Thomas Renz

The WHO Pandemic Treaty Is A Disaster, Will It Happen?

What does the WHO want to do? 

Biden’s regulations were about transferring power to an international administrative agency.  He wanted to justify his actions.

The proposed WHO treaty says they can declare pandemics and tell the nations what to do.

Biden had no legal authority for the amendments he proposed.

Nations opposing the amendments include UK, Africa.  How could Africans refuse this good-natured offer to help?

Amendments were rejected by a lot of nations and are shelved right now.

Huge push by globalists to empower global oligarchy.

COVID wasn’t about health.  Started with COVID lockdowns, suppressed effective treatments, try to control people by forcing jabs.

COVID was most profitable event in human history.  Money shifted from people to the billionaires.

Billionaires control the WHO.  Have money for fake science.  Want more pandemics to transfer more money.

Mainstream starting to realize they’ve been defrauded.  As the population wakes up, the globalists are concerned about Nuremburg type consequences.

Jabs based on testing of 200 people.  Phase 3 trials on thousands didn’t start until jabs were inaugurated.  The fraud was monumental.

Tabletop exercise for monkeypox in 2021.  Their dates are accurate. 

Monkeypox around since 1950.  What’s changed now?  Gain of function research on monkey pox;  COVID jabs destroy natural immune system and make monkeypox more transmissible.

For tyranny to succeed, people have to believe they don’t have a choice. 

Laws are a contract between the governed and those governing.

We the people need to hold the governing accountable.  Demand it on a large scale.

In the Viet Nam era, Rosa Parks refused to go to the back of the bus.  Action was symbolic of what we need to do today on a scale of millions.  And do it all the time.

Monkeypox is the next scare tactic, the next pandemic.

US has lost this battle.  We’ve lost our freedoms.  It needs to be about you’re never locking us down again and you’re going to jail for what you’ve done.

It always comes down to the individual.  Need right to choose of their own volition.

Initial study behind masks was trash.  If you still buy into masks, you’re an idiot.  You were misled the first 6 months, now it’s dumb to believe in them.

Have there been successes in court?  Lots of cases going on that you don’t hear about.  Usually don’t want to make cases public.

Immunity on the jabs is one of the biggest issues to deal with.

If you get a jab and get sick, what are you going to do about it?  Only consumer product that doesn’t allow you to be made whole are vaccines. If they’re safe and effective, why do they need immunity?

Fauci doesn’t have direct authority to do anything, but Biden and agencies give them authority to do it.

Acts have created enabling legislation for the agencies.  But government can’t abuse its discretion and take actions which have no basis in truth.

Can the government lie?  To be asked in a pending case.  Arguments at 6th Circuit Court soon.  Opponents have been fighting discovery.  Don’t want the truth coming out.

Always looking for more lawyers to help.

Read  On Truth Social, Gettr.  Donations greatly appreciated.

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  1. June 1, 2022 @ 7:45 am Guyfranke

    Patrick, from the above intro it was worth re-stating !!
    “Huge push by globalists to empower global OLIGARCHY.
    Covid wasn’t about health. Started with covid lockdowns, SUPPRESSED effective treatments, try to CONTROL people by forcing jabs.
    Covid was most PROFITABLE event in human history. MONEY SHIFTED from people to the billionaires.
    BILLIONAIRES control the WHO. Have money for FAKE [corrupted] SCIENCE. Want more pandemics to transfer more money.”
    And so, once again…a perfect yet despicable example of ‘Crisis (disaster) Capitalism’ at play. Funny, we keep entertaining this type of behavior each decade that passes. Wonder when humanity will finally move beyond this type of socioeconomy.
    Cheers !!


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