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Tom Luongo is a former research chemist and writer on markets, culture and geopolitics.  He publishes regularly on his blog, Gold, Goats ‘n Guns at as well as the Gold Goats ‘n Guns Monthly Newsletter which provides a portfolio strategy for retail-level investors to make sense of today’s global/macro environment.  His work can be seen regularly on such sites as Zerohedge, and The Duran. Mr. Luongo is also a regular contributor at Money & Markets, Strategic Culture Foundation and edits the Ultimate Wealth Report monthly newsletter for Newsmax while also contributing to Financial Intelligence Report. 

Price of oil and Russian ruble dropped like a rock today. 

Saudis are being schmoozed by everyone and are playing the game.  They don’t want to tick off anybody. 

Stagflation environment in the US.  Falling asset prices.

Davos crowd wants to keep everyone in disarray. 

Jerome Powell will keep raising rates.  Playing a different tune from Ben Bernanke.

3 shootings in 6 weeks.  FBI ops.

Can’t have perpetual growth.  Cut the spending.  Recession is the cure for the fake boom we’ve had.

Political class is actively trying to destroy America.  They’re screwing our food, energy, and fertility.  Remove the traitors from office and convict them of treason.

Gold is a monetary metal, silver is for industrial use and done as a monetary metal.

Robert Habeck, a Green, is the VP and acts like he’s Chancellor of Germany.  Even he asks if we’re doing this to ourselves.

Europe is fracturing over these issues.

Do the Russians keep going after they wrap up all the cities in the Donbass region?  Will they go for a port on the Danube River?

US spends $800 billion on defense.  Do we get $800 billion worth?

Have we reached peak irreality of the markets yet?

Powell at the Fed raised rates to get confidence back.  How did Powell survive the political infighting?  They tried to get rid of him.  JP Morgan backed him.

Davos, Europe, all the bad guys don’t want the Fed raising rates more.   

The banks that own the Fed don’t control Euro banks. 

By the end of 2022 all new US debt will be secured to the Fed’s overnight lending rate, not the LIBOR.  17 of 18 LIBOR banks work for Europe.

The TED spread is the difference between the three-month LIBOR and the three-month Treasury bill rate. TED spread not reported anymore.  SOFR used now. 

None of COVID nonsense made any sense until viewed now in light of the sovereign debt crisis coming in Europe.  Explosion coming in Europe.

Commercial credit banking system is the core of the US.  Powell doesn’t want it destroyed.

Why did Bitcoin drop?  They’re attacking it.  They don’t want you to have an escape route.

US Dollar Index is at 106.  There aren’t any dollars out there.  No liquidity, nothing’s flowing.  We have money chasing fewer goods.

When everybody loses faith in the US dollar, that’s when hyperinflation starts.

Biblical upwave coming, which will crush US economy, Europe will break up.  Eventually money will start flowing again.

Is political and economic reform starting?  Midterm elections could set the stage for a political reawakening.  Next 2 years will be tense.  Need to remove bureaucracy at all levels.

SCOTUS ruling against EPA was good, but it didn’t do away with the idea of an agency making law.  Could Clarence Thomas achieve that before he retires?

Sean calls to ask about phone protocols and TCIP.  Discussion of boomer technology, bitcoin, and block chain.

Russians want an equal seat at the table, and DAVOS wouldn’t give it.  Zero concessions will be made to Europe by the Russians.

80% of the world lives in BRICS countries.  Europe, US vs. BRICS, BRICS wins.

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