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By Atom Bergstrom

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There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy,” according to Wild Bill Shakespeare.


Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) and I exited my mobile home in Carpinteria, California, and looked at the starry sky.

The Milky Way — allegedly containing up to four billion stars — was clearly visible.

Adano waved his arm at the sky, saying …

“The Universe is made up of matter. But all the matter in the entire Universe can fit in a thimble. All the rest is acceleration.”


Another time he told me …

“There’s only one calcium atom. All the rest is acceleration.”

And there’s only one magnesium atom.

And there’s only one potassium atom.

And so forth and so on.

I slapped my forehead. “Now I understand why radionics works!”


Adano owned three radionic machines.

He warned us about radionics — not because it didn’t work, but because it did.


The biggest downside to radionics is the interpretation.

Gospel In, Garbage Out.

Harry Van Gelder, D.O., N.D. (1905-1995) looked at my photo with a radionic machine.

I had a serious case of arthritis, according to him.

I told this to Adano, and he scoffed, “No, you don’t. You twisted your foot the day he looked at you.”

Adano was right. I was at Big Sur that very day, and jammed my ankle between two rocks on the beach.


No disrespect to Dr. Van Gelder.

He adjusted every one of my spinal vertebrae and many of my ribs.

He was awesome.


Allopathic medicine is no friend of homeopathy.

Quackwatch is also way north of the cheering section.

Saul Green, Ph.D. (“Oxygenation Therapy: Unproven Treatments for Cancer and AIDS,” Quackwatch, Jun. 17, 2001) wrote …

“William F. Koch, a Detroit physician, theorized in 1919 that cancer was caused by a metabolic defect brought on by a single toxin produced by an injury or irritation. He proposed that toxins produced during metabolism and by bacteria were normally burned off during oxidation of carbohydrates. If the toxins persisted, they damaged the toxin-burning system and converted a normally present ‘harmless germ’ into a virulent cancer-causing one. To cure cancer, Koch invented an ‘antitoxin to cancer’ which he said was a mixture of an oxidizing catalyst he called glyoxylide (O=C=C=O) and a chemical called l:4 parabenzoquinone. A one-million-fold dilution of this solution was given to patients by injection every six months, to ‘stimulate all the body’s oxidation reactions to cure the cancer and a host of other diseases.’ Koch never revealed the process for the manufacture of glyoxylide, nor did he show it to exist.

“Does Koch’s glyoxylide exist? The molecule glyoxylide has been a subject of investigation by chemists including H. Staudinger in 1913 to Berson in 1986. Recently Sulzle reviewed the literature and considered the theoretical possibilities for the existence of a compound like glyoxylide. He found that all efforts to prepare, isolate, or chemically identify this compound failed. His studies on the theoretical physical chemistry of glyoxylide showed that the substance described by Koch cannot exist in nature. This, along with Jenssen’s failure to find anything in Koch’s ‘medicine’, confirms the conclusion that the glyoxylide which Koch claims to have invented did not exist.”


But wait! What’s this?

Bec Crew (“Existence of Elusive Molecule Confirmed After More Than a Century: It’s described in high school textbooks, but until now, no one was sure it even existed,” Science Alert, Jul. 14, 2015) wrote …

“Since the OCCO molecule was first suggested in 1913, scientists have been trying to confirm its existence, but with little success. The most controversial attempt occurred during the 1940s, when Detroit physician William Frederick Koch claimed that he’d not only managed to synthesise the much-sought-after compound, but that it was the active component of a ‘wonder drug’ called Glyoxylide.

“Koch claimed his discovery could cure everything from cancer to diabetes, and although the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classified the discovery as fraudulent, the myth of Glyoxylide as an antidote to cancer lives on.

“Wonder drug properties aside, we can now confirm that OCCO is real, and its simplistic structure is as beautiful as we could have imagined. You probably even learnt how to write it out if you did chemistry in high school: O=C=C=O. The team says the unstable nature of the molecule is what made it so hard to find, saying it splits into two carbon monoxide (CO) fragments after half a nanosecond or so of existence. This type of transient molecule is called a diradical.”

According to the same source …

“‘One important result of our work is the end of the long-standing controversy surrounding the existence of this molecule,’ [Andrei] Sanov [of the University of Arizona] adds. ‘The theoretical predictions were correct — the transient OCCO diradical does exist. We have finally found it.'”


So who are you gonna believe? Quackwatch or Dizzy Gillespie?

Dana Ullman (“20th Century Musical Geniuses Who Loved Homeopathy,” The Huffington Post, Nov. 17, 2011) wrote …

“Dizzy Gillespie (1917-1993) was an American jazz trumpeter, bandleader, singer, and composer. Along with Charlie Parker, Gillespie was a major figure in the development of bebop and modern jazz, and played a major role in defining Afro-Cuban jazz. After being introduced to homeopathic medicine by his protége, Jon Faddis, Dizzy had such remarkable experiences that he once told Faddis, ‘I’ve had two revelations in my life. The first was bebop; the second was homeopathy.'”


By the way, homeopathic iodine is one of the reason we don’t have Global Warming.

There’s so little iodine in the oceans that you’d have to process enough seawater to fill 400 Olympic-sized swimming pools just to get 60 grams.

We’re talking 60 parts per billion.

Now reduce that to an even smaller degree to count the number of volatile iodine compounds crossing the air-sea interface to enter the atmosphere.

Lucy J. Carpenter, Samantha M. MacDonald, Marvin D. Shaw, Ravi Kumar, Russell W. Saunders, Rajendran Parthipan, Julie Wilson, & John M. C. Plane (“Atmospheric iodine levels influenced by sea surface emissions of inorganic iodine,” Nature Geoscience, Jan. 13, 2013) wrote …

“Naturally occurring bromine- and iodine-containing compounds substantially reduce regional, and possibly even global, tropospheric ozone levels. As such, these halogen gases reduce the global warming effects of ozone in the troposphere, and its capacity to initiate the chemical removal of hydrocarbons such as methane. The majority of halogen-related surface ozone destruction is attributable to iodine chemistry. So far, organic iodine compounds have been assumed to serve as the main source of oceanic iodine emissions. However, known organic sources of atmospheric iodine cannot account for gas-phase iodine oxide concentrations in the lower troposphere over the tropical oceans. Here, we quantify gaseous emissions of inorganic iodine following the reaction of iodide with ozone in a series of laboratory experiments. We show that the reaction of iodide with ozone leads to the formation of both molecular iodine and hypoiodous acid. Using a kinetic box model of the sea surface layer and a one-dimensional model of the marine boundary layer, we show that the reaction of ozone with iodide on the sea surface could account for around 75% of observed iodine oxide levels over the tropical Atlantic Ocean. According to the sea surface model, hypoiodous acid — not previously considered as an oceanic source of iodine — is emitted at a rate ten-fold higher than that of molecular iodine under ambient conditions.”

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  1. March 14, 2017 @ 5:43 pm Atom

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    Body Dowser: What color do you think of?”

    Client: Orange.

    Body Dowser: Is there any problem with your sex life lately?

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    Another example …

    Client: I hurt my left knee.

    Body Dowser: What color do you think of?

    Client: Yellow.

    Body Dowser: What decision do you have to make?

    Client: My father is putting pressure on me to quit my job and go back to college.–e-books.php#Mind-Reading


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