Cottonseed Oil

By Atom Bergstrom

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Hydrogenated cottonseed oil is 94% saturated fat after hydrogenation, invented in 1910 or so, and marketed as Crisco® in 1911, but liquid David Wesson polyunsaturated cottonseed oil was already being sold legally in 1899 and illegally as early as 1857.

Armour and Company — the same company that gave us Armour® Thyroid — “fortified” their lard with cottonseed oil till the Philip Danforth Armour family was busted in 1884.


But let’s take Stewie Griffin’s time machine back another century to 1768.

Barbara Jennings (“Dr. Otto’s Amazing Oil,” National Cottonseed Products Association, Fall 2010) wrote …

“Cotton crops dominated the South during the late 18th and 19th centuries; therefore, it is natural to think that cottonseed oil got its start in a Southern state such as Mississippi, South Carolina, or Georgia. However, the birth of cottonseed oil began in the humble town of Bethlehem, Northampton County. Even with a climate too harsh to grow the tender cotton crops, a Pennsylvania man envisioned such a revolutionary product. Dr. William Otto, a Moravian of Bethlehem, is given credit for producing the first cottonseed oil ever made in the United States in 1768.”


According to the same source …

“Little did Dr. Otto know at that time that unrefined cottonseed oil contained a toxic substance known as gossypol, which can only be digested by cows and other specific livestock. Gossypol is the compound in cottonseed oil that gives crude cottonseed oil its distinct gold color.”


Unrefined cottonseed oil contains gossypol, an antimalarial and contraceptive.

Gossypol is a chemical plant defense bio-weapon that causes blindness, infertility, and hypokalemia (low blood serum potassium levels).

It’s doubtful if anyone has bothered to discover where the potassium went — into the toilet or deeper into the body (accumulating inside red blood cells).


Gossypol from cottonseed oil is used in more than several “civilized” countries in their stealth eugenics programs — chemical vasectomy.

It was developed in China with the help of The Rockefeller Foundation.

Sheep-Bots who think I’m making this stuff up can read the foundation’s The President’s Review and Annual Report 1983 or continue playing the dozens with their uncle’s cousins.


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  1. August 29, 2021 @ 12:36 pm Atom

    According to Michel Camus …

    “Human beings are generally sleepwalkers because they have confused consciousness with thought.”


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