Russell Bentley

Texas Man Fighting Nazis In Ukraine

Living among the pro-Russian fighters occupying the Donbas region of Ukraine is a former American soldier, Texas native Russell Bentley.

Given the codename “Texas” after joining the Novorussian army in 2014, Bentley went viral earlier this week for sharing footage of himself on “the front line” with Russian troops marching through the Donbas.

After he caught the attention of people online, Newsweek exclusively spoke to Bentley about how a man from Austin—a self-proclaimed former “surfer, beach boy-type guy”—ended up flying to Ukraine to join and fight with the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). (Read more)

Russell Bentley is a war correspondent and human aid volunteer who has lived in Donetsk, Ukraine since 2014. He has fought in the DP Republic Army for three years as they were fighting the Nazi’s in Ukraine.

He has a Ukrainian wife.

Call with Russell Bentley live from Donetsk, which was formerly in Ukraine and then voted to be a republic in 2014.

Donetsk and Luhansk having referendums this week about joining with Russia.

Are there Chinese or N. Korean troops in Ukraine?  Russell says no, and whatever mainstream media tells you, you can assume the opposite.

Corporations are profiting from the 10 time increase in LNG gas prices while the poor consumer suffers.

European court tells Russia in 2020 that they must sell LNG at capped rates.  No legal basis for the decision.  Deprived Russia of their just profits.

Donetsk occupied by German Nazis in 1941.  Many Ukrainians became collaborators.   Germans called them Schweinhund – pig dogs. 

Ukrainian Nazis went underground after Russia won in WWII.  Supported by west with a propaganda operation.  Operation Gladio.

Putin will not lose this war.  Has been careful to minimize damage and civilian and troop loss. 

This Is a war of NATO and the west against Russia.  Is a war for the future of humanity.  They want famine, depopulation and destruction.

Why is the west blocking mainstream Russian media channels, like RT?  People are being lied to by their government and mainstream media.  What don’t they want us to hear?

The Moon of Alabama is a truthful site.  Also, The GrayZone, Max Blumenthal. The Saker, Vk on Facebook, the Duran, Alex Mercouris.

Beware of Gonzalo Lira, NPR.

Putin has done a limited conscription of 300,000 men.  Calling up reserves with experience and special skills.

Russians understand whoever defends Donbas defends Russia.

Russia initially came in and thought they could do a gentle invasion.  An error of being too honorable and too compassionate.  Up against head-chopping, cannibal Nazi Ukrainians.

Chrystia Freeland is deputy prime minister of Canada and minister of finance.  Her father was a Nazi collaborator. 

If Putin pushed up against the wall, he will use nuclear armaments.  He says a world without Russia is not worth living in.

Davos crowd, WEF – they want to be like God, to be God, and that’s who we’re fighting against.  WEF transhumanist Yuval Harari thinks humans don’t have souls.

Russia allows media that is anti-Russian and promotes the Ukrainian side.  A trust that Russians can detect BS and know that reports of Russia bombing Donbass are false.

Support for Putin is around 80%.  Profits from LNG priced 10 times higher now is supporting the ruble, the best performing currency in the world.

Russia didn’t have the political and economic power in 2014 to fight the Ukrainian coup d’état.  Higher profits from selling energy now.  China, Brazil, India, South Africa now in alliance with Russia.  75% of the nations in the world support Russia.

Production of agricultural fertilizer is a major industry.  Fertilizer producers shut down because they couldn’t pay energy prices to make it.  Farmers didn’t have fertilizer this year.  Russia offered to give free fertilizer to poor countries of the world.  Coming food crisis.

Nordstream 1 pipeline supplies 40% of all LNG to Europe.  Nordstream 2 would double capacity at reasonable prices.  Pipelines shut down, energy market now completely destabilized.

People that own the US wanted to destroy Europe as an economic competitor, return them to the Middle Ages. US will be next.

You’ll own nothing, but you’re not going to be happy.

German journalist Alina Lipp who reported from Ukraine was threatened.  Germany took her assets, jailed her.  Then went after her mother.

Still food in Donetsk grocery stores, but prices have escalated.  GMO foods not allowed.  Russian rubles, Euro, US dollars used as currency.

What impact will winter weather have?  Tough on people in Europe and Ukraine.  Russia will not sell LNG to their enemies.  Donetsk and Lugansk have the ability to heat the homes of all the residents with hot water radiators.  Russell pays less than $20/month for all utilities combined.  City can’t shut off utilities. 

Are there parts of Ukraine not experiencing war?  Still nightclubs open in Kiev.  Most heavily Nazi city in Ukraine is Lulav on Poland border.

Russell’s hope for the future:  Russia secures the Donbass region, the nuclear power plant, and the port.  Ukrainian army repelled from the eastern region.

If the conservatives win the US election in November, will this thing stop?  Russell is an economic communist, a social conservative, and thinks the economy should be for the benefit of the workers.

Much of the billions going to Ukraine is funneled through a money laundering operation and is directed to selected elites.

Ukraine’s economy is now sex slavery, human trafficking, organ harvesting, and drug trafficking.

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    “Everyone should read Vladimir Putin’s speech to truly understand what this is about. Here is a thread of key parts. I’ll link speech at the end.” @FiorellaIsabelM


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