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By Atom Bergstrom

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Yogis practice the Khechari Mudra to master the Breathless State.

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) said …

“When inhalation meets exhalation, brain power increases. Yogis call it samadhi.

“The greater the lung power, the greater the brain power.

“Brain power is increased when breath enters this particular state of neutrality known as samadhi, the breathless state, hibernation, or suspended animation.”

N.C. Paul (A Treatise on the Yoga Philosophy, Second Edition, 1882) wrote …

“The account of the second Faqir is thus described in the words of Lieut. A.H. Boileau, ‘I have just witnessed a singular circumstance, of which I had heard during our stay at this place, but said nothing about before, the time for its accomplishment not being completed. This morning, however, a man who had been buried a month, on the bank of a tank, near our camp, was dug out alive, in the presence of Esur Lal, one of the ministers of the Muharawul of Jaisulmer, on whose account this singular individual voluntarily was interred a month ago. He is a youngish man, about thirty years of age, and his native village is within 5 kos of Kurnaul; but he generally travels about the country to Ajmere, Kotah, Indore, &c., and allows himself to be buried for weeks, or months, by any person who will pay him handsomely for the same. In the present instance, the Rawul put this singular body in requisition, under the hope of obtaining an heir to his throne…… He was buried at Jaisulmer, in a small building about twelve feet by eight, built of stone. In the floor was a hole, three feet long, two and half feet wide, and perhaps a yard deep, in which he was placed, in a sitting posture, sewed up in his shroud, with his feet (or legs) turned inwards towards the stomach, and his hands also pointed inwards towards the chest. Two heavy slabs of stone, six feet long, several inches thick, and broad enough to cover the mouth of the grave, so that he could not escape, were then placed over him, and I believe a little earth was plastered over the whole, so as to make the surface of the grave smooth and compact. The door of the house was also built up, and people were placed outside, that no tricks might be played. At the expiration of a full month, that is to say, this morning, the walling of the door was broken, and the buried man dug out of the grave. He was perfectly senseless, his eyes were closed, his hands cramped and powerless, his stomach shrunk very much, and his teeth jammed so fast together, that they were forced to open his mouth with an iron instrument, to pour a little water down his throat. He gradually recovered his senses, and the use of his limbs, and when we went to see him, was sitting up, supported by two men, and conversed in a low feeble tone of voice…. Cornet McNaghten, … assistant to the agent to the Governor-General in Rajpootana, put his abstinence to the test at Pookur, by suspending him, for thirteen days, shut up in a wooden chest…… The man is said, by long practice, to have acquired the art of holding his breath, by shutting the mouth and stopping the interior opening of the nostrils with his tongue…… His powers of abstinence must be wonderful; nor does his hair grow during the time he remains buried. I really believe that there is no imposture in the case.’

“Both these faqirs were Hatha Yogis. They practised the Khechari Mudra successfully, and thereby acquired the power of abstinence from air, water, and food, for a long time.”

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  1. March 20, 2018 @ 7:22 pm Atom

    As Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) and I lunched at a restaurant on the drive from Houston to Dallas, he pointed to a nearby table and asked, “Can you tell which man is from southern Africa and which one is from the northern part of the continent?”

    “You can tell that? How?” I exclaimed in amazement.

    “Easy,” he replied. “Minerals precipitate differently at different latitudes due to the rotation of the Earth. They create different racial geometries from the pressure variances. That’s why their skulls are not shaped alike. This is called the science of ecological anthropology.”

    Adano nodded his head in the direction of our waitress, asking me to guess her heritage.

    Of course, I couldn’t, so he named off a blend of three or four heritages, including Welsh and Irish.

    When the waitress brought our order, Adano inquired, “What is your heritage?”

    She repeated exactly what Adano had told me!

    Adano advised that whenever someone asked, “What kind of work do you do?,” I should reply, “I’m an ecological anthropologist and tourist.”



  2. March 20, 2018 @ 7:30 pm Atom

    Ray Peat (“Protective CO2 and aging,” 2011) wrote …

    “Both light and CO2 help to maintain oxidative metabolism and inhibit lactic acid formation.”


  3. March 20, 2018 @ 7:37 pm Atom

    One definition of a nerd is a guy who knows 276 sexual positions but doesn’t know any women!


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