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Living Streams Mission has developed and manufactures a wide range of specialized liquid probiotic formulas to meet your health and wellness needs.Living Streams Multi-Blend™ (Living Streams Probiotic™) is a natural by-product of friendly bio-organisms (probiotics) that have been specially cultured and developed to produce the natural anti-infective substances the human body was meant to receive from flora in the intestinal track. Living Streams probiotics only contain organic lab certified bacteria species that are naturally found in the human body, and does not contain bacteria obtained from soil microbes.
Processed foods (for both humans and animals), lack enzymes and other nutrients which results in poor quality intestinal flora and other health stresses. Even the normal amounts of these substances that would otherwise be there are missing in most animals and people. On top of that, because the friendly bacteria are missing from the intestinal track growth of “bad” bacteria, fungus, yeast, virus and mold colonies can seriously harm health. Even if you think you are healthy, subclinical infective processes may be at work, slowly damaging your health.

-Absorption of nutrients in food is the number one player in living a long time in health

-C-60: what it is…how it works…why it works…a miracle element ?

-The body can, does and will heal absolutely any health issue with the right fuel, faith and time (a thing we do on Earth)

-The hidden challenges of mold in our culture is much, much greater than is known

Lack of bacteria in gut causes the body to calcify…arteries…brain…all over

Living Streams version of C-60, The Perfect Molecule may…just may protect the cells from EMF’s and radiation as it protected rats from radiation

Learn why the C-60 products function..introduced by Walter Russell in 1985, a protege of Tesla

All of these probiotics can be used on the skin

Some emails for Wayne:  does c60 help people with severe electro magnetic sensitivities?

we have both been taking your products and LOVE THEM!!! am ready to put in my 3rd order this morning. thank you for making such amazing products.

the dentist and oral surgeon want him to take anti biotics before the surgery. he’s been doing well on the living minerals probiotics. does he even bother to take probiotics while on the antibiotics?

Could you talk about the cleansing reactions that are possible when starting your products?

I began the MultiBlend about 6 days ago, 1 drop for 3 days, then 3 drops next day, and I then I really felt like I was going down with a cold/flu ~ sore throat, cloudy head, low energy, and also a cleansing of sorts RE digestion.  I stopped for the moment.

Could that small initial dosing account for the reaction?  

Hi Patrick can you please ask Mr. Blakely if taking the living streams probiotics will interfere or compete  with other probiotics, like if one were taking em1 or some other brand.

Can one use the living streams probiotic on the face or mix it with one’s usual face cream or serum to make it more potent? Are the feet a good place to put drops for transdermal delivery–or could one put it in their ear or eyes–a drop or two?

Will the Mold Relief product still work if most of the sheetrock in my home has been covered with paneling?


Wayne Blakely with a primer on absorption, mold sensitivities and more, July 17, 2018

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  1. November 28, 2018 @ 1:47 am warren mandseth

    Hi everybody: just discovered Patrick and am fascinated by all of Waynes discoveries. I have ordered all of his products and am anxiously awaiting delivery. I am a long-time user of C60 in olive oil (just like the rat experiments) and can say that it is awesome. I am kind of like Patrick in that I just love to experiment and I will try anything once and then keep doing things that are beneficial to ME. There is definitely a higher self that guides you in these things ( for me anyway) if you are healthy enough to listen. It is important to realize that you really are immortal and this is just one more try to get things right cause you f***ed things up the last million or so times. I am very excited about the C60 stuff and it has had wonderful effects on me. In combination with diet and Dr Daniels vitality capsules and turpentine and shungite from Cosmicreality.net and Curcumin Triple Burn from Dr Al Sears and a myriad of other things I think I got a handle on living a very very long time. Waynes explanations of how the gut works Have been key to filling in some very important gaps in how the human body works and I am very grateful to both Patrick and Wayne for being exemplary examples of the human race and being kind enough to help others and try to WAKE THEM UP. Never gonna work but ya gotta try. Thank you Patrick for all the wonderful listening and all of the absolutely wonderful interviews with the most evolved and spiritual beings in the universe.


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