A Stony Mass of Feces

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

One guy didn’t crap for a year.

Surgeons removed a 100-pound fecalith (petrified turd).

“A fecalith is a stone made of feces. It is a hardening of feces into lumps of varying size and may occur anywhere in the intestinal tract but is typically found in the colon. It is also called appendicolith when it occurs in the appendix and is sometimes concomitant with appendicitis.”


Re: How can you wait one year?

The pain and inconvenience probably made it seem even longer!


Re: If someone has a lot of old hard feces into the gut, does it help to drink a lot of water to poop them out?

Sometimes it helps to hydrate with water and salt before the hardening or concretion process begins.


Re: How was he not septic?

That’s a whole other problem.

Medical Amnesia has conveniently forgotten how they once treated sepsis with dry heat up to 300° Fahrenheit for short periods of time.

One drop of sweat could scar you for life, but it saved lives.


Re: Any ideas how to fix his problem?

Surgery (in his case).


Re: Shouldn’t one consider digital manipulation first? At least broach the subject with the girl of your dreams and see what happens. What could it hurt?

Yes. Also electricity (Morton Wave Current).

Digitally manipulating a 100-pound slab of concrete out of the gut is not an easy gig.


Re: How can you diagnose a fecalith?



Re: Is this a lack of fiber? lol (seriously though)

Lack of whole food fiber can be a reason.

Taking partitioned fiber is another.

There are dozens of reasons, including psychological and psychosomatic ones.

Timing is another reason.

I worked out at a gym with a high school teacher.

He was supplementing with oat bran.

“When do you take it?” I asked.

“In the morning.”

“Oat bran is a midday food. You’ll get better results if you take it with lunch instead of with breakfast,” I said, explaining how morning/midday/evening  circadian rhythms interface with three Growth Periods.

He said he’d try it.

“Are you taking your oat bran at lunchtime?” I asked a week later.

“No! I had to switch back to morning.”


“It made me fart.”

“That’s what it’s supposed to do.”

“I don’t care. I’m a teacher. I can’t be farting all day in front of my students!”

This is a classic example of cultural norms downgrading our wellness.

Banker’s Time is often opposed to Biological Time.


'A Stony Mass of Feces' have 2 comments

  1. February 19, 2021 @ 9:43 am Mel

    Incredible story. You share the most vivid stories, Atom! Just goes to show the human capacity to hold on to a lot of crap and still survive. I had a personal relevation after hearing you talk about oatmeal. It had been one of those foods that was easy to have a comforting bowl at night…or an easy one right in the morning.


    • February 22, 2021 @ 9:05 pm Atom

      I found that case in a medical library, and it was actually a few pounds over 100.

      Normally, fecaliths rarely weight over 7 or 8 pounds, so 100-plus pounds is extremely rare.

      It definitely shows what holding on to crap can do !!!!!


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