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How to Get More Minerals In Our Food


Steve-Storch_Renaissance-ManSteve Storch is a renaissance man. He is of modern times, but retains a wealth of historical and spiritual wisdom.

His energy and the company that contains it – Natural Science Organics – are responsible for the invention of the Vortex Brewer® compost tea system and some of the finest biological inoculants and mineral supplements on the planet.

Exposed to the realities and potentials of the natural world from an early age, Storch has developed a healthy respect for the mechanisms of living systems and a penetrating insight into how to work with them.

Storch utilizes the teachings of philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner, who in 1924 gave a series of lectures outlining biodynamic farming principles that can now be found in a work called The Agriculture Course, a must read for anyone interested in plants or gardening.

Steiner was asked to provide these lectures by farmers who were experiencing diseases in their crops and livestock that they never experienced before the dawn of chemical agriculture. BioDynamics was the very first response to chemical farming.

To breathe new life into dead soil, BioDynamics combines pragmatic organic farming practices with mystical, astrological and energetic influences.

“Even on the worst chemically abused soil, I can make a difference in one year,” said Storch. You’ll see the biology increase, you’ll start to get some soil structure back from increased microbial activity. This compost and ‘the 500′ are like biological nuclear bombs.”

This is one of nine potentizations performed by BioDynamic practitioners in order to tap into the unobservable aspects of natural systems. Storch creates all of these preparations on the farm when the time is right.

Storch explained the theory behind the ritualistic procedures. “In creating preparations, we’re dealing with very specific biological and energetic processes,” he said. “We end up with highly concentrated preparations that combine cosmic, seasonal, animal and plant energies.”

Plants are not inanimate; they are vibrant, energetic beings with inherent intelligence. The BioDynamic farmer lives in communion with his surroundings, not in dominion over them.

He has studied Steiner’s comments and combined them with contemporary experience and insight to produce compost teas beyond compare.

Show Summary: Hear unique information about ocean grown technology, minerals, cosmic energy, sacred biology and more. If you have two tomato plants on your patio or a full blown garden you’ll be satiated with knowledge after this hour, and thinking about food in a whole new way. Please forward this to everyone you care about.


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