5 Creative Research Tips



By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

Creative Research Tip #1 …

Know the Source and Follow the Money.

In other words, don’t ever believe any “fact” about any product being sold by the person providing the “fact.”

According to Marshall McLuhan …

“When war and market merge, all money transactions begin to drip blood.”


Creative Research Tip #2 …

Pretend you’re one of THEM when you research.

Change your identity by asking questions THEY would ask.

Google knows who YOU are because YOU ask questions YOU would ask.

Ask questions THEY would ask.

Example: Pretend you’re a wholesaler of the product you’re researching.

According to Marshall McLuhan …

“At the very high speed of living, everybody needs a new career and a new job and a total new personality every ten years.”


Creative Research Tip #3 …

Never search for anything without quotation marks if you want anything other than “fake news.”

Example: Never search for niacin.

Search instead for …

“niacin is” / “niacin isn’t” / “niacin does” / “niacin doesn’t” / “niacin will” / “niacin won’t” / etc.

Quotation marks used as described above are one of your best defenses against the Ways and Memes of the many Memetic Warriors out to “get” you.

Tim Tyler (Memetics: Memes and the Science of Cultural Evolution, 2011) wrote …

“Describing humans as ‘apes with infected brains’ is not meant to imply that the infectious agents are necessarily deleterious — just that they don’t necessarily always have our best interests at heart.”


Creative Research Tip #4 …

Combine the F-word with whatever you’re researching.

Don’t forget the quote marks.

Occasional obscenities help protect the internet user against corporate propaganda and filter bubbles.

The internet is *not* your “wide open window to the world,” but it *can* be if YOU MAKE IT SO.

According to Wikipedia (last edited Jul. 21, 2018) …

“A filter bubble is a state of intellectual isolation that can result from personalized searches when a website algorithm selectively guesses what information a user would like to see based on information about the user, such as location, past click-behavior and search history. As a result, users become separated from information that disagrees with their viewpoints, effectively isolating them in their own cultural or ideological bubbles The choices made by these algorithms are not transparent.”


Creative Research Tip #5 …

THEY think THEY know who YOU are.

Bedevil the Devil with multiple personalities …

“My name is Legion, for we are many.”

Eli Pariser (The Filter Bubble: How the New Personalized Web Is Changing What We Read and How We Think, 2011) wrote …

“With Google personalized for everyone, the query ‘stem cells’ might produce diametrically opposed results for scientists who support stem cell research and activists who oppose it. ‘Proof of climate change’ might turn up different results for an an environmental activist and an oil company executive. In polls, a huge majority of us assume search engines are unbiased. But that may be just because they’re increasingly biased to share our own views. More and more, your computer monitor is a kind of one-way mirror, reflecting your own interests while algorithmic observers watch what you click.”

Why not be an oil company executive on Monday, an environmental activist on Tuesday, a secret agent on Wednesday, a pornographer on Thursday, a nuclear physicist on Friday, a brain surgeon on Saturday, and a supplement wholesaler on Sunday?

According to Marshall McLuhan …

“All forms of violence are quests for identity. When you live on the frontier, you have no identity. You’re a nobody.”

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  1. August 8, 2018 @ 3:54 pm Atom

    “Genius is a nutritional deficiency.” — Swami Nitty-Gritty


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  2. August 8, 2018 @ 3:58 pm Atom

    “In our times the only valid diploma is update.” — FM-2030


  3. August 8, 2018 @ 3:59 pm Atom

    Reflex to left knee: splenic flexure.

    Reflex to right knee: hepatic flexure.


  4. August 8, 2018 @ 4:00 pm Atom

    Reflex to left knee: left TMJ.

    Reflex to right knee: right TMJ.


  5. August 8, 2018 @ 4:01 pm Atom

    Here’s Swami Nitty-Gritty’s list of Memory Patterns Needing Recycling …

    1) Prenatal (Do not do until trained!)
    2) Childbirth (Do not do until trained!)
    3) Parents
    4) Grandparents
    5) Uncles and Aunts
    6) Brothers and Sisters
    7) Any Other Relatives
    8) Doctors and/or Nurses
    9) Teachers (Church and/or School)
    10) Ministers and/or Counselors
    11) Police and/or Government Officials
    12) Neighbors
    13) Friends
    14) Employers and/or Co-workers
    15) Sweethearts
    16) Lovers
    17) Husband or Wife
    18) Children
    19) Employees
    20) Grandchildren
    21) Any Other Person


  6. August 14, 2018 @ 1:18 am Matt

    Wow great tips and awarenesses! Thanks Atom


    • August 15, 2018 @ 11:46 am Atom

      Thanks, Matt!

      More coming soon, similar or the same as these ones …


      Creative Research Tip (unnumbered for now) …

      Never evaluate a product without seeing the label attached to the product (or a photo of the label attached to the product).

      A company is only legally responsible for what’s printed on the actual label of the actual product.


      Creative Research Tip (unnumbered for now) …

      Learn to search backwards, e.g., Viobin wheat germ oil —> A.H. Robins —> Wyeth (American Home Products) —> Pfizer (world’s largest pharmaceutical company).

      Know the Source and Follow the Money all the way to Wall Street and K Street.


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