Body Dowsing a Sprained Wrist




By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

Me: “So it’s your wrist that hurts.”

She: “Yes. And it’s been hurting for almost a month.” (She’s on the floor, and I’m moving her feet in a figure eight pattern.)

Me: “Which wrist? Right or left?”

She: “Right.”

Me: “Did you injure it?”

She: “Yes. Believe it or not, I was playing basketball with my son!” (Her right foot twitched, showing a female trauma.)

Me: “Was there a woman there?”

She: “My daughter-in-law was with us.” (Her right foot twitched again.)

Me: “How do you two get along?”

She: “Terrible! We squabble all the time. She wants my son to move to New York.” (Her right foot twitched again. Her right middle finger twitched too.)

Me: “Stick your tongue out at her and give her the finger.”

She: “The finger?”

Me: “The middle finger. The International Gesture of Recognition.”

She (laughing): “Which finger?”

Me: “Both of them. Give her both barrels!”

She (laughing again): “OK.” (She followed my instructions.)

Me: “Move your wrist. Does it feel better, worse, or just the same?”

She: “Wow! It actually feels better. How can that be?”

Me: “Trauma. Sometimes it’s more about ‘Who’s the matter’ with us than ‘What’s the matter’ with us.”

She: “Interesting.”

Me: “Have you gained any weight lately?”

She: “How’d you know? I’ve put on a few pounds just this month.”

Me: “It’s a shock mechanism. Furred animals make their hairs stand on end to make themselves look bigger and more threatening. Humans only get goosebumps, so they gain weight instead, then we can throw our weight around.”

She (smiling): “So, giving the finger is a weight-loss technique?”

Me: “Yawning and sticking out the tongue works better for most people when it comes to weight loss. But the wrist has a lot to do with hormones. The middle finger is the end of the Circulation-Sex Meridian and the ring finger is the beginning of the Triple Heater Meridian.”

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  1. May 26, 2019 @ 8:50 pm Atom

    Wrists are universally known to Body Language researchers as subconscious links to a person’s libido and sexuality.

    A well-known female flirting gesture is exposure of the neck and/or inner wrists, and perfume (connected to pheromones) is applied to the inner wrists.–e-books.php#Mind-Reading


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