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Tom Luongo is a former research chemist and writer on markets, culture and geopolitics.  He publishes regularly on his blog, Gold, Goats ‘n Guns at as well as the Gold Goats ‘n Guns Monthly Newsletter which provides a portfolio strategy for retail-level investors to make sense of today’s global/macro environment.  His work can be seen regularly on such sites as Zerohedge, and The Duran. Mr. Luongo is also a regular contributor at Money & Markets, Strategic Culture Foundation and edits the Ultimate Wealth Report monthly newsletter for Newsmax while also contributing to Financial Intelligence Report. 

Show highlights:

“It’s becoming harder and harder to find an audience because the audience is being roped off,” says Tom Luongo, referring to internet censorship restricting the free flow of information.

What are the two different kinds of inflation? Which of the two is “particularly pernicious”?

How are the “corona apocalypse” and the disruption of the supply chain affecting the economy? Is the Biden administration really the continuation of the Obama one?

Was the cyber-attack on the Colonial Pipeline a real attack by the Dark Side or planned destruction by the administration?

The Davos crowd is fast-tracking the Green New Deal. Countries like Spain are already passing laws to ban combustion engine transportation.

The Biden administration is targeting Texas energy transfer across state lines. It’s part of the plan to punish the states that are not vaxxed or muzzled.

Patrick asks what Tom Luongo thinks of Biden’s ultimatum: “Get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do.” Kamala Harris said the same thing the next day.

Who’s really behind what Biden and Harris are saying? Who’s pulling the strings behind the scenes?

Is Ron DeSantis “the real deal”? What about his stance on Israel?

Are the “old tribes of Europe” trying to regain control? What do they want? “Everything!”, according to Tom Luongo.

What’s going on with Ethereum? How does it compare to Bitcoin? Why is Bitcoin “the gold of the crypto-world”?

Should you always take profit off the table when you reach a peak?

Market phases depend on momentum and emotions. “Markets are emotional; they’re not logical.”

A listener asks if “The Boys” are in on Bitcoin. Can they control the price, as in gold?

Patrick asks, “What do you do with the profits you take off the table from Bitcoin?

How does the Fed cover the holes on banks’ balance sheets? Does this have anything to do with interest payments?

Were the collapsitarians right all along? Many are into crypto and gold to hold and not trade. They hold on to custodial assets that have no counterparty risk.

Sean phones in from Seattle, asking, “Why support digital?” He and Tom Luongo have a long discussion about investing in digital versus real estate.

Why does the world want greater liquidity? Can it be achieved without digital money?

Bitcoin is just an algorithm with a database attached. Relative to other systems, can anyone really gain control? Why are the people against it the same ones peddling war and violence?

Why do the Bitcoin miners have to sell everything they mine?

Patrick asks, “What do you think about some of the geopolitical landmines that affect investing?”

Why did the globalists already throw Bill Gates under the bus? Why are Anthony Fauci, John Kerry, Tony Blair, and Boris Johnson next to go under the wheels?

What sabotaged the Biden administration’s plans to go to war over the Ukraine? Why did no one show up? Tom Luongo has the inside scoop.

A listener writes in, “Why are so very many global players (including Klaus Schwab) faculty or alumni of Harvard Kennedy School?”

Are Gates and Trump outsiders because they’re “new money”? Do they still have to suck up to “old money”?

A listener asks about the billionaires owning nothing and controlling everything.

Leanne asks, “How do you control crypto?”

Are the banks all going to get thrown under the bus, and who’s going to control your money? Where will your money be parked?

Patrick asks, “How do we survive and thrive?”

Will we live in a dystopian fantasy where robots will do all the work? Or will human endeavors like Gold, Goats n’ Guns prevail?

'Tom Luongo – Investing, Bitcoin, Inflation: Who’s Pulling the Strings Behind the Scenes? – May 18, 2021' have 2 comments

  1. May 19, 2021 @ 11:52 am Scott

    And it’s gone . . .

    Reuters, June 15, 2021: President Biden today signed an executive order prohibiting US business from accepting payment in crypto currencies for goods and services. According to Biden, Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have been used worldwide to facilitate terrorism, human trafficking, and tax evasion. “Cryptocurrencies are the preferred funding mechanism for criminals worldwide”, said Biden.  The FED banking system and member governments will now coordinate their efforts to make it impossible to redeem or convert unapproved crypto currencies in Dollars, Yen, Pounds, Euros, and other currencies through any FED bank or financial institution in all member countries.  Congressional leaders also confirmed that crypto currency prohibitions will be included in the new Patriot Act II which is expected to be signed into law by Biden later this year. Penalties for violating the order include up to 5 years imprisonment and a $500,000 fine.  Bitcoin tumbled 95% on the news.

    Sorry, an investment or gambling?


  2. May 22, 2021 @ 2:14 pm Dianthus

    Sorry but this guy ‘was’ great but he cannot think outside the illusion of this system and what is coming. If we look at the Bitcoin distribution list there is only 0.1-0.3% of us retail ‘the little guy’ in it and everyone that is in crypto has at least 1 BTC address but Tom thinks that this has a change to safe and change us but is not. Do not fall into the crypto trap like he does bc I can prove that he is wrong about crypto 100%. Good luck for everyone thinks to get rich in this illusion corrupt system that is on its last leg and when this leg goes, you have nothing with fiat nor Bitcoin. If it was mass adopted then Tom ok but not like this. I go of the facts and not of 2.2 tril fake facts bc look at how fast it has vaporized. Good luck! (ps. Bitcoin going to 100k does not change anything I say here)


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