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The Russia/Ukraine Fiasco: Another Point of View

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Tom Luongo is a former research chemist and writer on markets, culture and geopolitics.  He publishes regularly on his blog, Gold, Goats ‘n Guns at as well as the Gold Goats ‘n Guns Monthly Newsletter which provides a portfolio strategy for retail-level investors to make sense of today’s global/macro environment.  His work can be seen regularly on such sites as Zerohedge, and The Duran. Mr. Luongo is also a regular contributor at Money & Markets, Strategic Culture Foundation and edits the Ultimate Wealth Report monthly newsletter for Newsmax while also contributing to Financial Intelligence Report. 

Vladimir Putin is not a member of the cabal.  Look at who hates Putin.

Russians are winning in Ukraine.  Achieving every objective they want to with second-string troops and 30 yr. old equipment.  Whereas Ukraine is sending grannies out with AK-47s.

The West is trying to get nuclear missiles on Russian border. 

Diplomacy has failed, but it was designed to fail.  Russia has invaded Ukraine, but it’s actually a peace-keeping operation. 

The irony of Israeli Jews supporting the neo-Nazi Ukrainian government.

This is not a genocide.

Ukrainian president Zelensky was neutralized after he was voted in.

Russians are winning on the ground and will carve up Ukraine.  Southern region of Ukraine will declare their independence after Russians have cut off the ability of Ukrainians to retreat.

Russia destroyed Ukrainian army, air force, ports, defense system after the first 1.5 hours.

Russia is not looking to take territory.  Aren’t carpet bombing to obliteration the way US does.  Forming circles around areas of resistance.  Russia doesn’t have resources to conquer and rebuild, and it’s not a good way to wage war anyway.

Our media portrayal of the situation is totally pro-Ukrainian with no dissent allowed.  Childish, disgusting, and Orwellian.

At the start, the West immediately invoked every financial nuclear response they could. 

Was there a gentleman’s agreement with Putin, that he would only invade Donbass?  He didn’t do that,  instead launched highly coordinated multi-prong attack on 4 fronts.  Was there something else that made Putin revoke a prior agreement?  Like Sweden or Finland being brought into NATO?

Russia is not targeting civilian centers, not destroying the people who live there.  Are targeting sources of Ukrainian resistance.

Russians considers themselves to be at war with everybody already.  Won’t attack NATO unless they have to.

The fight is about Russia beating Davos, not about beating Ukraine.

Everything now being sold by Russia to the west can be sold to the east.

Europe is an energy importer, forever.  American LNG is 2-3 times as expensive to produce.  And LNG is not green.

With the usual European arrogance, Klaus Schwab wants to be able to dictate terms even if the west doesn’t win.

It’s racism to think Europe and US are better than to be at war.

Russian leaves US dollars on account with the Fed to pay for some of their transactions with other countries.  A G8 country has never before had their assets frozen.

How much gold does China really have?  Gold never leaves China.  Is China accumulating gold on the sly? 

To calm the panic, Russians might allow for conversions of rubles to gold domestically, but not allow it to leave the country.  Would end the run on the ruble.  Bigger problem is cutting off foreign currency.

Does China have Putin’s back?  Yes.  China, Israel, India, and UAE abstained from UN action condemning Russia.

US is blocked from using the canal so they can’t send a carrier group to the Black Sea. 

If you’re not buying gold and Bitcoin, what’s wrong with you?  Waiting for a weekly close of gold of 1916.  Want to see breakouts propagate through time.

George says what’s with Putin killing a lot of people?   Who is in the wrong here?

Diplomacy was attempted and allowed to fail.  Putin is allowing as many Ukrainians to get out as possible.   Ukrainians are being conscripted off of buses.  Does the west want to see a lot of dead bodies?

Russia can drop bombs vertically  which fall with no arc, which defeats our defenses.

They shoot up Biden with a stimulant which props him up for 18 minutes.  Was sundowning in last Thursday’s speech about the Ukrainian invasion.

Putin will turn Ukraine into a quagmire.

Putin’s weakness has always been Europe.  He was stationed in East Germany.  He doesn’t want to go to war with Europe.  Underestimated how belligerent European Union is to him and to Russia.  He waited until the very last possible moment to take action.

All of the European UN delegates walked out on Russian foreign minister Lavrov this morning while he was talking at the UN about Ukraine.

Don’t worry about US stocks if they’re in an index fund.

20% of Russian transacted through Russia’s version of SWIFT.

Davos wants cheap energy to Europe.  Davos hates Russians.  They want to isolate Russians from other sources of energy.  We want a deal with Iran so Iran will sell oil and gas through Turkey and Syria to US and bypass Russia.  Russian Gasprom is major player I developing Iranian oilfield in Caspian.  Gasprom will get over half of the profits of those Iranian oilfields. 

By Friday of this week, US people won’t be able to buy or sell Russian stocks.  Will be used as a bargaining chip when the military action is over.

Putin doesn’t want $150/gallon oil.  The high price cuts off investment in other resources.  Want oil at $55-$75/barrel.  Russia can pull oil out of the ground at $9/ barrell.

What’s China’s next move?  Depends on how things degrade in Europe.  If Europe declines, higher chances of a Taiwan invasion.

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  1. May 7, 2022 @ 4:27 pm Dr. Sandor Balogh

    M This is a chapter of my upcoming book on globalism and the final times. Dr. SandorThe Ukraine
    Now, this conspiracy is playing out in Ukraine. There is a globalist government of Ukraine put into power through a Western globalist financed and supported the take-over of government in 2014 that reminds me of the ouster of Nixon.
    In the Ukrainian case, it is atheistic/Zionist globalism versus traditional Christian nationalism. Ukrainian President Zelensky’s parent, according to their rabbi, ”have helped him promote at least two Jewish community causes with their son, the president…. To many, Ukraine’s president is a hero — some Jews have called him a “modern Maccabee. ” So religious conflict might play some role in the background: Putin is Orthodox, Zelensky is Jewish.
    In addition to the fact that the current government was put in power by a coup, Ukrainians are some of the most chauvinistic people that I know of.
    Ukraine has two regions where the Russians are the overwhelming majority but felt oppressed under Ukrainian rule. I have seen a list of over 20 complaints by Russians under Ukrainian rule. For example, the Ukrainian language law makes it illegal to speak any language other than Ukrainian outside the family: “Protecting rights” becomes complicated, however, when two distinct conceptions of rights are involved. Ukraine’s treatment of the issue of language is an exemplary case of the conflict between two conceptions of rights: the rights of a language and the rights of its speakers. (In post-Soviet states, the “rights” of a language pertain to priority uses of the official language — in contrast to minority languages — on the territory of the country for official government business, matters in the public sphere, service provision, the media, and other stipulated contexts.)” This affects, by the way, the sizable Polish and the Hungarian minorities too.
    “On September 25, 2017, a new law on education was signed by President Petro Poroshenko (draft approved by Rada on September 5, 2017) which says that Ukrainian language is the language of education at all levels except for one or more subjects that are allowed to be taught in two or more languages, namely English or one of the other official languages of the European Union.[77][78] The law faced criticism from officials in Russia and Hungary.[79] According to the New Europe:
    ”The latest row between Kiev and Budapest comes on the heels of a bitter dispute over a decision by Ukraine’s parliament – the Verkhovna Rada – to pass a legislative package on education that bars primary education to all students in any language but Ukrainian. The move has been widely condemned by the international community as needlessly provocative as it forces the historically bilingual population of 45 million people who use Russian and Ukrainian interchangeably as mother tongues to become monolingual.[80]
    “The unian reported that “A ban on the use of cultural products, namely movies, books, songs, etc., in the Russian language in the public has been introduced” in the Lviv Oblast in September 2018.[81]
    Imagine if the U. S. had a language law that requires speaking English “for official government business, matters in the public sphere, service provision, the media, and other stipulated contexts.”
    The Western Democracies are protecting a regime that deliberately oppresses the language of 1/5th of its citizens.
    Putin, protecting the Russian minority’s rights, tried a peaceful solution to de-escalate the conflict and helped the two Russian ethnic Ukrainian regions, instead of joining Russia, to set up their own independent governments. The West had a chance to accept it, but rather, they pushed the conflict and supplied weapons to the oppressive Ukrainian government. So, Putin responded, with justification, to force a solution. The West should have put pressure on the Ukrainian government to live according to democratic principles or recognized the two new republics, and I am sure would have solved the conflict peacefully.
    But Zelensky, the globalist President of Ukraine, by asking NATO for a no-fly zone to shoot down Russian planes–which America rejected–shot himself in the foot for any bid for bargaining chips in talks with Putin and is trying to make their conflict a European issue.


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