Susan Bradford

Who’s Pulling Joe’s Strings?

In an era of media obfuscation, Susan Bradford’s books aim to help restore integrity to America’s institutions and educate the public to support an informed and actively engaged electorate. She was the lead investigator behind the Abramoff investigation who exhumed the complete story behind the prosecution of Republican superlobbyist Jack Abramoff along with the financial, political, and intelligence networks within Indian Country that trace to London and international bankers and which constitute the Deep State.

Susan is a Christian writer whose articles have appeared in the European Review, UN Vision, Washington Times, Capital Research Center’s Organizational Trends, and elsewhere.

Susan holds a BA in English from UC Irvine and an MA in International Relations from the University of Essex. During her junior year abroad, she studied at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

Investigative reporter Susan Bradford tells us “who is pulling Joe Biden’s strings.” She starts at the top with the Rothschild and Rockefeller families.

Who is Pastor Lindsey Williams and why did he write “The Energy Non Crisis”?

How did the Rockefeller family siphon off all the gold from Fort Knox? What part did Henry Kissinger play? Were hundreds of trillions of dollars involved in the overall process?

Who are the Royal Blood Lines? What did they have to do with the Bolsheviks and other movements all around the world?

Who are the Bolsheviks and why were they planted in the U.S. Government?

What is the “history we don’t know” of the City of London?

How were the Rothschilds involved in the Second World War? Were their machinations based on the Roman Empire? How far back does the Deep State go?

How did the Rothschilds get control of the British Monarchy? Who was illegitimate after the reign of Queen Victoria?

Klaus Schwab established the World Economic Forum. Is he working for the Rothschilds?

Patrick asks if Susan has another book in the pipeline. She has written quite a few books.

How did the Biden-Harris ticket seize power? Was it a coup d’état? How was the Transition Integrity Project involved? How was the Berggruen Institute involved? What about the Leonardo Company?

Why did Donald Trump’s people betray him? Was Barrack Obama involved? What about Trump’s ambassador to Rome?

Patrick and Susan run through a list of names. Who is swampy and who is not? Who is compromised? How far does the circle of Rothschild go?

Who is connected to the Rothschilds? Rudy Giuliani? Alan Dershowitz? Arianna Huffington? Eric Schmidt? Jared Kushner? 

Patrick and Susan discuss Biden’s cabinet picks.


How is military technology involved in the coronavirus medical device? What part did the Coronavirus Task Force play?

April asks how Obama is involved. Susan replies in detail. The Carlyle Group and Osama Bin Laden play their part.

The American Medical Institute has an invested interest in keeping us sick.

“The Rothschilds embody the traditions of the ancient Phoenicians,” says Susan.

What exactly is the Green New Deal? If the Rothschilds are involved in Big Oil, how is it to their advantage to support the Great Reset?

“Will Trump’s supporters just sit around and watch Swampy Joe do his thing?” asks Patrick.

How much power does the County Sheriff have?

Is there any hope that a military coup will put Trump back in office? Is that now a lost hope? Was there any validity behind it in the first place?

Was Trump involved in his own demise? Was it part of “the plan”?

“It’s like one big swampy soap opera!” comments Patrick.

Susan Bradford and Who’s pulling Joe Biden’s Strings, April 14, 2021

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