Abdomen Body Language

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) linked the stomach to intellectualism, as in “the intellectual has dyspepsia.”

A busy brain can produce Protruding Gut Syndrome.


There’s a saying …

“Big Belly, Small Mind.”


Studies have linked central obesity to shrinking brains.

About 90% of serotonin is in the gastrointestinal tract, not the brain.

More than 99% of LSD metabolism occurs in the liver, not in the brain.


Samuel Lepkovsky (“The Role of the Chemical Senses in Nutrition,” The Chemical Senses and Nutrition, 1977) wrote …

“Schopenhauer represented pleasure as an absence of pain (cited by Sherrington, 1947). After the hunger sensations are abolished animals cease to eat, but many human beings continue to eat. It has been generally accepted that human beings derive pleasure from eating after hunger has been abolished and metabolic satiety has been achieved. Brillat-Savarin (1960) aptly stated that it is a ‘privilege of the human species to eat without hunger and to drink without thirst.’ Sherrington (1947) pointed out that pleasure is largely experienced in the cerebral cortex but pain is experienced lower in the brainstem. It may be inferred that the more highly developed cerebral cortex as in man is essential to sense pleasures which accompany meals with desirable flavors. This difference in eating behavior between human beings and animals is due, in all probability, to the more highly developed cerebrum of human beings. This is supported by the eating behavior of one human being whose cerebral cortex did not interfere with his choice of food (Katz, 1953). ‘A young man, 24 years old, had gas poisoning. He was unable to remember anything longer than two seconds. From this time his feeding was entirely governed by his bodily needs: conscious memories could no longer play any part. He appeared for meals when hunger and thirst made him. He never over-ate but stopped eating when satisfied. Once satisfied, nothing on the table attracted him any longer. He knew that he should not eat or drink — of course he did not really know, but so his organism directed.'”


A person who lives “now” doesn’t overeat.


According to Swami Satchidananda Saraswati (C. K. Ramaswamy Gounder) …

“We eat either for the time or for the tongue. Do we ever ask the tummy? It is the tummy that has to digest it.”


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