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We dig into the subconscious mind at the top of the show.

What is the subconscious mind?

How does it work?

Where is the subconscious mind?

How do we know when the sub mind is running things?

Listener wants to know how Patrick was/is able to view the subconscious mind

Hannah labeled it as a ticker tape running at the bottom of the screen on a news program

Patrick shares a dream experience that showed him his home was not being exposed to harmful EMF’s

How to remember our dreams?

We, are the true entities that knows, really knows, what is the best course of action to take – especially when it comes to food.

Why did Hanna start doing urine therapy?

Patrick’s Prius apparently has gone to heaven. His breakdown experience gave him a positive take on Humanity.

Is forgiveness and essential element in releasing traumas?

Karma turned into sin by the religions

Why would it be necessary for a man to die so God forgives the sins of humanity

How much influence does the mind have on how well we do with certain foods?


Nothing too enlightening to share with other listeners. Just wanted to say hello to Hannah and say “welcome”. Been turning in the past few weeks with the addition of a second voice on your Friday show.

Yes, the Most High is equivalent to God, Source, the Creator, etc. All I was attempting to state is that if good or righteousness was our only choice, then deciding in this manner would be simple and ultimately disingenuous as our free will seemingly becomes null and void.

Could you do a show on Urine therapy … And what are Hannah’s thoughts about it?

Part one

Part two

'The Friday Show | The Subconscious Mind: What Is It? Where Is It? And How to Live Without It’s Affects | July 7, 2023' have 2 comments

  1. July 23, 2023 @ 11:18 pm Eric

    Loved your car trouble story. . . seemed like it all worked out for your safety and benefit. I have a 2103 Prius! Love it, just hit 100k. What happened to yours?


  2. July 24, 2023 @ 12:20 pm Eric

    As a child I remember being deeply disturbed and horrified by something I saw and heard in an Indiana Jones film when I was a small child…. I was horrified and became away of the world. In the Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost ark in the bar scene… Indiana confesses to being a child molester and it’s not that big of a deal he believes… when he’s confronted by a grown up version of the girl he molested… (Marion). Indie holds his ground and tells her. You knew what you were doing.
    Indiana led the child that what he was doing to her was love. She grew up and figured it out. Sin is transgression of the laws of love / Love is obedience to right ruling. The Indiana Jones film and the sound of freedom they came out at the same time on purpose…
    Freedom only comes from obeying perfectly the message of Jesus Christ… Which human and mankind will never have that until their knees are made to bow. And until then trafficking of souls, oppression, and corruption will grow and all you will have is a sound of freedom, not true freedom, ever…. I could have made this comment much more detailed and lengthy but I didn’t want it to appear “snarky”

    Lastly let it be known the ark in the raiders of the Lost ark, they were not looking for the ark from the unparasitical God mentioned in the Bible… They were looking for the ark of the God of this world.


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