election?  Leonardo was a defense contractor that cooked the books.  Belief that Trump didn’t want to win because he expected the economy to crash.

What happened with the 2006 capitol “insurrection”?

Biden is controlled by Barack Obama, Carlisle Group, Hamilton Project.

Who started the Corona virus scam?

Population control is a key agenda item of the Great Reset.

During HIV and AIDS scam, Dr. Fauci said people who sinned deserved to die.  And he got the CPAC to buy in.

It’s not illegal now for the government to lie to the people.

Is COVID as biological warfare a scam?  See her book UnMasked.

Can Susan explain the supply chain problems?

Does the Deep State want Democrats in control?

Is the Esoteric CIA different from the real CIA?  Original Freemasons were benevolent with goal of fulfilling end time prophecies.  Changed after 1815 infiltration by the Rothschilds.

What is Ukraine about?  Was historic home to Khazarian Empire. reports there are plans to make Ukraine the new Israel.

What is Israel up to?  Was center of trading routes, home of Abrahamic faith.  Aim was to make them a global hegemon.

Are China, India, Russia up against the Rothschild clan?  Bretton Woods and petrodollar are collapsing. claims the bioweapon labs were meant to be used against Russia. 

Is Kamala Harris a legitimate vice-president or especially a US president?

Video of Biden being ignored at the White House while people clamor around Obama.

Why would these people allow Trump back in if he doesn’t totally play ball with them?  Return unexpected because many investigations of him going on now.

The more we know, the less we can be manipulated.

'Susan Bradford – Surprise! Trump Was A Deep State Plant – April 11, 2022' have 7 comments

  1. April 11, 2022 @ 9:29 pm Petrus

    Sheesh. I guess now is the time for everyone to get all their own psy-ops into the mix, as the hour is getting late. I suppose you can’t blame folks, when the movie has gone on for this long, the kids and the adults get super fidgety and can’t sit still anymore, crawling up the walls, but yet also can’t walk out to the box office and ask for their money back… As they say: in for a penny, in for a pound. Enjoy the show.


  2. April 14, 2022 @ 6:29 pm Guyfranke

    So the Vatican is part of a global mob family financed by Rothschild wealth ? So who’s the real godfather …the Pope or a German jew Rothschild family member ? “The Rothschild family is a wealthy Ashkenazi Jewish family originally from 18th century Frankfurt…”


  3. April 15, 2022 @ 12:25 pm Marilyn Kugler

    Although I have not read her book, I have to say from listening to this that I still did not hear one piece of evidence that vilified Trump. All I heard was about the evil people that have one way or another been around him. When one is in positions such as he has been over his life there are undoubtedly people of ill intent around. The most ludicrous comment was that Trump was not a good business man. There’s untold evidence to the contrary, worldwide. Also, of suspect were the comments about him with young women. If there was any credence at all to that, the deep state would have surely uncovered it and used it when they were so intent on impeaching him. We have only to look at Stormy Daniels as example and how devastating that accusation was for her in the long run.
    Liz Crokin, who is a seasoned reporter of the rich and the famous, has never found anything negative about Trump. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite, and she has made a video of the many acts of kindness he has bestowed over the years that never seem to make it to main stream news. Why not give her equal time?
    Now, Jared Kushner – that’s another issue….


    • April 18, 2022 @ 12:56 am Jaye

      The man who continues to push the injections, saying its his greatest achievement???? Hmm…


  4. April 18, 2022 @ 2:49 am JAYE

    Great show Patrick. Thank you. Many of us started questioning the integrity of Mr T a while ago. A lot of fluff but nothing happening. He would have known that the elections were going to be fraudulent yet didn’t seem to safeguard it. Then started pushing the jabs. He’s another puppet clown actor imo.


  5. April 18, 2022 @ 9:05 pm Guyfranke

    Lobbying the federal government (in any form or fashion) should be a high crime bordering on treasonous with federal prison terms and private asset seizures for the perps. Don’t know why we keep allowing this panderous demimondainous behavior that easily deviates a government body into collusion and corruption and ever-strengthening the illicit corporatocracy we have entrenched in this country ( economic, political and judicial system controlled by corporations or corporate interests).
    In the words of George Carlin: “History is not happenstance. It is conspiratorial. Carefully planned and executed by people in power”


  6. April 19, 2022 @ 2:45 pm Richard

    A lot of one dimensional analysis going on here.


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