Anemia For Dummies

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

Iron deficiency anemia does exist, contrary to some “experts.”

However, there are VARIOUS other types of anemia too, most of them associated with the Fourth Period of the Periodic Table of the Elements.

Is calcium in red blood cells? Yes.

Is titanium in red blood cells? Yes.

Is vanadium in red blood cells? Yes.

Is chromium in red blood cells? Yes.

Is manganese in red blood cells? Yes.

Is iron in red blood cells? Yes.

Is cobalt in red blood cells? Yes.

Is nickel in red blood cells? Yes.

Is copper in red blood cells? Yes.

Is zinc in red blood cells? Yes.

Is selenium in red blood cells? Yes.

Is arsenic in red blood cells? Yes, and it was once used as a remedy for anemia but an excess can cause anemia.

Is potassium in red blood cells? Yes, and it regulates the circadian rhythm of red blood cells.

Potassium can advance or delay the circadian clock.

The Cold Spring Harbor Lab cartel would have you believe that circadian rhythms are controlled by DNA, but red blood cells contain no DNA.

Red blood cells don’t even have nuclei or organelles.


Let’s take one example.

According to Piedmont Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation …

“Erythrocyte calcium is associated with the etiology of heart disease and stroke, as evidenced by correlation with erythrocyte morphological changes in ischemic vascular disease. Intracellular calcium content plays an important role in the induction of blood pressure elevation. Total erythrocyte calcium is elevated in hypertension and in postnatal hypoxic-ishemic encephalopathy. Calcium levels in erythrocytes are not an accurate measure of calcium nutritional status because there are strong mechanisms maintaining the critical intracellular calcium concentrations independent of the total body calcium regulation exerted by parathyroid hormone, vitamin D, etc.”

Calcium INSIDE red blood cells is in its own version of an internet filter bubble.


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  1. November 26, 2021 @ 4:22 pm Atom

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    Can Carboplatin chemotherapy “cure” cancer? Sometimes.
    Can a car accident “cure” cancer? Sometimes.
    Can multiple bee stings “cure” cancer? Sometimes.
    Can pneumonia “cure” cancer? Sometimes.
    Study the texts of William Coley, M.D. (The Father of Immunotherapy) to find out WHY.
    Study the texts of Emanuel Revici (The Tesla of Modern Medicine) for additional insights.–e-books.php#Not-Cancer-CANCEL


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