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By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

What do I mean by exorcism?

I’m referring to co-personalities, not demons or daemons.


Multiple Personality Disorder is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Anyone who daydreams has a mild form of Whatever You Want to Call It Disorder.

I prefer Multiple Personality Disorder because it doesn’t sound like psycho-babble.


Before we continue (and just for grins), according to Wikipedia (last edited Mar. 6, 2018) …

“Dissociative disorder not otherwise specified (DDNOS) is a mental health diagnosis for pathological dissociation that matches the DSM-5 criteria for a dissociative disorder, but does not fit the full criteria for any of the specifically identified subtypes, which include dissociative identity disorder, dissociative amnesia, and depersonalization/derealization disorder, and the reasons why the previous diagnoses weren’t met are specified. ‘Unspecified dissociative disorder’ is given when the clinician doesn’t give a reason. The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10) refers to the diagnosis as ‘Other dissociative and conversion disorders’.”


We call ourselves “I” without knowing what that entails.

Is the first person singular pronoun really ONE?

Not according to 99 percent of the legitimate spiritual mentors on the planet.

That’s what ONENESS is all about.

Certified spiritual teachers know that the DIVIDED MIND refers to much more than the Cartesian division between mind and body.


According to Henry Miller (1891-1980) …

“We must die as egos and be born again in the swarm, not separate and hypnotized, but individual and related.”


But Cognitive Shocks don’t happen on the level of the “individual and related” swarm.

They happen when the “I” fragments due to shock.


David M. Brahinsky (Reich and Gurdjieff: Sexuality and the Evolution of Consciousness, 2011) wrote …

“Gurdjieff teaches that the buffers are ‘between’ the I’s, which keep the I’s separate and relatively unknown to one another. In Reich’s terms, each I is, in part, a function of the armor, of the specific way the armor is anchored in the character structure. That we are identified with the I’s means, in Reich’s terms, that we are forced into certain characteristic ways of behaving, feeling, and thinking by the armor.

“Reich’s discovery that armor is arranged in segments is, in certain respects, dramatic confirmation of Gurdjieff’s teaching that hte buffers divide us into many I’s.”


Gurdjieff never grokked (or maybe revealed) how the I’s were created in the first place.

A Body Dowser knows HOW these multiple I’s are created, and WHO they were before they were unconsciously embodied as a co-personality.

The only true first person singular pronoun “I” (ONENESS) is the “I” that can ACT free of left- or right-sided myocloni (spasmodic jerky contractions of muscles).

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  1. December 17, 2018 @ 7:21 pm Atom

    Affirmations work because meaningful words accelerate faster than meaningless words.

    It’s called Temporal Dissonance.–e-books.php


  2. December 17, 2018 @ 10:14 pm John

    Hello Atom! When you say, “A Body Dowser knows HOW these multiple I’s are created, and WHO they were before they were unconsciously embodied as a co-personality”, will you expound on this on your next blog? Are these multiple I’s possibly areas of a person’s base emotions that are already imbalanced and then “frozen” in the moment they are traumatized into a splinter “I”?

    Can a trauma with an “I” possibly explain why a person experiencing gastrointestinal distress (malabsorption) hasn’t noticed any improvement or changes from using therapeutic levels of a potent liquid probiotic for several months? How long should it take to notice if a particular variety of probiotics are working to improve a person’s constitution?


    • December 18, 2018 @ 4:04 pm Atom

      I just wrote a blog entry replying to the questions in your first paragraph — “Who Over What & When.”

      As to the two leftover questions, (1) Yes, and (2) There are too many factors to even guess — (a) WHO is the matter and how severely, (b) time of day, (c) time of month, (d) season of year, (e) amount of probiotic, (f) man or woman, (g) diet, (h) supplements, (i) environment, (j) altitude, (k) EMFs, (l) lighting, (m) fluoridation, just for starters. If anyone DOES have an answer to that question, roll up your pants; it’s too late to save your shoes! LOL


      • December 18, 2018 @ 9:01 pm John

        Thank you Atom!


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