Am I Me Or Dat Jerk?




By Atom Bergstrom

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All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. yet 99% of hypnotized subjects give credit to an outside source.

All Mesmerism is self-Mesmerism, yet 99% of Mesmerized subjects give credit to an outside source.


According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) …

“‘Love thy neighbor AS yourself.’ It’s not, ‘Love thy neighbor LIKE yourself.'”

Adano also said …

“Am I me or dat jerk over dere?”


According to Sri Sathya Sai Baba …

“The individual exists only in your imagination, in your mind. It is just an illusion. It is not real. When the one Self is everywhere, when it is one without a second, then where is the individual? Only in your imagination. The Self alone is real. Realize it.”

Sai Baba also said …

“When you realize the Self, then there is no separate individual. You can think of individuals as different light bulbs. There will be differences in wattage. There will be differences in age, in color, in form, in name. One is a tube light and another is a bulb light. There will be differences in shape, but everywhere the current that powers them is the same. That current is you. You are not a bulb which appears different from any other bulb. You are the current, the one current that is found in all the bulbs. That is who you are.”


According to Henry Ford …

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”


According to James Esdaile, M.D. (The Zoist, Oct. 1846) …

“April 8th. Two days after my return from the army, I was requested to see Miss _____, aged 16. I found her lying on a couch, complaining of excruciating headache on one side of her head, with a weight on the top of it, and throbbing of the right temple, so severe that she said that she would like to open the veins with her scissors. Her eyes were heavy, and suffused with tears: she looked pale and exhausted, had no appetite, and whatever she ate turned acid immediately: the least exercise fatigued her; coming up stairs distressed her breathing, and she heard every pulse in her body. Although naturally cheerful and active, she had been for a fortnight dispirited and listless. During the last ten days, her temples had been leeched; she was afterwards bled standing; mustard poultices were applied to her feet, and strong medicine given on account of this cerebral congestion. The order ‘repetatur’ had been given, if things did not soon mend. These measures relieved her a little for a short time, but she has suffered much daily ever since, and to-day, says she is as bad as ever.

“Her mother said, that she feared it would now be necessary to apply the leeches to the head, and the blister to the neck, which had been ordered in the event of her not getting better soon. In reply, I said, that there was a possible source of error, which I should like to remove before resorting to such heroic remedies.

“The state of the young lady’s constitution was such that I thought it possible her sufferings arose from debility of the nervous system, rather than from sanguineous congestion, and I said that I could probably decide this on the spot, if permitted to make an experiment. The parents having no objection, I mesmerised the young lady’s head and spine, and in a quarter of an hour, all the pain, weight, and throbbing had gone; her usual animation of look and manner returned, and she felt quite well, she said. In an hour after, she ate her dinner with appetite, the first time for three weeks, and digested it well.

“April 18th. She has continued perfectly well ever since her first mesmerising: but as a general stimulus she has been mesmerised daily for a few minutes, and, all her natural functions having been restored: it was left off to-day.

“May 20th. She keeps quite well. In cases like this, where the diagnosis is very difficult, and accuracy of vital importance, mesmerism, like the conjuring wand of the adept, leads the physician directly and infallibly to the fountainhead of the evil, and, like the spear of Ithuriel, it in a moment reduces assumed appearances to their true characters and relations.

“With my former medical knowledge, I could only have proved the correctness of my suspicions by a long and troublesome course of treatment, and if successful, it would probably have been said, that the disease had changed its nature; but as it happened, the disease existed in its first intensity, and the metamorphosis took place on the spot.”

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  1. February 14, 2019 @ 4:17 pm Atom

    Why is sunburn a systemic event?

    The adrenal medullas are in the SKIN.


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