Susan Bradford

Investigative Journalist

Consentio Editor-in-Chief Susan Bradford is a prolific author,  investigative journalist, documentary film maker, and broadcaster, who follows the money to reveal the truth and agenda behind the machinations of powerful special interests.   She also follows global trends as they impact the strategic interests of the United States — and delves into the blood lines, history, strategies, and networks behind the ruling families with a view to understanding how Judaeo-Christian Europe, Great Britain, and the United States were lost to unprincipled actors and revitalizing the West with competent governments, media, and institutions that are restrained by rule of law, constitutional principles, and Judaeo-Christian morality– and which champion freedom, and serve we the people.

Susan’s latest book available now covers a lot ground on who “They” are and where the bodies are buried.
“Jack Abramoff: Rothchild Zionist Susan’s website to see her work and all her books:

There’s a connection between close Trump associate, Jack Abramoff and Bill Gates Father, Preston Gates and Jacob Rothchild

Jarred Kushner teamed up with former Treasury Secretary Mnuchin in big crypto plays

Susan says investigation in the Trump clearly shows a relationship with the Rothchild family

It appears these people are focused on depleting the energy from the dollar and doing their Central Bank Digital Currency.

The Hollywood/Globalist connection goes way back.

Who is George Soros and how’s he involved in these stories.

Susan believes Trump is damaged goods and will not be the Republican nominee in 2024

'Susan Bradford | Trump Is a Globalist Puppet and a Jacob Rothschild Lackey | April 11, 2023' have 2 comments

  1. April 12, 2023 @ 7:06 pm Julio

    Hi Patrick,

    What an excellent, very intriguing interview. As hopeful as his rhetoric seemed, I’d long suspected Trump was yet another “player” on the world stage. Many years ago, he was affiliated with the Democratic party and even endorsed by Jesse Jackson. Somehow this part of Trump’s history seemed to be buried or not amplified.
    I enjoy Tom Lounging but consider his naivete about Trump being just a character in the play very short sighted.

    I’ve heard you and several on the fakeologist site mention Miles Mathis. Mathis doesn’t even believe Trump is heterosexual. Given how much we’ve been decieved, I’d really be interested in hearing more from the likes of Susan Bradford and a Miles Mathis. It seems like they’ve departed the matrix and looked behind the curtain more so than others.

    Thank you!


  2. April 13, 2023 @ 1:14 pm Paul

    There are lots of facts out there, as well as “facts” — but it doesn’t matter, since so many of each are in the mix, and in the end you don’t necessarily even have all the facts to wind up with the truth. We’re living in a time when everything is theatre, everything is optics, and we’re held captive by our desires for what we want to be true. Even the teachings on “emptiness” that Buddhists speak of won’t make a dent in our ignorance…


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