Tom Luongo

Publisher of Gold, Goats n’ Guns Newsletter

Tom Luongo is a former research chemist and writer on markets, culture and geopolitics.  He publishes regularly on his blog, Gold, Goats ‘n Guns at as well as the Gold Goats ‘n Guns Monthly Newsletter which provides a portfolio strategy for retail-level investors to make sense of today’s global/macro environment.  His work can be seen regularly on such sites as Zerohedge, and The Duran. Mr. Luongo is also a regular contributor at Money & Markets, Strategic Culture Foundation and edits the Ultimate Wealth Report monthly newsletter for Newsmax while also contributing to Financial Intelligence Report. 

Are California or New York lost causes?  Are we going to have a patchwork of states belonging to their totalitarianism?

Florida can replace California and Wall Street.  Are we seeing the rise of states’ rights?

Projections for 7 Fed rate hikes this year.  Which faction of globalists is controlling Fed chair Powell? 

One group of central bankers vs. another group of central bankers.  Functional split between what Wall St. wants and Europe wants.

Kazakhstan was an embarrassment.   Russia got what they wanted.

US allowed ISIS to retreat from Syria.  ISIS went to Kazakhstan, and Putin has now taken them out.

What is happening with Ukraine?  A 12-handed game of poker.

Davos wants war or perpetual conflict between US and China.  They want to maintain control of Europe and Russia subjugated.  Are manufacturing coups.   But they don’t want a war in Europe.

Putin doesn’t want the US humiliated.  Needs US as a hedge against China.

EU is becoming the E-USSR.  Russia is countering that.  Communism originated in Europe.

We’re seeing a failure of Davos’ policies.  Are they inept?

Will the stock market crash?  The Fed doesn’t care about the stock market.  Will Powell turn into the second coming of Paul Volcker?

If a suitable Republican emerges from the primary system, will there be a revolution that splits up the Democrats?  Cuts spending?  Raise interest rates 2%?  Need to create conditions that will cause a short-term recession so as to lay the misery at the Democrats’ feet.

The world is asking the US to lead.  They don’t want China, they don’t want Europe.

Ukraine was designed by Davos to cause even more humiliation for the US, so there is no hope for a US renaissance. 

Listener asks: What is the long-term viability of Bitcoin?  Tom says it is unassailable.

Gold has problems in a technological society such that it cannot function as a currency.

What is a lightning network?  A second layer on top of Bitcoin.

Paul Singer, an American venture capitalist, needs to go.

Supply chains are breaking.  Democrats want to put everyone on UBI.  Millennials are signing up for communism.  Boomer grandparents refuse to give up on one-world utopia. 

The old system needs to be torn down.  If you can’t take short-term pain, you will have to put up with long-term pain. 

'Tom Luongo – Stock Market Update; Supply Chain Breaks; Bitcoin and More! January 12, 2022' have 2 comments

  1. January 22, 2022 @ 1:34 pm Timmy

    How is that Bitcoin going Tom :)

    Try here and wake up…

    She dealt with over 100 billion transactions…


    • January 22, 2022 @ 1:46 pm patrick

      I can’t and won’t speak for Tom but, from Patrick I can tell you how it’s going…. Back up hahhaa


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