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Will Molina

The Healing Power of Deep Tissue Massage

me1Will Molina is a manual therapist who works in Austin, TX. He uses various techniques including: soft tissue release, strain-counterstrain, swedish, range of motion, thai yoga, accupressure, ayurvedic, PNF, as well as many others. He is also master certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Will likes to treat people based off of who is in front of him that day and not assume each visit, will be exactly the same as the other. Will has helped people with issues like sciatica, neuropathy, carpel tunnel, migraines, TMJ, frozen shoulders, vocal strain, acid reflux, abdominal issues, sprains, strains, and all types of things mental, physical, and nutritional.

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Show Highlights:

-What causes sciatica?

-Is disc compression an issue with sciatica? What body parts are involved?

-What are the spiritual lessons in sciatica? At the end, it’s always clear what you’re trying to learn in sciatica karma. If we listen, we can find the path.

-Elements of healing: deep tissue massage, nutrition, NLP, stretching, yoga, qi gong, ability to see the bigger picture and interconnection of everything.

-Manage early, before the problem gets bigger. If you’re having to avoid doing certain things, it’s probably serious. Alarms will become sirens.

-What’s the connection between chiropractic and body work? Which comes first, subluxation or muscle imbalance?

-Is surgery a long-term solution?

-Seeing our symptoms as a sign. Issues repeat until they’re no longer an issue. Learning through pain.

-Preventive measures for bad body types.

-Is stretching good? Qi gong vs. yoga.

-Benefits of movement for desk jockeys.

-Emailer asks about improving range of motion for arthritic knees.

-Emily in San Francisco asks about rolfing.

-Does Will recommend any nutritional supplements or foods?

and more!!


will molina and the healing power of deep tissue body work, june 21, 2016

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  1. June 21, 2016 @ 10:37 pm Kelley Glover

    Will Molina has been my “body worker” as Patrick put it, for the past 5 years. He was the ONLY person, including the best ENT in town, who got to the root of my vocal loss and severe body pains, and I got my singing voice back and started living a life free of pain. As a result, I got my joy, power, and passion for life back! It has been a great SPIRITUAL journey working with Will. Thank you for featuring him on your show! He is DA MAN! Great interview. You’ve got a new listener, Patrick. I enjoyed you as well!


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