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The World Out There Is Only Your World If You Choose to Accept It

“The world out there is not your world unless you make it your world,” says Patrick.

The world “out there” is bonkers, but we’re only involved if we choose to be.

It’s like a movie. Our reality is only what we accept. Ninety percent of the people think the Matrix is their world.

If you’re in the movie, your anger goes to the liver, your fear goes to the kidneys, your resentment goes to the gall bladder, and so on.

“Be at the cause of your life, not at the effect. Grow a garden, write a book, start a business, get in a relationship, learn about spirituality. It’s your choice where you put your attention,” affirms Patrick.

Why won’t most people resonate with this simple truth? Why are they focused on the effect, and not the cause? Why do so many well-meaning people make stuff up?

“There are the times that try men’s souls,” as Thomas Paine said. “We live in interesting times,” as the Chinese say.

“Think about disconnecting as much as possible.”

Can we create cancer cells from fear and “stinking thinking”?

Patrick discusses New German Medicine, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, and Dr. Melissa Sell.

Dr. Hamer could actually see the results of our emotions in the brain. “The cure is in the cause.”

“Are we going to live in a Faraday cage because we fear 5G? We can create damaged tissue as well as create healthy tissue. What will you choose?” asks Patrick.

Will people in the jungle be affected by 5G?

Our DNA changes every day. “If we don’t think about it, we’re not affected by it.”

Patrick is experimenting with a new water-filtering system from Omica Organics. They have a wide spectrum of products that are now available in One Radio Network’s store.

Patrick mentions G. Patrick Flanagan’s brain Neurophone, and how the beaker boys in the belly of the beast are wrong about how the brain works.

Is the brain a product of neurology, or is it just hardware?

“Do humans want to take responsibility for what happens in their lives or would they rather play the blame game?”

We are the Creators. We can say “No!” to masks, closing our businesses, but some are not ready to wake up.

“Aging is a big lie.” Patrick mentions the book he’s writing — “It Takes a Long Time to Get Young.”

“We can keep these bodies as long as we want. Why reincarnate?”

How can we redo our past lives? Patrick gives an example of a man who used what he learned in a past life as an attorney.

Are germs and viruses our friends? What is the actual cause of polio?

Are measles a detoxification and a rite of passage?

Atom writes in, “Trees talk to each other without a brain or nerves. Put a nail at the base of 11 out of 12 papaya trees, and they think they’re dying, and produce giant papayas. The 12th tree will see what the other 11 are doing, and grow giant papayas too.”

Is Covid just an excuse to lock people down and force them to be dependent on government handouts?

Are the globalists creating inflation? Will they end the debt-based monetary system?

Are supply chains fragile? “Grow your own food, get a generator, and be prepared, Trust in God and tie up your camel,” advises Patrick.

Patrick Timpone and the world “out there” is only real if we think it is, March 24, 2021

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'Patrick Timpone – The World Out There Is Only Your World If You Choose to Accept It – March 24, 2021' has 1 comment

  1. April 11, 2021 @ 1:05 pm H. Alleva

    Hello Patrick! You have had some pretty fine episodes in the past but this particular episode, in my opinion, was/is superb! I have listened to it now three times, in its entirety. The information that you provided/shared with spoke to me intimately. I feel that I can reasonably assume that I am not the only one that feels that way. I need constant reminding that the world “out there” is not “my” world. That the best way to deal with the madness in the world out rhere is not to participate in it. It’s not my reality unless I allow it to become my reality. You explained it so eloquently. Indeed that understanding is the only way that “I” will be able to survive this. I suspect that I will be listening to this episode many many more times until this is second nature to me. I cannot thank you enough for having mande this episode.


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