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By Atom Bergstrom

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Some folks think Swami Nadabrahmananda (1896-1993) was the greatest Nāda Yogi (Master of Taan) of all time (or, at least, modern time).

Taan is the Yogic science of vocal and anatomical vibration.


Swami Nadabrahmananda had the unique ability to emit sound from almost anywhere on or in his body (ears, top of his skull, base of his spine, etc.) with his mouth sealed and his nose plugged with mud.

It goes without saying he had achieved the “breathless state.”


I sat next to another Swami — Adano Ley — at the Nāda Yogi Swami’s lecture and concert (on the Indian zither and tabla) in Houston.

Nadabrahmananda asked, “Does anyone here have a silver dollar?”

No one answered.

“Does anyone here have a silver dollar?”

No answer.

“Does anyone here have a silver dollar?”

Adano raised his hand.


Adano walked up to the stage from near the back of the hall, handed the Swami a silver dollar, and returned to his seat.

Swami Nadabrahmananda explained how he was going to place the silver dollar on the upper part of his forehead and how his controlled vibrations would keep it in place throughout his concert.

Then he reached down to pick up the silver dollar.

It wasn’t there.

He fumbled and looked, and couldn’t find it.

He apologized for losing it, and asked, “Does anyone else have a silver dollar?”

No answer.

“Does anyone else have a silver dollar?”

No answer.

“Does anyone else have a silver dollar?”

Up went Adano’s hand again.


This time, Swami Nadabrahmananda stared intently at Adano as he walked to the stage.

Adano handed him the silver dollar, and Nadabrahmananda commanded, “You! Over THERE!”

He pointed stage right (and to the left of the audience).


Nadabrahmananda performed his entire concert with Adano crouched with one knee forward on the stage.

With his longish hair and leather jacket, Adano reminded me of a hipster from West Side Story.


Dr. Bob Wright (a Swami himself) hooked Nadabrahmananda up to a biofeedback machine before the concert started.

The Swami stayed in a breathless delta brain wave state (with an occasional lapse into theta) the entire time.

Dr. Wright commented, “This is impossible, of course!”

The silver dollar stayed on the Swami’s head the entire time.


The next day at the Texas Institute of Reflex Sciences, Adano explained how genius and extraordinary abilities are created by converting a disease from a beta brain wave pattern to an alpha state.

“What disease does Nadabrahmananda have?” we asked.

“I can’t tell you that.”

“Please, please, tell us,” we persisted.

“OK, but you must promise not to reveal it.”

“We promise,” we fibbed.

“Parkinson’s disease,” Adano said.


At last night’s concert, I’d noticed the Swami’s hand shaking when he reached for a glass of water.


Adano maintained Nadabrahmananda’s fingers never touched his zither while he played.


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  1. April 28, 2019 @ 6:20 pm Atom

    According to ultimate insider (and outsider) Gore Vidal …

    “Three Mafia Godfathers decided to kill Jack. That was Carlos Marcello of New Orleans and sometimes Havana; Santo Trafficante of Tampa, Florida; and Johnny Roselli out of Chicago; and all three were being vigorously pursued by Attorney General Robert Kennedy, along with a dozen of their associates of whom six were also working on the Castro murder case. Now there were three attempts made on Jack’s life.”

    “Trafficante says, ‘We got to get rid of Bobby. This is awful. He’s gonna go after more and more and more of us,’ and so on, and Marcello says, ‘If a dog is bothering you, you don’t cut off his tail,’ and that was the death sentence for poor Jack.”

    “I remember he told me he knew a young lady journalist who’d had an affair with Castro — she’d also had one with him — and he got her to report on Castro. And she came back from Havana — you can probably figure out who she was; she and I were politically involved one moment — and Jack said, ‘Do you know he has sex with his boots on?’ He was amazed at that. That never occurred to him that anybody would do that.”

    “Jack used to say, ‘What people must remember’ — because people were always complaining to him, including me, about Bobby — ‘Bobby’s a policeman, and if he hasn’t arrested someone that day, he goes home and arrests Rose.”


  2. April 28, 2019 @ 6:36 pm Atom

    According to Thomas Paine …

    “Of more worth is one honest man to society and in the sight of God, than all the crowned ruffians that ever lived.”


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