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Tom Luongo is a former research chemist and writer on markets, culture and geopolitics.  He publishes regularly on his blog, Gold, Goats ‘n Guns at as well as the Gold Goats ‘n Guns Monthly Newsletter which provides a portfolio strategy for retail-level investors to make sense of today’s global/macro environment.  His work can be seen regularly on such sites as Zerohedge, and The Duran.Mr. Luongo is also a regular contributor at Money & Markets, Strategic Culture Foundation and edits the Ultimate Wealth Report monthly newsletter for Newsmax while also contributing to Financial Intelligence Report.  

Show highlights:

Destroy the countries economy, undermine the educational system
They insert adolescent Marxism (ex. Antifa, BLM, Muslim Brotherhood) to help corrupt the population
The gnomes of Zurich
What is currently going on in America is all about getting rid of Trump and taking control of the white house
Trump has made it abundantly clear he is coming after Obama and the Clintons
The steps of a color revolution
Antifa hijacked the Trevon Martin protests and led the protestors to occupy wall street
Labeling Antifa as a domestic terrorist group
Why the cop’s case involved in the George Floyd’s murder was moved from 3rd to 2nd degree murder
They want to stop Trump in order to stop the populist insurrection against them
What has President Trump done that threatens the globalists?
The structure for the world “tomorrow” is the European Union
Voting by mail is going to be encouraged because of Covid
The EU is writing the same legislation they already have implemented in China
What are some of Trump’s “bad ideas”?
How wearing a mask has become the new “anti-MAGA hat”
Corporate America bowing to the Black Lives Matter movement
The killing of Jeffery Epstein
Epstein’s black book is the key for Trump to go after members of the swamp
Manipulating public opinion to get sympathy for a perceived public outrage
How Monsanto, Car Gill, big pharma, etc. have control
Focusing on money supply and commodity demand
Supply push versus demand pull
Radicalizing people politically and economically in America
Will the U.S default on its debt?
Why is bitcoin trading at such a high price?
The currency is a reflection of the confidence of the government

President is sincerely trying to drain the swamp, June 23, 2020

'Tom Luongo – Our Own Willingness to Be Good Citizens Has Been Weaponized – June 23, 2020' have 4 comments

  1. June 26, 2020 @ 7:18 pm Mr Right Down the Middle

    if trump really is gonna drain the swap…hes gotta get out of it first


  2. June 28, 2020 @ 8:13 pm Undivided

    This info is very important. However as usual, you’re right about half of it, more or less. And dead wrong about the other half. Unfortunately, you’re too blinded, ideologically like the “other” side, to see which is which. As such, you’re doing the exact, exact same thing you are accusing the other side of doing, just in your own different ways about different things. But essentially the overwhelming majority of each side is blinded by your own pet biases. It’s an unfortunate weakness in our human nature, and takes deep self inquiry to root out. Most are convinced and satisfied with the delusion of their pet biases which give the illusion of certainty and smug knowing. We are all such arrogant fools to think we know so much. Very few are immune to that sort of arrogance and bias. And it leaves us as self duped fools. Easily divided and conquered, while those who fund, infiltrate and agitate all sides, laugh at how easy it is to control our minds. I despair of the foolishness on all sides, divided and conquered, particularly those who believe they see through the game. Occasionally you do, but then get sucked back into your old ideological biases. Such wasteful foolishness. If only those on all sides could lay down their “arms” and recognize the commonality of our most important interests. But no, we have too much pride, ignorance and stubbornness to do the deep questioning of our own selves and beliefs, biases and knee jerks. We will likely all perish together in the same boat out of our collective stubborn arrogant ignorance. Sad to say.


    • June 29, 2020 @ 8:19 am patrick

      And your point is? Sure took a long time to say not much of anything Sir.


      • July 10, 2020 @ 9:17 am Joe

        We’re all arrogant fools? This means you too! It’s easy to throw rocks at every idea. That way you don’t have to try to come up with any meaningful contribution.


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