Brown Bowel Disease



By Atom Bergstrom

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Excess fish oil can paint the intestines black, and melanin is not the culprit.

It can even happen all the way from the front end to the rear end (stem to stern).

The culprits are omega-3 fatty acids, especially the ones from algae and fish oil.


Brown Bowel Syndrome (intestinal lipofuscinosis) is supposed to be a “rare” condition.

Don’t bet on it.


Vitamin E offers limited protection against Yellow Fat Disease and its partner in crime, Brown Bowel Syndrome.

So do tiny doses of selenium.

So do dozens of toxic chemicals, and, of course, the global food cartels use them extensively because they’re cheaper and more profitable to manufacture than vitamin E.


Petra M. Burgmann, D.V.M. (Feeding Your Pet Bird, 1993) wrote …

“Vitamin E is not a single compound, but actually a group of compounds called tocopherols, all with similar vitamin E-like activity. Of these, alpha tocopherol has the greatest activity. There are also many synthetic chemical compounds with similar chemical structures and a number of chemicals that are unrelated chemically to the tocopherols that also have vitamin E-like activity.”


According to Fenoglio-Preiser’s Gastrointestinal Pathology, Fourth Edition, 2017 …

“Patients with vitamin E deficiency develop eosinophilic enteritis and brown bowel syndrome. Vitamin E deficiency occurs alone or it complicates other diseases. Patients range in age from the 20s to the late 70s, with an average age of 51 years. They present with epigastric pain, mild diarrhea, and chronic malabsorption. Mitochondrial alterations may be the source of the lipofuscin pigment, and therefore, the term smooth muscle mitochondrial myopathy may apply to the disorder.

“Grossly, the bowel is variably orange-brown and is often retrospectively described as being darker than usual by the surgeon. The segmental or diffuse brownish discoloration can be appreciated from the serosal aspect of the GI tract as well as on cut section. The disorder more commonly affects the small intestine and stomach, but it can involve the colon. Occasionally, it involves the entire GI tract. No correlation exists between the degree of pigmentation and the severity of the associated disease.

“The mucosa usually appears normal. However, occasionally the villi appear blunted, and there may be mild submucosal edema and submucosal or mural eosinophilic inflammation. A coarsely autofluorescent, granular, golden brown pigment, known as lipofuscin, fills the smooth muscle cells of the muscularis propria, muscularis mucosae, and vascular walls, as well as macrophages. The pigment appears round to oval, often lying in a perinuclear or central cellular location.”


Golly, I wonder how lipofuscin pigment invaded the gut in the first place?

Could it be something we ate?

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  1. April 14, 2017 @ 3:19 pm Atom

    All alpha lipoic acid supplements are synthetic.

    The most abundant source in nature is liver.

    If liver were used as an ALA source, 200 tons of liver residue would have to be processed to fill a single 300-milligram capsule.


    • April 18, 2017 @ 7:43 pm John

      Greetings At-OM!

      I hope this e-mail finds you and Vibrant Gal having enjoyed a beautiful holiday weekend! I have a question regarding your latest blog entry, which I find of particular interest because I think the expression of distress in my stomach/digestive system may be related to this issue…before you enlightened us on the reality of fish oil and the consequences of its consumption, I used to consume generous amounts of it as part of my fitness nutritional program:

      Hello Atom! How does one reverse/return to a healthy state once they are experiencing symptoms of eosinophilic enteritis and/or brown bowel syndrome? I have noticed that even small amounts of high-quality vitamin E can cause the expression of pain and disturb my GI tract, so I imagine that people with similar issues might find addressing the vitamin E deficiency behind the eosinophilic enteritis / brown bowel syndrome somewhat tricky using just that one approach…what are some other methods one can look into for this situation?


      • May 3, 2017 @ 11:50 am Atom

        Eat On Time and minimize (not avoid) foods containing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (especially the former).

        Completely avoid all supplements containing any “essential” fatty acid. There’s no such thing.

        Those are the cornerstone strategies for eliminating Yellow Fat Disease and its accompanying syndromes.


        Here are a few things to expedite the elimination of volatile (and therefore rancid) fats …

        1) Sweet tropical fruit (except bananas) for breakfast

        2) Oranges at Spleen-Pancreas Time (9:00-11:00 a.m.) (Grapefruit is counterproductive.)

        3) Sweet berries at Urinary Bladder Time (3:00-5:00 p.m.)

        4) Buttered and salted dextrinized potato for supper.

        5) Pineapple juice at Triple Heater Time (9:00-11:00 p.m.)

        Note: Keep pineapple juice to a minimum. It’s high in serotonin.


        Minimize the following things …

        1) Bright light and/or blue light at night

        2) Psychological/emotional stress

        3) Doing things you “like,” but don’t “love”


        • June 24, 2017 @ 10:25 am John

          Hi Atom, when you advise to minimize pineapple here is this only with regard to eliminating rancid fats or do you mean generally ? Could you expand on what the high seratonin is doing ?


          • June 25, 2017 @ 11:17 am Atom

            Actually, the only way pineapple might be limited is by …

            1) eating it in the evening (Growth Zone 3)

            2) eating it in combination with other evening foods (not alone)

            I’m referring to ALL polyunsaturated fatty acids and highly unsaturated fatty acids, including the ones sharing space with the saturated ones in butter, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, etc.


            I’ve been aware that serotonin was a “bad actor” since the late 1970s because of comments Swami Nitty-Gritty made about the pitfalls of the parasympathetic nervous system.

            Thanks to the accumulated evidence — including the murder and mayhem caused by monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) — the truth is finally emerging.

            Serotonin was important to the U.S. government’s “War on Drugs” because LSD is a potent serotonin inhibitor.

            Serotonin is a pro-stress agent that fuels aggression and suicide.

            It — in the form of Luvux — played a part in the Columbine shooting and many other related incidents — Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft.

            Serotonin also causes learning and creativity impairment.

            But the BIGGEST LIE the pharmaceutical cartels have been feeding us concern …

            1) neurotransmitters

            2) receptors

            They don’t even EXIST.

            Brain transmitters and receptors are MARKETING FICTIONS designed to sell billions of dollars of drugs to a gullible public.

            Charles Manson is imprisoned for life for ordering the death of seven people, while Big Pharma CEOs knowingly order the deaths of millions and laugh all the way to the bank.

            Wikipedia merely examines the snowflake on the surface of the iceberg …


  2. April 14, 2017 @ 5:45 pm Gebi

    So avoid fish and omega 3’s?


    • April 19, 2017 @ 10:53 am Atom

      Eat fish at night and totally avoid any supplements that contain omega-3s (including flax oil and hemp oil).

      Minimize consumption of cold-water fish, but eat as much warm-water fish as desired.

      Some of the fish swimming in the Amazon have fat the consistency of butter.

      Surprisingly, many islanders don’t eat much fish. Back when Okinawa was a Blue Zone, fish was a mere 1% of the Okinawan diet.

      Stay salty! Miss your Sai Baba stories!


  3. May 1, 2017 @ 11:01 am Amber

    Are there more suggestions for if this brownishness exists in someones current state?? I don’t do fish oils and have stopped fried foods, and I feel like I could use some pointers for me guts. I know “issues” can have a more than one root; So far, I’ve recognized indecision and food that have effected my bowels. Though I’m still experiencing specifically a brownish coloration on the gum around my 5th tooth on the right side.. and of no coincidence that tooth is one my mother, gma, and great gma “lost”. I’m going to dissolve the ancestral chains and be a whole being in harmony and balance. It’d be nice to have someone to Mind Read my feet so I could quickly get to the source!


    • May 3, 2017 @ 2:15 pm Atom

      5th-from-center upper-right tooth reflexes to the lung and large intestine.

      5th-from-center lower-right tooth reflexes to stomach and pancreas.

      Rather than “dissolve the ancestral chains,” a higher choice might be remembering the ones we forgot so we can put them all in context.

      Cognitive Shocks are cut off from their power supply when genetic tunnel vision is widened. (We’re all stuck in it to a greater or lesser degree.)


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