Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D

Renowned Nutritional Counselor

Ray Peat acquired his PhD from the University of Oregon with a specialization in physiology. He started his work on hormones in 1968 and wrote his dissertation in 1972 in which he outlined his ideas on progesterone and the hormones closely related to it. His main thesis is that energy and structure are interdependent at every level.

Prolactin problems surged because because of estrogen problems from menopause treatment.  Iatrogenic cause.

Estrogen poisoning causes excess retention and poisoning by water.

In salmon, shift from high to low salt water environment turned on prolactin, which is a water regulator.

Salmon are dying, prolactin is fighting off the high water pressure, but it’s destroying their bones by kyphosis.

Parallel with osteoporotic women developing kyphosis.

High Omega 3s in salmon tied in with early aging.

Ancel Keys was a misinformed biologist.  The preconceived notion determines the answers found re: sugar vs. fat eating.

Fasting blood sugar – is it better to be lower at 60 or higher at 90?  ATP to the tissues prevents aging, and glucose provides ATP.

Failing to make good insulin or eating too much fat accelerates aging by causing insulin resistance.

Does PUFA inhibit thyroid hormone because the body wants to lower the body temperature to keep PUFAS safer, or is it directly inhibiting thyroid hormone?

What natural remedies can remove arcus senilas, a think bluish white ring around the iris, called a cholesterol ring?  It’s a calcification plus fats issue.

Opinion on metformin?  Might be blocking PUFAS by wasting cholesterol.

If fasting or low carb diet isn’t good for health, how to explain good health and longevity of people who fast? 

Fasting leads to depressed metabolism with low thyroid function.

Listener has carcinomic liver cancer with constant diarrhea.  How to help stop cells growing beyond it’s borders?   Is Progest-E good to take?  It will be anti-inflammatory.  Ciproheptadine protects against metastatic cancer.

Psoriasis on nape of the neck, helped with Progest-E?  Anything else to take?  How about for a friend with breast cancer?  Progest-E is the most basic anticancer compound.

How to help someone recovering from Lyme Disease with chronic upper muscle pain?  Need anti-inflammatories – Antihistamines, anti-seratonin, Vitamin D, thyroid.  Ciproheptadine for background inflammation.  Get everything back up and working.  An issue of energy vs. inflammation.

Listener with lower adrenal response to T3.  Need adequate glucose.

Senior with blood sugar of 200.  How to get it down naturally?  Often low thyroid is the problem.  TSH should be below 1.5 or well below.  TSH is proinflammatory.

Would leaving a red light on at night reduce inflammation and cortisol?  Yes.

What to do for carcinoid syndrome?  Is a tumor that produces serotonin.  More thyroid, more anti-estrogen, pro-progesterone.

Does meat putrify in the gut?  Nuts, corn, oats found undigested in colostomy bags.

Solutions for heavy metal or glyphosate toxicity?  Dr. Stephanie Seneff says glyphosate may be endotoxin and estrogen poisoning.

Person with Hashimoto’s is taking levothyroxine.  Taking other supplements allowed her to reduce the levothyroxine dose.  Levothyroxine is not thyroid hormone.  It lowers TSH but doesn’t have thyroid effects.  Need to be able to convert T4 into active T3.

Best procedure for someone in hospital with addictions to alcohol, sugar, smoking, with a colostomy? 

Dog killed a squirrel and has been sick with diarrhea since then, won’t eat.  Possibly a bacterial infection.

Can thyroid hormone help with a metastasized cancer?  Sometimes brings back balance with estrogens and other hormones.

Do milk or butter help with oxalate issues in eating potatoes and black tea?

Minimum grams of calcium needed to prevent osteoporosis in sedentary folks 70-80s?  1000 mg., need to look at Vitamin D and parathyroid hormone too.

How to take baking soda?  Simoncini wrong in saying cancer is a fungus.  Both CO2 and baking soda can suppress cancer development.

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