Thomas Renz

Attorney for Ohio Stands Up!

COVID: Major case filed against Ohio governor and the state of Ohio for restricting freedom without legitimate justification


As the state of Ohio continues to discriminate against the elderly and promote fear amongst the population, Ohio Stands Up! is making progress in shining the light of justice on the issue. Recent days have seen some of the most incredible steps yet taken in Ohio’s response to a disease that is only slightly more dangerous to most people than a seasonal influenza. Pursuant to D.O.-Non-Congregate-Shelter-Second-Amended-08.31.20 the state is creating FEMA “prison camps” to place people that are “unable to self-isolate” and showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Ohio Stands Up! attorney, Thomas Renz, said, “In working with our doctors and other experts we have become particularly troubled by this order. The symptoms of COVID-19 are the same or similar to a common cold, allergies, influenza, and even the side effects of some common medications. Since the test is inaccurate, even when used on the governor, how will we know who to imprison, and how will this imprisonment impact these people?”

Attorney Robert Gargasz asked, “Isn’t this similar to what Governor Cuomo did in nursing homes in New York, putting potentially sick and healthy people together in the same settings? Are we poisoning the healthy?” He goes on to ask, “With new reports that deaths are now below pre-pandemic levels, how can these actions be justified?”

Governor DeWine noted recently that the state would be eligible for additional funds for undertaking this project. This seems to indicate that the State makes money for imprisoning people without trial.

Ohio Stands Up! is happy, however, to announce that it appears we will be able to enter into the discovery stage of the trial soon. Attorney Renz stated, “Discovery is a critical part of this trial. The State has consistently told us that there is a public health crisis but refused to share their basis for this assertion. As we proceed through discovery the State will no longer be able to hide their data and models. We will finally be able to see the truth and determine just how dangerous this ‘crisis’ really is. We look forward to deposing the relevant state and federal officials and seeing what they have to say under oath.”

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Show highlights:

Mr. Renz chooses his cases based on ethics

He started looking at the reaction over COVID-19 back in January; the reaction was totally bizarre compared to earlier illnesses

If this is about protecting life, then why did a woman with Stage 4 cancer who needed to have an operation, need to engage a lawyer to get an exemption to be able to get a life saving operation

Why is Mr. Renz suing the State of Ohio? He gives us the details

Lockdown vs house arrest; they have become indistinguishable

What might justify serious actions imposed upon the public by the government?

What will Mr. Renz need to show a jury during this trial?

Reviewing the REAL numbers

Not a single scientist has been able to provide documentation that masks prevent viral spread

Mr. Renz believes in the court system and believes that if he can get a fair trial, he and his team will win

When will this case go to court?

Even the inventor of the PCR test said it’s not good for diagnosis

We either have a Constitution or we don’t

Freedom is the one thing we all need to come together on; this is NOT a left vs right issue

Atty. Thomas Renz, lead counsel for important case against Ohio Governor for violating people’s God Given rights, September 16, 2020

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  1. September 17, 2020 @ 8:15 am John Schmitt

    That was a great interview with a great freedom loving attorney!!!! We need attorneys in every state to file similar lawsuits or we’ll lose all our freedoms to these phony pandemics like COVID-1984!!!!


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