Teeth R Us (As Long As Possible)

By Atom Bergstrom

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Rebuilding enamel is separate from “eating away cavities.”

In my final phone conversation with Dr. J.E. Phillips (before he went on his Cosmic Vacation in a car crash), he had recently proved giant white cells (macrophages) could be activated to eat away dental caries. This was not theory; he was actually doing it.

It’s a hazardous procedure and should be MEDICALLY SUPERVISED. Basically, the gums around the carious teeth are “wounded,” and the macrophages designated to gobble up the debris do likewise for the cavities.

Years before I met Dr. Phillips, Swami Nitty-Gritty told me, “Big supercharger corpuscles are released by pain.”


The enamel rebuilding and dental caries protection protocol is done every day between 6:15-6:45 p.m. (during KIDNEY TIME) using …

1) slice of aged cheddar cheese
2) a small amount of raw garlic
3) a small amount of raw onion

These ingredients are chewed, then held in the mouth as long as possible (4 or 5 minutes will suffice) without rinsing, eating, or drinking anything for an hour afterwards.


Japanese researchers have already grown teeth “from scratch” using bioengineered tooth buds grown in a medium of KIDNEY CELLS.

This was done in the 1940s and is a classic example of Medical Amnesia.

Monterey Jack and Swiss cheese are the only other two cheeses that are anti-cariogenic, according to NASA scientists. Either one can be substituted for sharp cheddar. All other cheeses are either cariostatic or cariogenic.

High protein foods such as nuts, milk, or meat are cariostatic, passively offering limited protection from tooth decay.


A highly functioning thyroid gland is necessary for healthy, long-lasting teeth. (Avoid iodine supplements!)

According to General Electric research (1925) …

“Good white teeth generally accompany a normal thyroid secretion. A hypersecretion of the pituitary sometimes leads to very large and separated incisors. Insufficient secretion from the sexual glands is generally associated with small lateral incisors, and adrenal hypersecretion makes for large sharp canines. Here again light can probably influence the shape, the color and the regularity of tooth eruption by influencing the balance of internal secretions.”

The thyroid gland is more of a “master gland” than the pituitary.


Dental “focal theory” is pretty much backwards. The wagon does not pull the horse.

According to Dr. Ray Peat …

“100 years ago (before antibiotics) it was believed that a ‘focal infection’ under a tooth caused chronic diseases, and some dentists pulled teeth to treat various non-dental problems. I think the interpretation of causality has often been wrong — for example, I knew a dentist who routinely and successfully treated oral problems by prescribing a laxative.”


More information can be found in my e-book: Dead Dentists Don’t Lie

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