Michelle LaMasa Dawson

Director of Recall Healing USA

Assistant Director for Recall Healing International

Dr. Dawson began her journey with Recall Healing in 2007. She has spent extensive time studying and training with Dr. Renaud. Recall Healing quickly became Dr. Dawson’s passion when she witnessed countless testimonies and stories of individuals shifting their health challenges by understanding the underlying meaning behind their issues.

Living in this matrix but not being of it.

Trying to find the beauty and love of being in the world while moving towards the light.

Stepping more fully into who we were intended to be.

Discovering who, what, and where we are.  Releasing the baggage.

Thyroid is related to injustice.

Take full responsibility for what happens in the family.  Ho’oponopono.  Forgive and make right.

There’s a reason we incarnate with the people we do.

80% is awareness.  20% is what you do with the awareness.

Victim mentality takes away responsibility.

The power of words equate to whether it shows up or not.

Story of grandson with a brain tumor.  Child as a biological solution to the parent’s psychological suffering.

Listener with breast issue.  Dig into the emotions.  What was inconceivable in your life?  Any separation?  Anger?  Taking issues out of the body and putting them in the psyche.

Breast is the nest, the house, the symbolic house, people to bring into the fold.

For a right-handed person, right side is how I judge myself.  Left-handed reverses it.

Can Michelle recommend a book?  Pyramid of Health by Gilbert Renaud, Louise Hays’ books, Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, Mark Wolynn It Didn’t Start With You, Mario Martinez.

If a person just does physical stuff, can they get to the root cause of their disease?

Whatever shows up is an invitation to dive in.

Glaucoma and eye problems.  Having a fear for the future.  Do we suffer for what we see?

Problem is either an ongoing stress or a huge stress.  .

Heart attack occurs after loss of territory.  Happens when the body is healing, when the body is repairing the stress.

Standing up and speaking truth.  If we don’t, we allow them to take away our power.

Reacting to government overreach and injustice.  Don’t approach from anger, but from an attitude of we were meant to be free.  Say no.

We all signed up for it.

Is there a great awakening going on now?  Is this the big one?

Soulfreetransformations.com.  Michelle does workshops, client consults.

Michelle LaMasa

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