Matthew Ehret

The Russia-China Polar Silk Road Speeds Ahead

Since China’s Arctic extension of the New Silk Road was first unveiled in a January 2018 white paper, a process of Arctic development has been unleashed which represents one of the most important and under-appreciated developments on Earth. Not only will 10 days be saved by goods moving between China and Europe via the Arctic route, but a new set of civilization building measures are now being unleashed in opposition to the anti-human degrowth program attempting to steer the world into a post-nation state system of de-growth and world government.

While NATO’s geopolitical unipolarists obsess over global governance and militarization of the Arctic, Eurasian Arctic policy has taken a very different character with an emphasis on economic development and cooperation.

Of course Russia has not neglected the military component of its northern military policy, but unlike the west which has no economic vision, Russia’s Arctic military posture is definitively defensive and principally diplomatic. As Foreign Minister Lavrov said at the end of last year’s Arctic Summit in Alaska: “Russia is doing and will do a lot to make sure the Arctic develops as a territory of peace, stability and cooperation.” (continue reading)

How the universe directed Matt to his current work.

What do Xi and Putin talk about today?  Collapse of the unipolar order and alternatives.

Their nationalists have done a better job of extracting agents from their swamp.

The swamp people are supranational, operate above nations, and penetrate official govt. positions.

Since Ukraine, a hyperreduction in Russia of their swamp people.

Saudi Arabia has been a trophy for the multipolar alliance.  They’re seeing the light now.

Same thing for Turkey.  Neither they nor Saudi Arabia are given the promised respect.  Forming alliances with Russia.

Western decarbonization puts Saudi Arabia’s energy sector in peril.

Western encouraged green infrastructure projects don’t provide a means to pay for themselves. 

Kissinger wants statis.  He is now a voice of sanity.  Remembers a world full of potential for war.

Ukrainian are totally disposal cannon fodder and they don’t realize it.  The Empire of Lies.

Oligarchs have a lot of power but they don’t have staying power.  Historically, when they’re achieved their goal of consolidation, they’re destroyed themselves.  Will cohere themselves into a conspiracy but collaboration will end when opportunity arises for dominance over the other oligarchs.

Cecil Rhodes wanted to reconquer the US.  Rode roughshod over Africa.  Rhodes Scholarships started to brainwash young talent.  He was a useful tool, but money came from older blocks of Europe. 

Banking, pharma, Vatican, politics – all intertwined by the oligarchs.  They corrupt anything they can touch.  But they have points of weakness within their structures of control that others take advantage of to bring them down.

Who owns Klaus Schwab?

Requirement of Plato’s Academy: Know geometry and know thyself. 

Two different ways to think about the universe.  Stasis: the universe is static, what’s changing is unnatural.

Versus the idea that creative acts are making things better.  Involves making more discoveries, changing modalities.  Obeying laws but with an increased power and freedom not available otherwise.

Oligarchy believes they must subvert by sabotaging scientists making pioneering discoveries.  Learn to live with less.

3.6 trillion dollars of global Belt And Road Initiative projects envisioned by China.  Building massive infrastructure, roads, ports, railways, plus training local engineers.

And more…

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